The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Li Na learns the truth

Until today, Yang Shen thought that sleeping with a pair of mother and daughter was simply something to be done for the novelty of it and wouldn't make him feel any better than having sex with two different women at the same time.

But after everything that happened in the library, he was forced to admit that his thought was wrong.

Knowing that he was fucking two women, one of whom came out of the other was a feeling like none other.

Especially when you leave them with both of their holes filled to the brim with your semen and watch them lying completely exhausted on top of each other. Unable to wait too long before he had sex with the both of them again, Yang Shen right upon going back inside his courtyard almost went to find the two of them again.

However, considering how exhausted the two of them were, Yang Shen doubted having any more sex with them right away would let him feel good due to which he chose the five maids inside his courtyard to release the still pent up desires inside him.

Entering the courtyard, Yang Shen didn't show the slightest courtesy as he pressed Ma Lan against the wall and greedily kissed the side of her neck.


Moaning softly at how she was by now addicted to the touch of her Master, Ma Lan didn't resist in the slightest bit as she felt a pair of strong arms start to pull her skirt up and in the process expose her body a little by little.

Pulling the gown up until Ma Lan's thicc ass was exposed, Yang Shen didn't forget to comment on how much of a slut she was to not wear any panties before ordering her to hold onto the rolled up skirt.

Running his hands against the juicy ass and squeezing them, Yang Shen didn't wait too long before pulling his dick out and pressing it between the pair of bouncy butt cheeks.

By now, Hu Meili who was close by came right in time to witness Yang Shen's erect rod starting to enter her fellow maid's pussy due to which she quickly made her way towards them.

Squatting on the floor and positioning her head near the spot where Yang Shen and Ma Lan were connected at, Meili stretched her tongue out of her mouth and placed it at the exact spot that Yang Shen's dick entered and exited the wet pussy.

Due to this, other than getting a taste of Ma Lan's juices which were brought outside her pussy by the huge rod, Meili succeeded in making Yang Shen feel even better thanks to the added stimulus.

Not too long after this, the remaining three maids inside the courtyard came running after they heard the moans due to which the original threesome turned into a foursome, and then an orgy between one man and five women.

However while the orgy was taking place, something completely unexpected happened. for visiting.

With the courtyard's door being opened all of a sudden, the six individuals who were immersed in the carnal pleasure turned their heads at the same time and looked towards the one who opened the door who shared the same surprise as them.

The shocked expressions, however, didn't last for long on the faces of either party. With Yang Shen continuing to thrust his waist, the maids who couldn't care less about the particular someone watching them resumed moaning loudly.

As for the one who opened the door, her original excited face turned completely expressionless due to which no one could guess what she was thinking.

"So everything was a lie."

Nodding his head towards the woman who would be delusional to not understand the truth even after seeing what she did, Yang Shen who was tired of acting like a naive and innocent accepted the truth right away.

Seeing this, Li Na remained silent for a while before shaking her head and turning around to walk away.

"Since you aren't who I thought you were, there's no longer anything between us."

Hearing those words, Yang Shen feels something tugging at his heart but he couldn't accurately put his finger on it.

At the same time, while feeling a little regretful about how things ended up between him and Li Na, Yang Shen realizes that he actually doesn't plan on doing anything about it.

Due to this, the previous fleeting sensation to turn more vivid which in turn caused him to stop moving and turn a little dazed.

"Ahhh.. Master Why did you stop?? Please fuck me harder!"

Coming back to his senses, Yang Shen looked towards Ma Lan's face which was twisted from pleasure and eager to continue enjoying having sex.

Frowning a little as his chest was feeling heavy and constricted for some reason, Yang Shen moved away from his maids and said, "Leave me alone."

"But I "

Cutting her sentence short as she saw the cold glint in Yang Shen's eyes, which she had never seen before today, Ma Lan leaves and drags the others away with her as well unless one of them made their Master angry.

Left all alone in the midst of the otherwise empty corridor, Yang Shen first put on his clothes and walked towards the living room before sitting down with complicated emotions troubling his mind, body, and soul.

What was he doing?

Just because he fell prey to a woman's schemes, was he going to change his entire personality?

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