The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Invitation

Taking the pills out of the furnace and storing them inside a jade bottle, Yang Shen counted a total of eight pills. And out of all of them, one was actually a five star pill.

Seeing this only made Yang Shen feel even more proud of himself.

[Sant Pill (Level 1)

A Low-Level Alchemy Pill meant to clot the bleeding of mortals.

Remarks: Consuming the pill will grant you XP.]

Curious about how much XP he'd actually receive from consuming one of these pills, Yang Shen remembered the first ever pill he consumed and obtained XP from.

If his memory served him right, it was something known as Grand Qi Pill. And after he consumed it, he received 500 XP.

So by that logic, would he obtain 100 XP from each Sant Pill?

Opening the just capped jade bottle and throwing the light cream coloured pill inside his mouth, Yang Shen didn't focus on the taste or its effect and swallowed it right away.

As soon as he did that, the pill disappeared mysteriously from inside his body. At the very same time, a notification popped up in front of his eyes.

[Consumed Level 1 Sant Pill. Obtained 40 XP.]

"Huh Just 40?"

Looking towards the remaining pills inside the bottle, Yang Shen after thinking about something threw the sole five star pill inside his mouth.

[Consumed Level 1 Sant Pill. Obtained 50 XP.]

"As expected."

Having just remembered the presence of a pill cloud inside the bottle that the Grand Qi Pill was stored inside, which signified that it was a ten star pill, Yang Shen understood that the XP he'd receive from consuming a pill depended both on its level and the number of stars.

Putting the lid back on and throwing the bottle inside his Spatial Ring, which he actually found more useful than he originally expected it to be, Yang Shen resummoned the extinguished flames and continued concocting more Sant Pills with the remaining ninety-nine sets.

Honestly, most of the credit from Yang Shen succeeding in concocting a pill during his first attempt went to the Lecherous Cultivation System which helped him consume the knowledge of two books so well that he could recite their entire content regardless of the situation

After all, it is due to the knowledge he obtained from the Sant Pill's Recipe and the Beginner's Guide to Alchemy that every time Yang Shen was about to make a mistake, he'd feel something nagging on the back of his head due to which he didn't make a single mistake during the entire process.

This was the most important reason that Yang Shen managed to succeed in refining a batch of pills during his first attempt which not even the greatest geniuses achieved until now. for visiting.

During his first time, Yang Shen barely managed to concoct eight pills with almost all of them being four stars. But when he followed the same recipe for the hundredth time, he concocted a total of fifteen pills with each of them being eight stars.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Yang Shen worked, he didn't manage to concoct even a single nine star pill much less a ten star pill.

The fault however didn't lie with Yang Shen, his flames, or his techniques, it was just that the quality of the Spirit Herbs weren't high enough to let him concoct anything above eight stars.

Still, possessing a total 996 Level 1 Sant Pills with each of them on an average being seven stars, Yang Shen couldn't be any happier that he decided to join the Mystic Pill Sect and become an alchemist.

60,000 XP.

That was the bare minimum XP Yang Shen would receive from consuming all of the pills he just concocted.

With so much XP available to him whenever he needed it, would he have to worry about there not being enough XP to sustain him through his breakthroughs?

And it shouldn't be forgotten that all of this was from concocting Level 1 Pills. Just imagining how much XP he'd be able to obtain once he could concoct higher level pills completely got rid of the worries Yang Shen had about not having enough XP to increase his cultivation in the future.

Storing all the bottles filled with Sant Pills inside his Spatial Ring, Yang Shen placed his furnace inside the inventory as well before leaving the Alchemy Room.

Stretching his body as he left the room, Yang Shen went to the living room and collapsed on the sofa with a weary look.

After all, while the Qi he expended wasn't too much and would recover by itself very soon, the strain on his mind was a little too much from concocting a hundred batches of pill in a single stretch.

"Someone, get me some water."

As soon as Yang Shen said those words, though none of the five maids were in the same room as him, they appeared in front of him with a glass of water each the very next second.


"Have some water, Master."

"Shall I help you drink it, Master?"

"I brought you something better than water to help ease the strain on your mind, Master."

"I have something for you along with water, Master."

Obtaining Yang Shen's attention was Ma Lan who was dressed in the classic maid gown.

"This came for you when you were inside the Alchemy Room, Master."

Handing Yang Shen a rolled up scroll along with a glass of water, Ma Lan moved behind him and started to massage his shoulders.

"What is it?"

"I don't know what it is because I haven't opened it, Master. But if I'm not wrong, it must be an invitation to attend the Core Disciples' Feast."

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