The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Fan Jias sacrifice

Staring towards her own daughter whom she didn't believe was the kind who'd neither say nor do anything after witnessing what she and Yang Shen were doing under the table, Fan Jia didn't need long to notice a drop of thick white liquid sliding down the corner of her sexy lips.

Narrowing her eyes upon seeing this, Fan Jia right away figured out what it was and what her daughter did under the table for so long as well due to which she was filled with complicated feelings.

Secretly glancing towards her husband to make sure he wasn't looking this way, Fan Jia stretched her hand used her thumb to wipe the white liquid off of her daughter's face and in a split second used her own tongue to lick her finger clean and remove all signs of Yang Shen having shot his load inside Nulang's mouth.

Seeing this, Yang Shen other than being relieved was a little more turned on as well as he began imagining having sex with this pair of perverted mother and daughter at the same time.

Nulang however didn't share the same feelings.

Glaring towards her mother with vigilance and fighting spirit in her eyes, Nulang looked like she was ready to fight Fan Jia for Yang Shen and would not give him up at any cost.


The rest of the dinner went by normally without any hitches allowing the nerves of Yang Shen and Fan Jia which felt stretched and at their limit calm down.

Once the dinner was over, Chen Hai finally came back to his senses and went to the alchemy room in a hurry which made the others understand that he figured something out.

Due to this, Yang Shen was left alone with the pair of mother and daughter in the same room due to which the atmosphere immediately turned awkward and unnatural.

Letting out a fake cough, Yang Shen said, "It's time for me to leave as well. Thank you for dinner."


Nodding her head as she was quite eager to send Yang Shen away and then think about everything calmly, Fan Jia didn't wait for her daughter to chime in and began using her hands to push him out of her house.

Once he was outside the door though, the anxious look was hidden behind a seductive one as she suddenly hugged him from the back and said, "Next time you want to have some private fun with me, let's do it someplace safe and private where we won't get caught."

Whispering those words into Yang Shen's ear, Fan Jia reluctantly parted from him and closed the door.

Even on his way back to the courtyard, Yang Shen felt like he still couldn't believe everything that happened over the course of a single dinner.

While the mother was humping with his foot, the daughter actually gave him a blowjob

Filled with excitement as he thought back to everything that happened, Yang Shen who was no longer anxious or worried about what might happen began hoping for such things to happen again and again in the future.

At the same time, he could see himself finishing the quest of sleeping with a mother and daughter very soon and very easily as well.

Due to this, his usual leisure smile turned quite crooked and perverted almost as if he would start drooling from imagining how nice it would be to sleep with Fan Jian and Nulang at the same time.

Seeing this, Lijuan felt that her Master was really someone very lucky.

Though nothing would happen like he planned for them to, the final result would be more than favourable to him

Especially when it was something concerning women.

After Fan Jia sent Yang Shen away, she went back to the dining room to clear the table.

But, Nulang who unlike always didn't leave the house as soon the dinner was over was waiting for her mother to come back, and Fan Jia who saw this mentally prepared herself for a long and exhausting conversation.

"There she is, mother of the year."

"Long'er, I"

"Don't! Don't bother."

Interrupting Fan Jia before she could say anything, Nulang stood up and kicked the chair away causing a loud bang to resound through the room.

Frowning at this, Fan Jia felt relieved that she placed a barrier around the room due to which no matter how noisy they were, Chen Hai who wasn't here wouldn't be able to hear any of it. for visiting.

"Trying to seduce your daughter's boyfriend? You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Boyfriend? Who do you think you're fooling? Others might believe you, but not me."

"What do you mean?"

"Stop with the act my perverted daughter."

"Fine! It's true that he isn't my boyfriend, but he will become mine in the future!"

"You are more naive than I thought you were if you think that you can manage to seduce someone like him by yourself. That's why I was forced to sacrifice my own body for your sake!"

Looking as if she heard something that not even wild beasts would believe, Nulang was about to say something when Fan Jia continued, "All I have in my heart is your happiness, honey. And since you want him to love you, I don't mind sacrificing my body to help make that possible."

Feeling her thoughts and will shaken from how believable Fan Jia made her words sound, Nulang didn't say anything else and just stood there in silence as if she was in doubt regarding whether to trust her mother or not.

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