The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Unexpected guests


Moaning softly as soon as she woke up, Zhenya who could feel an erect rod pressing against her plump ass was shocked at how Yang Shen looked like he could still have sex.

After all, he had deposited his seed inside all of his holes so many times last night that Zhenya was sure only a monster could still have in it to continue having sex.

"Is Master still not satisfied?"

Speaking in a tone full of weariness which she couldn't hide no matter how hard she tries, Zhenya despite having enjoyed how good she felt the entire time she was having sex with him didn't dare go another single round.

By now, she was not just drained physically, but mentally as well.

Therefore, putting aside if her pussy could continue to release enough juices to make her insides wet, Zhenya was sure that she was just a few orgasms away from losing her mind to pleasure.

And when that happened, it was highly likely that all she would care about was sex and only sex.

Therefore, even though she was curious if such a thing would happen and if it did how she would feel, there were many things that Zhenya wanted to still do due to which she couldn't afford to let such a thing happen.

Lucky for her, Yang Shen himself wasn't in the mood to dip his shaft inside her cave as soon as he woke up. Due to this, he simply shook his head and moved away from her allowing her to move out of his embrace and leave the room as well.

Lying alone in the bed while the warmth soon disappeared along with the woman, Yang Shen sat up and stretched his body which felt very nice and comfortable.

It was too bad that he couldn't just lie around for a while longer. Taking a quick bath to wash himself clean, Yang Shen left his courtyard to do the same thing he did every morning.

Having listened to Lin Meng talk about her family, Yang Shen came back to his courtyard with a huge and happy smile on his face.

After all, now that he was over his previous worries and was getting closer to her, why wouldn't he be happy?

Entering the courtyard, Yang Shen right away sensed that something was wrong when he didn't see all five of the maids waiting for him as soon as he opened the door.

Due to this, he began trying to sense what was happening inside his courtyard through the fluctuations of the Qi. Unfortunately, he failed to sense anything other than four of his maids gathered together inside a single room and another one inside the living room.

What did this mean? Whoever else was inside the courtyard was stronger than Yang Shen.

Maybe it was because she sensed Yang Shen's Qi, the one maid who was inside the living room started making her way towards him.

It was Ma Lan.

"You have a guest waiting for you, Master."

Speaking before Yang Shen could ask what was happening, the seriousness in Ma Lan's voice made Yang Shen understand that whoever was waiting for him was a very strong one. for visiting.

But regardless of who it was or how strong they were, Yang Shen wasn't the least bit worried or scared.

Glancing towards the black snake which was comfortably resting around his neck, Yang Shen confidently walked towards the living room to find out who it was.

"You're finally back. Any longer, and I would've started thinking if there was something venereal between you and Elder Lin."

'Nulang? No'

"You most likely don't know who I am. I'm the alchemy madman's wife, Fan Jia."

Speaking while continuing to sit in the same place with a warm smile on her face, the woman who looked like an older and more mature version of her daughter gestured Yang Shen to not stand on ceremony.

Not that he was in the first place anyway.

"I'd tell you to take a seat, but this is actually your own courtyard."

Nodding is his head, Yang Shen sat down opposite to Fan Jia who instead of speaking her business looked towards Ma Lan.

Understanding the woman's intention, Ma Lan glanced towards Yang Shen purely due to a formality before leaving.

"You've trained your maids quite well."

Continuing to maintain the same smile on her face as she said those words, Fan Jia didn't seem like she was waiting for a reply because she got to the point once Ma Lan was no longer inside the room.

"I heard my husband invited you to come to our house for lunch. If you are free, why not come tonight? I luckily obtained a High Grade Beast's corpse today which tastes wonderful when cooked."

"Since someone as beautiful as you has invited me, how could I not accept it, Lady Jia?"

"Easy there boy, I'm already taken."

Pointing towards the wedding ring on her finger, Fan Jia added, "Also, you can just call me Sister Jia. Hearing someone call me lady makes me feel old."

"Old? When I first saw you, I thought I was looking at Nulang's sister."

Once again pointing at her wedding ring, Fan Jia for some reason didn't ask how Yang Shen knew her daughter.

She simply continued smiling and stood up.

"I'll set the table when it's eight in the night. But if you want to score some points from my husband, you can come earlier. I'm more than happy to entertain you."

Starting to walk after she spoke until here, Fan Jia with a knowing look said, "It's good to be young. But make sure to keep your 'interests' a secret from the outside world. My husband is thinking of marrying my daughter to you."

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