The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Under the table

Eating in the middle of the eerie silence, Yang Shen who wasn't used to such boring situations began cooking up some perverted plan to make things interesting for him.

The table the four of them were sitting around was a huge rectangular one with a large cloth draped over it due to which no one can see what was happening under it. Therefore, Yang Shen's perverted mind quickly came up with an idea for what he should do to make the dinner truly enjoyable.

Looking towards Nulang and her mother who were sitting opposite to him, and Chen Hai who was adjacent to him at the head of the table, Yang Shen had the perfect plan to have some fun.

'Snakey, make it so that no one will be able to sense what I do under the table.'

Not waiting for Lijuan's reply, Yang Shen who just spoke to her by thinking on the inside through the Master Servant link began stretching his leg forward.

Even though whatever Lijuan did was making it impossible for even him to find out what was happening under the table using his Qi, Yang Shen in less than a few seconds felt his leg touching a smooth and soft foot causing him to grin a little.

Sliding his foot up the woman's leg and in the process moving her robe away, Yang Shen in an instant arrived near her thighs.

Continuing to move higher, Yang Shen soon felt the woman's silky thighs. Resting his heel on the chair's surface, Yang Shen who knew that his foot arrived at its destination inclined it forward and touched the silk panty which was covering her crotch.

Discreetly moving a little forward since the distance between him and the woman was a little too much, Yang Shen used his toes like they were his fingers and pushed the fabric to the side.

As soon as he did that, Nulang who was already fidgeting from a while back yelped a little which made it sound like she was choking.

Breaking into a short fit of cough with a face redder than tomato, Nulang didn't ever dare look at Yang Shen because she was trying to act as if nothing was wrong.

Smirking as he saw this, Yang Shen used his toe to rub against the pair of trembling lips and touched upon the entrance of the pussy they couldn't keep hidden from him.

Exquisitely circling the cave's entrance and not entering it, Yang Shen soon felt a supreme wetness start seep out of it and cover his toe in it due to which the grin on his face turned even bigger.

Continuing to tease Nulang's crotch with his foot, which he soon made focus on her puffed up clitoris, Yang Shen felt very satisfied from looking at the red-faced Nulang who looked like she didn't know where to hide her face.

With the movements of his hands not stopping despite what he was secretly doing under the table, Yang Shen while looking straight towards Nulang who hadn't raised her head since the moment his foot touched her foot decided that he was going to make her cum.

And to do that, teasing her clit was the only way he could think of since the Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage technique wasn't something he could use with his feet.

Sliding his toe which was already rubbing against Nulang's button, Yang Shen struggled for a while before finally managing to succeed in squeezing it between two of his toes.

Once he managed to do it though, Yang Shen began pinching it and then releasing it in succession which greatly stimulated the clitoris and from the look on Nulang's face was very effective as well.

Therefore, while continuing to toy with her clit, Yang Shen was getting ready to feel her orgasm any time soon when something happened which made his heart drop. for visiting.

Standing up all of a sudden, Nulang walked away with her face continuing to look red.

"I've told you so many times that I'm not good with spicy food, mom!"

Feeling his throat turn dry as he watched Nulang leave the dining, Yang Shen very slowly and reluctantly turned to look towards Fan Jia.

Raising her head and smiling towards Yang Shen the moment she felt his gaze directed towards her, the woman showed no emotion of how she was feeling and had the same smile on her face as before.

The smile though no longer looked the least bit warm to Yang Shen whose toes were still toying with a woman's clit.

Looking towards Chen Hai by instinct as if to make sure he didn't notice anything, Yang Shen felt like his brain had short circuited from not being able to understand what was happening.

"I knew that your sense of direction was bad, but I never knew it was so bad, Master."

Looking towards the smirking snake from the corner of his eyes which let him know that she obviously knew what he was doing since the beginning, Yang Shen snorted on the inside and said, 'What bad sense of direction? All of this was my plan!'

Plan? Yeah right.

Scoffing at the statement which even the shameless Yang Shen couldn't speak confidently, Lijuan who had been with him for so many months now showed no sign of believing him.

At the same time, she was curious as to why Yang Shen's foot was still toying with the woman's crotch despite now knowing who the it belonged to.

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