The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Period of stable growth

Going back to his courtyard, Yang Shen who felt as if he witnessed a very sensual strip show after which the woman disappeared all of a sudden, that is turned on and in seek of an outlet, didn't have Zhenya serve him like he did yesterday and instead sought after another one of his maids.

Lei Bai, the alluring woman who proudly wore the waist apron was whom Yang Shen chose for the night.

As Yang Shen called her inside his room, Lei Bai who could guess what it was that he wanted from her began removing the waist apron even before she entered the room.

Yang Shen however stopped her and made sure she continued wearing it as it only increased the sexy hidden mistress type appeal she had.

After he came back from the dinner which he was sure was one of a kind, Yang Shen's life entered a period of stable growth during which he grew in almost every aspect.

Early in the morning, he'd go over to Elder Lin's courtyard and have breakfast with her after he finished taking care of her herb garden. And in this process he kept on growing closer to her by the day.

Next, he'd come back to his courtyard and spend the following few hours learning Pill Recipes, or concocting pills according to them.

On an average, Yang Shen refined around 1,300 pills every day. Due to this, he ended up having to fork out Contribution Points every day which made it impossible for him to continue spending them without finding a way to earn them.

Luckily, it had been two months since he had entered the Mystic Pill Sect due to which Yang Shen who gradually revealed his talent in pill refining a little by little had no trouble in selling a part of the pills he concocted in exchange for Contribution Points.

Though this had an impact on the stock of pills he was accruing inside his Spatial Ring, given the speed at which he was consuming them, Yang Shen didn't feel too reluctant to part with them.

At the same time, Yang Shen didn't stop consuming the pills almost every minute of the day due to which he kept on earning huge amounts of XP constantly.

Adding on how he would train in Battle Skills during every evening he had time to spear, Yang Shen had no reason to not upgrade his cultivation.

Spending a total of 325,800 XP, which he obtained from consuming pills ranging from Level 1 to 6, and of countless types, Yang Shen managed to raise his cultivation to the 1st Level of Xiantian Realm and shattered the Golden Core and in its place filled his Dantian with liquid Qi, which was also known as Qi Sea.

After that, Yang Shen continued to earn more XP by swallowing various pills, but he learnt that Level 7 Pills were his limit. This was because despite how much QI he had inside him, to maintain the toned down or weakened version of the Primordial Nine Suns Flame, the Qi he expended was way too much to last him through the process of refining a single batch of Level 8 Pills.

And to those who were yet to guess it, as the Level of the pill increased, the number of pills produced from each batch of ingredients decreased as well. And right now, Yang Shen obtained only four and at most five pills every time he concocted Level 7 Pills.

It also had to be mentioned that him being able to refine Level 7 Pills after spending just two months to learn it and while still at the Xiantian Realm had already shocked every single one of the Elders and made them even more tempted to do anything possible to make him accept them as his Master.

This was because even now Yang Shen was yet to pick anyone as his Master.

This however wasn't because he was filled with pride or thought that they weren't worthy of being his Master. It was rather because after what Zhi Rou did, he didn't want to see another repeat of it.

It also had to be noted while Yang Shen grew better in almost every aspect, his personality kept on turning more depraved and sadistic as well.

Other than when he was alone with only Lijuan to give him company, or with Lin Meng, Yang Shen would act like a perverted devil who only obtained satisfaction from dominating women

Due to this, Lijuan was more sure than ever that she had to step in and stop Yang Shen before his personality completely changed. It was just that the opportunity she was waiting for was yet to arrive.

Also, during the two months Yang Shen had not just slept with all of his maids, but most of the female Inner Disciples as well due to which all of the male disciples who learnt of his acts began regarding him as their common enemy.

The news however didn't spread too far since every woman Yang Shen did it with would start treating him as if he was a God and not say a single bad thing, or for that fact anything about him at all to others.

In the process of his sleeping around with every beautiful woman he laid his eyes on, Yang Shen managed to complete most of the old quests and the new quests which appeared after they were completed as well. for visiting.

If there were a few quests which he was yet to complete, it was the one which needed him to grow a Spirit Herb, sleep with the three Elders, have sex with the female Grand Elder, sleep with a mother and daughter, and finally a threesome with Core Disciples.

The Spirit Herb quest was something that Yang Shen ignored because it would cost so much that the rewards weren't worth it.

The Grand Elder quest was impossible to complete since he was yet to even meet one of them until today, which was the same with the Core Disciples who all went into seclusion after the feast was over.

As for the mother and daughter quest, Yang Shen slept with both of them individually but was yet to bed the two of them at the same time which was the requirement of the quest.

And finally the quest related to the three female Elders, Yang Shen was yet to sleep with even a single one of them.

Out of them, Yan Hong was the weirdest one who'd every once in a while come to his courtyard and leave after drinking a cup of tea with the same complicated look in her eyes.

Though Yang Shen knew that he could have sex with her at any moment if he just pushed his body against her, he wanted to see how long it would take for her to cave into her desires by herself due to which he didn't make any move.

As for Zhi Rou, Yang Shen who was yet to completely turn into a beast that fucked anything with two legs and had a cave between them didn't plan on having sex with her due to the kind of woman she was.

And finally Lin Meng, she was someone who Yang Shen still loved, and actually loved even more by every passing day due to which unlike the others he didn't look towards her as if she was just an object to use for his growth.

Therefore, even if it meant failing a mission with serious consequences if he failed to complete it, Yang Shen had no plan of forcing her into having sex with him.

At least this served to prove that Yang Shen wasn't entirely a lost cause.


Note - All the events in the 3rd Volume will define Yang Shen's character and contribute to his charecters development. This is also what will give foundation and decide how he will behave in the future.

Therefore, please bear with the the few remaining Chapters in the 3rd Volume before you all finally get to see the true OP protagonist you've been waiting for.

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