The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 144 2

Chapter 144: Unexpected guests Part 2

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Looking towards the voluptuous woman's disappearing back, Yang Shen knew what it was that she meant by 'interests'.

She was obviously talking about his five maids.

Talking about them, the five of them were actually quite smart due to which only Ma Lan received Fan Jian while the others hid in the deepest part of the courtyard.

It was just too bad that the woman in Nascent Soul Realm used her Divine Sense to sweep through the entire courtyard and immediately located each of them and the 'clothes' they were dressed in as well.

But given how Fan Jia behaved even after learning of their existences, it seemed like she didn't mind their presence at all.

And those words she said before leaving as well.

It was almost as if a mother in law had caught her son in law having an affair, but told him to keep everything under wraps so that her daughter wouldn't find out anything about it and continue to live happily.

"Mother in law that has a nice sound to it."

"More like a nice body."

"You understand me so well, snakey."

Snorting and ignoring Yang Shen who was turning more brazen and shameless by the day, the black snake suddenly looked in the direction that the courtyard's entrance was at.

"You have another visitor, Master."

"One more?"

Hearing the sound of someone knocking on the door even before he finished speaking, Yang Shen didn't wait for Ma Lan to open it and went to do so by himself.

Opening the door with a peculiar look since whoever it was couldn't be sensed by his Qi, which meant the second visitor was stronger than him as well, Yang Shen who saw who it was ended up thinking if this was a day where all the people he barely knew were going to visit him.

"Elder Yan Hong, what a pleasant surprise. Do you want to come in?"

Nodding her head while displaying a distant look as if she was lost in her thoughts, the female Elder entered Yang Shen's courtyard and made her way to straight to the living room.

Out of the three female Elders, Yan Hong was the only one who looked plain and quite average. The woman despite being at the later stages of the Nascent Soul Realm looked so ordinary that without her cultivation and strength most people would not even remember ever seeing her even if they lived close to her.

She was also the only female Elder whom Yang Shen hadn't spoken with until now.

Thus, Yang Shen really didn't expect for her to come and find him out of the blue.

"Would you like some tea, Elder Yan Hong?"

Nodding her head before shyly turning away and no longer looking at his face, the woman looked a little too bashful for her status.

'Am I that handsome?'

Rolling her eyes, Lijuan didn't hesitate in the slightest bit to destroy Yang Shen's thoughts by revealing the truth.

"If I'm not wrong, she most likely never experienced what it feels like for someone good looking to pay attention to her. If I'm not wrong, that husband of hers is quite ordinary looking as well. Coupled with that weird aura of yours which makes married women turn into mindless nymphos around you, she most likely came here to feel good about herself by attracting your attention."

'So you admit I'm good looking."

"That's the part you paid attention to?"

Not giving an answer, Yang Shen continued looking straight towards Yan Hong while Ma Lan went to prepare tea for the both of them.

Spotless white skin, black eyes, a figure so flat that it was literally the least curvy one Yang Shen had seen until now, and long black hair.

All in all, Yan Hong wasn't really bad looking per se. She just wasn't the kind who'd attract the attention of men who wanted at least one part of the woman to be exceptional.

That is, at least a beautiful face or a sexy body.

And poor Yan Hong who possessed neither never experienced what it felt like for a handsome man to chase after her throughout her entire life. for visiting.

In the beginning, she was too plain looking and didn't have a great enough status due to which she had no suitors. But now, her status was too great due to which no man dared to try and seduce her.

Therefore, when she saw someone like Yang Shen, who for some reason made her find him more attractive than her own husband, Yan Hong who spent the entire night fantasizing about the two of their taboo love could no longer resist staying away from him.

Thus, since she knew Yang Shen had to take care of Elder Lin's herb garden, she set off to try and meet him after she guessed he was finished with his job. It was too bad that she didn't know someone else had already visited him before her.

Coming back inside the room which was filled with an awkward atmosphere, Ma Lan placed the tray with cups on the small table in between Yang Shen and Elder Yan.

Looking towards Yang Shen in a completely new look, since he no longer was just the youngest ever Core Disciples, but also someone who received Elders and the Sect Master's wife as guests, Ma Lan felt even more curious of how great of a genius he should be to make such things possible.

Leaving the room after serving the two of them tea, Ma Lan didn't dare try and eavesdrop on their conversation since she knew better than to do such a thing.

Well, there wasn't really a conversation to secretly listen to anyway. The two of them sat there in silence while Yan Hong would every once in a while look towards Yang Shen with a complicated look before sipping the tea.

Staying until the cup was empty. Yan Hong who hadn't said a single word since arriving left while maintaining the same complicated look in her eyes.

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