The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 157

Chapter 157: He needs to die!

Other than questioning himself regarding what was true and what was false, Yang Shen had only one thing to say.

"He needs to die!"

Turning around and leaving after he said those words to god knows whom, Yang Shen once again proved how he was quick to rush to conclusions and didn't think things through.

After all, if he had just stayed a while longer, he would have seen Lin Meng turn Qiao Zan's marriage proposal down, and then see an aggrieved Qiao Zan search for Zhi Rou who was the one that filled his head with the thoughts of proposing to Lin Meng by convincing him that she loved him back.

But, this incident would serve as a lesson to help him understand what he had to change about himself.

This was all in the future though, all Yang Shen cared about right now was to chop Qiao Zan into small pieces and feed him to wild beasts.

Looking towards her Master, Lijuan sighed loudly on the inside at how sometimes it felt as if the entire world was against him. He had just showed signs of going back to being normal when that stupid thing happened and brought him back to the previous twisted self.

But... given that it was due to his love for a woman that this happened, Lijuan held hope that he'd go back to being normal once she helped him turn his wish true

Therefore, she didn't speak a single word as Yang Shen after storming off in no particular direction realized his rashness and rerouted himself towards Qiao Zan's courtyard.

By now it had been almost an hour since Yang Shen had seen Qiao Zan proposing to Lin Meng due to which he found the man inside his courtyard.

Despite being the angriest he ever was until now, Yang Shen hadn't lost his mind due to which he didn't try to fight Qiao Zan head on. Instead, he had Lijuan knock him out before he entered the courtyard.

Though he had sworn to himself that he wouldn't use Lijuan's help unless he had no other choice, all Yang Shen cared about right now was killing Qiao Zan.

After all, having just realised that he was a very jealous man who wasn't even fine with another man talking to the woman he loved, Yang Shen's heart was as cold as ice and filled with killing intent towards Qiao Zan.

Summoning the Myriad Beasts Spear out of his inventory as he entered the courtyard, Yang Shen's eyes were blazing with rage as he gazed upon Qiao Zan's unconscious body.

Right now, he could definitely take his sweat time in torturing the man for an eternity before finally killing him. But due to how angry he was, all Yang Shen cared about was killing Qiao Zan as soon as possible.

Therefore, he didn't hesitate in the slightest as he swung the black spear and aimed to chop off the elder's head with the blade part of the spear.

However before the blade could sever the unconscious man's head, Yang Shen couldn't react in time as someone appeared beside him and used their hand to grab onto the spear's shaft and stop its momentum.

"You What are you doing?"

"That's something I need to ask you. Attempting to kill an elder? Do you know how serious this crime is?"

"Humph! I don't care! Let go!"

Trying to pull the spear out of Lin Meng's clutches, Yang Shen was about to take Lijuan's help when Lin Meng who couldn't bear with it anymore shouted at him for the first time ever.

"Stop this right now, Yang Shen!"

"Why? Is it because you like hi"


Feeling a searing pain on his cheek, what hurt Yang Shen more than the physical pain was the look of sorrow in Lin Meng's eyes who seemed to be unable to believe what she just heard.

"Does someone like you who doesn't even dare speak your feelings towards me have a right to talk about such things?"


"Let him go and then leave this place" for visiting.

Not giving Yang Shen the chance to speak, Lin Meng while doing her best to hide her emotions said, "You're not the one who I thought you were. So please. Please leave this place before I find out who you really are Leave before the memories I have with you turn meaningless. "

Clenching his fists tightly as he heard those words, Yang Shen could feel that things couldn't be any worse for him and leaving was the best thing he could do right now. But, something deep inside him wasn't willing to let him leave as it took control of his body.



"You're mine. "


"You're mine and mine alone!"

"Master, you should stop now before things turn worse. If you try to force her"

"Shut up!"

Scaring Lin Meng by how he screamed towards no one in particular, with a crazy look in his eyes Yang Shen shouted, "She belongs to me and only me!"

Abandoning the Myriad Beasts Spear, Yang Shen turned and looked Lin Meng straight in the eyes as his hand reached out to grab her by the throat.

In the end though, Yang Shen managed to stop himself. Looking towards Lin Meng whose eyes were filled with sadness as she didn't try to put up the slightest resistance, Yang Shen pulled his hand back.

Storing the Myriad Beasts Spear inside his inventory, Yang Shen turned around and began walking away without speaking a single word.

Looking towards her Master who right now looked like he lost his soul, Lijuan knew that she had made a huge mistake.

Having grossly underestimated the possible consequences by not stepping in and helping him when she should, Lijuan could only be grateful at the fact that Yang Shen managed to stop himself.

Because if he had grabbed Lin Meng by the throat, what would have happened next would have truly turned him into a demon with no chance to ever go back to being normal.

Thinking about this, Lijuan decided that she needed to reflect on her own poor judgement and decision which almost caused her Master to end up in a demonic state.

At the same time, her eyes turned dangerously cold as they locked onto the silhouette of Zhi Rou in the distance who was secretly watching everything that was happening with a satisfied smile.

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