The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Visiting the Sect Masters house

"So there's actually a limit to that weird aura of yours on married women."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen confirmed Lijuan's thoughts by agreeing with the fact that if a woman was stronger than him, the effect of the Bane of Husbands title would be limited as well depending on how much stronger she was.

Still, since the effect was limited, why did Yan Hong come all the way here and leave after drinking a cup of tea?

Shaking his head and not thinking too much about what he just witnessed, Yang Shen who had almost half a day's time before it was time to go to Chen Hai's house for dinner decided to not waste it by doing nothing.

Having obtained recommendations of what pills he should refine at every level above level 1, and all the way until level Level 5 which marked the requirement for an Alchemy Disciple to become an Alchemy Master, Yang Shen planned on buying all of the recipes and studying them before he paid the system to consume them.

As for how he obtained the recipes, it was by telling Lin Meng that he wanted to research higher level pill recipes and didn't reveal the fact that he managed to master the Sant Pill.

After all, being a genius who understood alchemy and a genius who mastered refining a pill in a single day were two completely different things.

Therefore, if Yang Shen revealed that he could successfully concoct the Sant Pill to Lin Meng, he was sure that she would think that something was off about him and turn suspicious.

Thus, he could only lie that he was asking her purely for research purposes.

Opening the system's shop and searching for the recipes, Yang Shen didn't hesitate in spending a total of 700 Points and obtaining three recipes of Level 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

Even though he wanted to purchase the Level 5 Pill's recipe as well, that sole recipe would cost him 800 Points. And since he didn't have that many Points with him right now, he could only put it aside for now and focus on the three new pill recipes for the time being.

Withdrawing the three recipes from the inventory, Yang Shen began reading them one after the other to understand as much as he could about them by himself before paying the system to help him consume them.

At the same time, he gave Ma Lan the jade slip in which his Contribution Points were recorded before sending her away to obtain 100 sets of ingredients for each pill based on the list he gave her. for visiting.

Now all that was left to do was read the pill recipes while swallowing the Sant Pills.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch...

Having gotten bored of simply swallowing the pills, Yang Shen was now throwing them high in the air and catching them with his mouth and then chewing them before he swallowed them.

Looking inside his spatial ring where the original huge pile of pill filled jade bottles had almost entirely disappeared, Yang Shen felt that it was good he sent Ma Lan and obtained all the ingredients he needed to refine the new pill recipes he purchased.

Seeing how much XP he obtained from simply swallowing Level 1 Pills, Yang Shen couldn't wait to try and concoct the Level 2, 3, and 4 Pills when he went back to his courtyard.

If just 20 Contribution Points allowed him to obtain so much XP, he couldn't imagine how much XP he'd obtain by consuming the pills he refined by utilizing the 280 Contribution Points he spent to obtain 100 sets of ingredients for each pill.

While thinking such things, Yang Shen arrived at a part of the mountain he had never even seen until now.

Not too far from where the cave that had a pond of Spirit Water inside it, in fact exactly on the opposite side of the mountain was where the Sect Masters' residence was at.

As for what was there even higher up and hidden behind the clouds which blocked his eyesight just like it did the rest, Yang Shen could only imagine that the Grand Elders lived there in their seclusion.

According to common sense, the Sect Master's courtyard should be bigger and more luxurious than the Elders' courtyards.

But the one Yang Shen was looking at was quite small and ordinary. In fact, it looked smaller than the courtyards given to the Core Disciples.

At the same time, the huge patch of herbs covered land around it was so big that Yang Shen could understand everything he needed to know without anyone's help.

The courtyard might have been very big once upon a time, but after Chen Hai became the Sect Master, he most likely turned it smaller and in its place extended the herb garden.

Licking his lips unconsciously as he gazed towards the herb garden where even Peak Grade Spirit Herbs were growing everywhere like cabbages, Yang Shen couldn't deny that he was filled with a desire to secretly snatch a few of them.

But in the very next second, he hid his greed and showed a look of pure admiration because the courtyard's door was opened and Chen Hai with his signature messed up look stepped outside.

"You're finally here! I was almost worried that you would miss being able to witness the blooming of the Scarlet Moon Flower. Come quickly!"

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