The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Like daughter, like mother

"Me. Me too!"

Speaking softly as she walked towards Yang Shen and Nulang, Fan Jia despite not wanting to reveal herself couldn't stop moving due to how her legs seemed to have a mind of their own.

Walking a bit stiff as if she was being forced to do something she didn't want to, Fan Jia soon was out of the dark and near the two people who looked too involved in each other to care about her.

The truth however was that Yang Shen who knew she was here from the beginning didn't think he needed to react in any way particular, as for Nulang, she still considered her mother a rival who would pull the carpet from under her at any moment due to which she was acted like she couldn't see her at all.

None of this did anything to faze Fan Jia though, given how intoxicated she was with everything that she had seen until now, she no longer cared about anything other than experiencing the same thing that her daughter did.

"Please! Spank me as well!"

Tugging on Yang Shen's loose robes, Fan Jia couldn't believe her own words due to never having expected to say such words in her entire life.

"You're finally here, I thought you were going to stay hidden in that corner by yourself forever."


Unable to say anything, Fan Jia's eyes which were clouded with lust could only use her actions instead of her words to obtain what she wanted.

Tightly hugging Yang Shen from the behind as she removed his clothes and at the same time turned naked as well, Fan Jia quickly got on top of her reluctant daughter.

Using her hands to suppress Nulang who was trying to push her away, Fan Jia seemed like she wasn't going to go anywhere before her wish was satisfied.

Nulang until then was lying flat on her back and had both of her legs raised up and in a 'V' shape, which she was using his hands to pull back and in the process expose not just her pussy but her ass as well.

With the addition of Fan Jia who got on top of Nulang, the view was now so much better that Yang Shen spent a few seconds in silent admiration of the mother and daughter pair.

Seeing the pair of breasts squished from being pressed against the others' counterparts, and their pussies which were both lying on top of each other, Yang Shen was no longer in the mood to spank either of them but rather wanted to enjoy both of their hidden caves.

That too at the same time.

But, given that he only had a single dick, wanting to put it inside both of them at the same time was not something which was possible.

Therefore, Yang Shen could only choose to settle himself for the second best option.

Using his hands to push the flexible Fan Jia's legs higher until they lined up exactly with Nulang's legs which were now flat at both of her sides, Yang Shen didn't spend too long just looking towards the mother and daughter whose body proportions were more or less the same and seemed to be mimicking each other due to the similar positions and instead made his own move.

Using his hand to direct his eagerly waiting rod towards the entrance of Fan Jia's soaked pussy, Yang Shen didn't waste time on any unnecessary words and thrust his waist forward.


Moaning loudly as she felt the familiar hard and huge thing make its way deep inside her pussy, and like always spread her walls until it was satisfied, Fan Jia who was satisfied with how Yang Shen chose to penetrate her first flashed a smug look towards her daughter.

Gritting her teeth at this act of the woman whom she felt no longer deserved calling herself as a mother, Nulang was just about to do something when she felt something huge enter her pussy and spread her tight walls as far as it needed to make itself comfortable inside her.

Filled with glee as she didn't need any help to understand what the familiar thing inside her was, it was now Nulang's turn to gloat as Fan Jia refused to meet her eyes.

At the same time, she didn't forget to moan louder than usual to rub it in her mother's face.

However, Yang Shen seemed to be toying with the both of them due to how his dick would be inside the daughter one moment and the mother the other.

"Aahhhhh" for visiting.


Moaning in sync as each of them were only graced with a single thrust before the rod disappeared as quickly as it entered them, the pair of mother and daughter were more turned on than before due to their pussies being constantly teased.

But, since right now it was only Yang Shen who was fully enjoying himself, they had no choice but to rely on themselves, or their blood related kin to feel better.

Using their hands to grope the other one's body all over, since playing with another one's body gave them a different pleasure by itself, the mother and daughter entered a competition of their own to see who was going to orgasm first.

Completely uncaring about this, Yang Shen who only cared about enjoying himself after multiple trials and errors managed to get into a groove with which he effortlessly penetrated one woman with each thrust and in this way came very close to understanding how it would feel to be inside two women at the same time.

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