The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 149 2

Chapter 149: Under the table Part 2

Oblivious to the fact that his leg which was trembling due to his nervousness was being mistaken as him brazenly teasing Fan Jia's pussy despite having learnt the truth, Yang Shen finally recovered enough of his senses to know that it was time to pull his leg back.

After all, he didn't know why Fan Jia didn't say or do anything yet, but he didn't plan on pushing his luck too much.

Not even daring to look towards the woman, Yang Shen began pulling his foot back when Fan Jia suddenly made a move.

Using the hand which she wasn't using to eat to grab Yang Shen's ankle, Fan Jia looked towards him with narrowed eyes.

Licking her lips as she dragged the foot back to where it was a second back, Fan Jia herself moved a little forward and pressed her crotch against it causing the pubic hair to tickle Yang Shen's foot.

The situation however wasn't something which made Yang Shen feel like laughing at all despite being tickled even more once Fan Jia started moving his foot up and down and rubbed it against her pussy.

Continuing to eat like nothing was wrong even after her daughter came back and sat beside her, Fan Jia herself began starting to discreetly move her lower body since she wasn't completely satisfied with what her pussy was feeling.

After all, it had been many years since her pussy saw some action due to which it was very greedy for a lot more.

Humping his crotch against Yang Shen's foot, Fan Jia now looked more like a succubus than a loving mother due to not just what she was doing but also how well she was hiding her feelings and not revealing anything on her face.

Gulping hard as he no longer had any interest in the food due to everything that happened in the past few minutes, Yang Shen couldn't understand what was happening when he left a foot touching his other leg.

Sensing someone shyly rubbing their toe on his foot, Yang Shen looked toward Nulang who was throwing him a sly glance.

Feeling his lips twitching as his gaze alternated between the pair of mother and daughter, Yang Shen couldn't react in time before Nulang deliberately dropped her chopsticks and crawled under the table.

In fact, not just Yang Shen, even Fan Jia who was sitting beside Nulang couldn't react in time due to how immersed she was in feeling good.

"I've said it once and I'll say it again. I need to start carrying around some tasty finger food, Master." for visiting.

Ignoring Lijuan who was taking fun in his misery, Yang Shen who knew that things were no longer in his control didn't bother trying to do anything. After all, unless Nulang was blind, she had most likely seen everything that was happening under the table.

Sharing the same opinion as Yang Shen, Fan Jia was racking her mind to come up with an idea on what she should do now. This was because just like Yang Shen, even she didn't know what her daughter would do at any point of time.

Surprisingly, even after Nulang went under the table she did nothing at all for an entire minute during which Fan Jia's forehead was covered in sweat from the anxiety of what her daughter would do.

But, Nulang being Nulang didn't do anything that Yang Shen or Fan Jia imagined or hoped for. Instead, she did something which neither of them expected.

Using her hands to undo the sash of Yang Shen's robes, Nulang while continuing to remain under the table brought her face near his dick.

Breathing warm air onto the still erect dick, Nulang caressed it with her soft hands before stretching her tongue out of her mouth and licking it all the way from the root to the tip.

"She is"

Sharing Yang Shen's shock, Lijuan for the first time was at a loss for words because she felt that what was happening could no longer be understood by her.

What happened to the humans aren't animals, we have reasoning abilities crap?

What part of anything happening under the table could be said as being reasonable?

Sucking in a cold breath from the unexpected once again happening, Yang Shen's hand moved by itself and rested on top of the head of the beauty who began sucking his dick.

Putting on an expressionless look to hide how he was truly feeling, Yang Shen didn't dare meet the confused Fan Jia's eyes who was still scared of what her daughter was going to do.

Stroking Nulang hair since he honestly didn't know what else he could do right now, Yang Shen while thinking the mother was just as weird as the daughter due to how she was still humping her pussy against his foot soon came close to cumming.

Almost as if sensing this, Nulang began sucking Yang Shen's dick harder causing him to cum a little sooner.

Grunting so softly that not even the snake wrapped around his neck could hear it, Yang Shen was filled with a serene relief due to how good he felt right now.

At the same time, a slightly surprised muffled moan came from under the table which caused Yang Shen and Fan Jia to nervously look towards Chen Hai.

The Sect Master though was looking into the space with a dazed look as if he was thinking about something due to which he was yet to notice that his daughter had been searching for a pair of chopsticks under the table for such a long time.

Seeing this, Yang Shen began thinking that maybe the rumour he heard about him teaching alchemy to Fan Jia on the night of their marriage was not entirely exaggerated.

Feeling Nulang's mouth parting from his dick, but not before he felt her kiss the tip of his shaft, Yang Shen didn't have to do anything at all as she tied his robes together before finally getting back in her chair with a satisfied look on her face.

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