The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 142

Chapter 142: No thank you aunty

Though called a feast, there was actually not even a single food article for anyone to consume which made Yang Shen even more disappointed with the stupid event.

'You call it a feast but don't serve any food? What do you want me to eat!'

Screaming on the inside as he decided to leave, Yang Shen didn't know that if he had spoken out loud everyone around him would've answered by saying knowledge.

Smiling wryly at how the effect of the Dragon's Mark was indeed weaker on those who were stronger than him, Yang Shen could see all the women surrounding him with heavy breathing if they were in the Qi Gathering Realm or lower.

But since all of them were in the Xiantian Realm, the effect of the Dragon's Mark on them was limited due to which they only unconsciously moved closer to him but weren't so close that all of them were sticking to him.

If one saw the pavilion from the outside right now, they'd see all the male core disciples on one side of it while the females were all on the opposite side making it look like they were using their bodies to create a Yin Yang.

"This feast is very boring, right? Only nerds like them would enjoy talking about alchemy for so long."


Thinking that there was someone else like him, who was obviously a female due to the voice he heard, Yang Shen turned around with a charming smile on his face.

However the smile froze as soon as Yang Shen looked towards the one who spoke.

"She had just a nice ass, but me, I've got a great body. How about coming back to my courtyard with me? I'll let you do me however you want."

Feeling his lips twitching as he heard an offer from a female disciple who seemed to have seen him spanking that disciple's near the pond, Yang Shen in an awkward tone said, "Yeah No thank you aunty."


Unhesitantly turning around, Yang Shen left before the woman could say anything and make the situation even more awkward for him.

Until now, the reason Yang Shen slept with all of the women he did wasn't just because they threw themselves on him. It was because all of them were attractive in their very own ways.

This one who was trying to seduce him though she was not the least bit attractive.

Therefore, there was really no way that Yang Shen would have accepted her invitation.

Leaving the pavilion, Yang Shen made his way to his courtyard while thinking that he should be more careful with what invitations he'd accept in the future.

After all, just the situation itself was so formal and dignified that he wasn't confident in flirting with any woman there and seducing them.

Luckily, going there wasn't completely of no use. Yang Shen by attending the feast managed to learn that the female Core Disciples were indeed better looking than the female Inner Disciples.

The difference in beauty though wasn't like heaven and earth. It was simply a difference in cultivation which made them look more attractive. If you were to talk about their appearances though, it was still Li Na who looked better than all of the women he saw today.

Thinking about Li Na, Yang Shen for some reason was reminded of the Sect Master's daughter which in turn reminded him of the System Quests.

Given that the original plan was to use Nulang to get to her mother and then sleep with the both of them to complete the quest, Yang Shen began thinking that maybe it was time to focus on that.

Similarly, he should try and finish the other quests as well to obtain as many Points and XP as possible.

As for pill concocting, he'd continue doing it whenever he had nothing else to do. Before that though, he'd need to decide on which Level 2 Pill recipe he was going to buy from the system's shop and learn.

"So many things to do."

Not at all lamenting at how much he had to do, since he enjoyed doing most of them, Yang Shen began looking forward to when he was going to do all of them.

Still, what was he going to do first?

Thinking about this on his way back to his courtyard, Yang Shen failed to decide even after he entered it and was welcomed by his five maids. After all, each of them was something that Yang Shen wanted to do due to which he couldn't decide what he was going to do first.

Was he going to try and complete the hard things first? Or would he do them at the last and savour the satisfaction from completing them?

In the end though, Yang Shen who wanted everything could only decide that he would just go with the flow.

At the same time, he began blaming the Heaven Devouring Snake's Bloodline for making him greedy.

Hearing this, Lijuan's lips twitched non stop as she said, "You were greedy even before I met you, much less gave you my bloodline, Master."

But how could the shameless Yang Shen admit the truth? He simply changed the topic and made Lijuan's lips twitch even more furiously.

[Quests -

Grow a Mid Grade Spirit Herb and harvest it (500 XP and 5 Points)

Successfully concoct a Level 5 Pill (1,500 XP and 10 Points)

Embrace the Mystic Pill Sect's Flower (3,000 XP and 15 Points)

Sleep with the Sect Master's Wife (8,000 XP and 35 Points)

Have sex with the three female Elders of the Mystic Pill Sect (5,000 XP and 20 Points) for visiting.

Bed the sole female Grand Elder (6,000 XP and 30 Points)

Have a threesome with two female core disciples (2,000 XP and 10 Points)

Have an orgy with 10 female inner disciples (2,000 XP and 10 Points)

Sleep with a mother and her daughter (2,000 XP and 10 Points)

Became a Deacon of the Mystic Pill Sect (4,000 XP and 20 Points)]

Out of all the quests, there was only one which Yang Shen didn't plan on completing.

After all, the quests were only something he could choose to complete if he wanted to, and not something he needed to. And given how hard it was to become a Deacon, and how long it would take him to become one, Yang Shen who never planned on staying inside the Mystic Pill Sect for too long had no interest in becoming one.

While he couldn't follow his original plan, which had to do with learning as much about Alchemy as he could from the sect, Yang Shen was now only staying here due to being able to obtain all the ingredients he could need to concoct pills.

Once he finished mastering how to refine Pills of all levels, and produced a huge stock of them which would last him for a while and grew stronger as well, Yang Shen was going to leave the sect and take revenge on the Hao Clan.

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