The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 152

Chapter 152: New daddy

"It's been so long since you came to meet me that I thought you forgot about me."

"As if I could forget about my slutty little pet."


Snorting happily, Nulang didn't waste any time in shutting the library doors as if she was scared that Yang Shen would leave.

Turning around after she locked the doors, Nulang looked towards Yang Shen who was waiting for her with his back against a book rack with eyes full of desire and lust.

After all, since the first time she had sex with him, Nulang felt her pussy crave for more attention than it did in the past. And using her hands and cucumbers were no longer enough to satisfy it.

But Yang Shen was too busy with enjoying every beautiful woman he laid his eyes on due to which he didn't visit Nulang as much as she'd like him to.

Therefore, whenever Yang Shen came to meet her, Nulang would make sure to keep him around her for as long as possible and completely satisfy herself.

Getting rid of her robes, Nulang who was still near the door unexpectedly squatted on the floor with both of her hands raised like a dog's paws on either side of her head.

Spreading her legs as far as possible while continuing to remain squatting, Nulang with a depraved look in her eyes said, "I've been an obedient bitch while you were away, daddy. See! Even after my pussy became so wet, I never disturbed you! Don't I deserve a reward, daddy?"

Smiling with a mix of dominance and sadistic pleasure, which was what originally made Nulang call him daddy, Yang Shen said, "You dare ask me for a reward? Looks like you need to be punished properly."

While pouting at how the reward she wanted was turned into punishment, the perverted look in Nulang's eyes turned even more intense as she looked like she couldn't wait to be punished.

In fact, if not for the fact that Yang Shen once didn't punish her after she revealed how eager she was to be punished, Nulang right now would have started shouting loudly and begging him to punish her quickly.

"Come here, slut."

Nodding her head with an obedient look in her eyes, Nulang didn't waste even a single second as she immediately began crawling near him on all four.

Licking his lips at how the naked beauty was acting like a dog, Yang Shen had to admit that no matter how many times he saw her act like this he would never get bored of it.

Arriving in front of Yang Shen very soon, Nulang took her dog act to the next level by stretching her tongue out of her mouth and using her fingers to scratch his foot.

The female dog however seemed like a perverted one due to how her paws started removing Yang Shen's clothes. But before she could fully remove them and gaze upon the huge shaft she was eager to be dominated by, Yang Shen stopped her by grabbing her hair and pulling her head back and away from his crotch.

"You seem to have forgotten that it's time for your punishment, bitch."

Looking not towards Nulang as he said those words, but rather some remote corner of the library where there wasn't much light, Yang Shen smiled and stretched his free hand which Nulang immediately started to lick with her tongue.


"That bastard! He knows that I'm here and is still treating my daughter like that!"

Glaring towards Yang Shen who was treating her daughter as if she really was an animal and not a human being, Fan Jia who only had regular sex with him began craving to be treated the same way.

To be humiliated as if that was all she was good for. Just imagining Yang Shen doing the same thing to her caused Fan Jia's pussy to turn so wet that not only was her panty soaked, but the wetness could be seen appearing on her robes as well.

Feeling her throat turn dry as she saw her daughter climb on top of one of the tables, and then get into a vile pose which was something Fan Jia didn't think any self respecting woman would ever do, the mother felt her jaw dropping at how Yang Shen slapped her Nulang's curvy ass. for visiting.

Hearing the crisp sound of the thicc ass meat being slapped, Fan Jia's breathing further sped up.

Having originally sneaked inside the library on a whim to see how Yang Shen treated her daughter, and to find out whom he treated better and in the process whom he loved more as well, Fan Jia after learning that she was being treated better than her daughter for some reason felt more depressed than happy.


Whimpering a little as she heard her daughter's loud and satisfying moan when Yang Shen spanked her, Fan Jia unintentionally stretched her hand and squeezed her own ass as she imagined if she also was going to feel as good as her daughter did.

Once the thought entered her mind, Fan Jia could not get it out due to which she more and more craved the same treatment as her daughter.

In fact, the longer Fan Jia looked towards Nulang being spanked and a bright red handprint appearing on the juicy white ass, the stronger her desire to be spanked became until she could no longer continue to just stand around in a corner.

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