The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 147

Chapter 147: A new way to obtain XP

Entering the house, Yang Shen who didn't expect for Nulang to be here began racking his mind to figure out what he should do about her.

Given her unusual temperament and behaviour, it was impossible to guess what she would do upon seeing him again.

And if she revealed how he sneaked inside her house and everything he did when inside it, Yang Shen didn't even dare imagine what the consequences of that would be for him.

However, within a few seconds he'd come to learn that all of his worries were unfounded.

"Yang Shen, you are the best boyfriend in the entire world! I never expected you to be able to convince my father to agree for our marriage so easily!"

Jumping into Yang Shen's embrace and hugging him before he could react, Nulang's tone suggested that she truly believed her words.

'What boyfriend?! And what marriage?'

"This is what happens when you dip yourself in crazy, Master."

'But But I haven't dipped anything yet!'

"Humph! You're turning more shameless by the day, Master!"

Putting aside Lijuan whom he could sense was blushing, Yang Shen looked towards Nulang who was behaving like a wife who met her husband after being forcibly separated from him for many years.

Well, he at least didn't have to worry about her revealing what he did for the time being.

Deciding to look towards the positive aspects and not the negative one, Yang Shen decided to take advantage of the situation.

Wrapping his own arms around Nulang's thin waist, Yang Shen upon sensing the woman's silent consent moved his hands lower and grabbed onto her juicy butt.

Gently squeezing the thicc butt cheeks and enjoying its elasticity through the robes Nulang wore, Yang Shen was caught a little off guard at what the beauty did next.

Jumping up and locking her legs around Yang Shen, Nulang started to very slowly rub her crotch against him with an obscene look in her eyes. It was almost as if she wanted Yang Shen to strip her and ravage her right there.

Seeing this, Yang Shen was even more sure that she was not just perverted but very twisted as well.


Looking towards the direction the obvious fake cough came from, Yang Shen was more thankful than embarrassed towards Fan Jia who was standing in the middle of the corridor which connected this room to the next one.

"Lang'er, go and call your father for dinner."

"Me? Now?"

Hesitating a little as she continued to brazenly hug Yang Shen in front of her mother, Nulang finally relented under Fan Jia's gaze which despite looking normal had some hidden pressure to it.

Waiting until Nulang parted from Yang Shen and stepped out of the house, Fan Jia smiled towards the one who was hugging her daughter until now and said, "I never knew that you and my daughter were so close."

Not waiting for an answer since she didn't really want an explanation, Fan Jia added, "I hope you're fine with tiger meat."

"Ummm I've never had it until now, but I'm fine with it."

"Well, you're in for a treat then. Due to my special cooking technique, the tiger meat doesn't taste rancid at all and is quite soft as well. Your only worry is not being able to eat tiger meat that others cook."

"I'm looking forward to it, Sister Jia."

Maintaining the same warm smile on her face which fit her role as a mother, but didn't go along with her obscenely voluptuous body which was waiting to destroy the robes and show itself off to the outside world, Fan Jian turned around and went back into the dining room to make sure she didn't miss something and if everything was perfect.

Licking his lips as he looked towards Fan Jia's swaying hips from the back, Yang Shen almost stepped forward and tried to squeeze her butt to see how it would compare with her daughter's.

But, he was capable of showing restraint whenever he needed to due to which he simply feasted on the sexy ass with his eyes and didn't do anything else.

Not too long after Yang Shen followed Fan Jia inside the dining room, Nulang came back inside the house and soon after that Chen Hai came back as well.

Taking in a whiff of the juicy meat's scent which filled the entire room once Fan Jia removed the lid, Yang Shen unconsciously gulped a little while his stomach also grumbled a little from hunger.

Once everyone took their place around the rectangle table which was too big for just the four of them, the three family members began eating their food without speaking a single word in an eerie silence.

Seeing this, Yang Shen despite knowing that they weren't plotting anything and were simply doing what they did usually, couldn't help but feel a little creeped out.

Still, he didn't show his true feelings on his face and began cutting into the huge slab of fried meat on his place and placed the pieces inside his mouth.

'So tasty!'

Feeling the meat melt inside his mouth as soon as he bit it, Yang Shen was caught off guard at how delicious it was.

But that wasn't the sole reason he had a pleasantly surprised look on his face. It was instead the notification which popped up in front of him that caused him to feel shocked.

[Consumed the meat of a High Grade Profound Beast. Obtained 5 XP.]

Every time Yang Shen swallowed a piece of the cooked meat, it would first enter his stomach before disappearing the same way the pill did after he swallowed them.

Unlike the pills though, Yang Shen could feel his stomach turn full before the meat disappeared.

Barely managing to hide his feelings upon discovering a new way to obtain XP, Yang Shen continued eating at the same pace before his excitement soon died down.

After all, given how much of the meat he could eat before it was impossible to eat anymore since his stomach was being filled, Yang Shen knew that he wouldn't be able to obtain much XP even if he had countless corpses of High Grade Profound Beasts lying around.

Still, he now began thinking that he shouldn't sell all the corpses of the Profound Beasts to the system and should keep the ones which would taste good after cooked inside his Spatial Ring where time doesn't pass and the meat won't rot.

This was because he sensed that even though the style of cooking was exquisite, most of the deliciousness of the dish was due to the quality of the meat itself and not how it was prepared. for visiting.

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