The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Union of two souls

Wrapping her arms around Yang Shen, Lijuan felt that this role suited her quite well.

However in the end, she'd rather stick to her original role since that felt even better. But, that was only after the night was over. For now, she was going to do everything to make Yang Shen feel comfortable and at ease.

Smothering his face in the midst of Lijuan's curvy breasts, Yang Shen didn't show any perverted feelings at all and was rather simply craving some human warmth.

Sure the woman who was actually a Heaven Devouring Snake felt colder than Yang Shen would have liked her to be. But it wasn't the physical warmth which Yang Shen wanted due to which he was more than satisfied.

Gently patting Yang Shen's back as he showed no signs of parting from her, Lijuan herself wasn't in any hurry to push him away either.

This was because after she had on that day said that she'd rather die than sleep with a mortal, Yang Shen never once tried to touch her when she was in her human form.

And though she now regretted what she did that day, she knew that no words would be enough to undo what she said and therefore what was happening right now was without doubt the best time for her to grow closer to him.

Raising his head up after a very long time, Yang Shen still didn't show any signs of moving away from her breasts which made Lijuan feel both proud and a little shy at the same time causing a beautiful red glow to cover her cheeks.

Feeling a spark go off inside his head as he saw this, Yang Shen finally parted from the plump breasts.

Stretching his hand and gently stroking Lijuan's collarbone as he trailed it up her soft neck, Yang Shen pinched her chin in between his fingers as he brought his own lips close to the rosy lips of her.

But, he didn't kiss them and instead looked into Lijuan's eyes almost as if saying if you want me to stop, tell me now.

Seeing this, Lijuan smiled happily and gave him a silent nod and her consent at the same time.

Even though Yang Shen had kissed countless women until now, kissing Lijuan felt nothing like the others.

Feeling the entire world go blank as soon as his lips touched hers, Yang Shen focussed only on kissing her as if that was all that mattered.

Once, twice, thrice, the long and soft kisses kept on increasing in number as his hand slid lower and caressed Lijuan's neck.

Blocking everything else, Yang Shen didn't know and didn't care how the two of them were inside a bedroom all of a sudden as he continued kissing Lijuan.

Feeling as if fireworks were going off as both of their tongues finally touched each other, Yang Shen while gently tracing his fingers the length of her spine began gently undressing the woman.

Helping Yang Shen in getting rid of her own clothes, Lijuan then made it so that his clothes disappeared as well and got rid of everything that was coming in between their naked bodies.

Caressing Lijuan's hips and pelvis rhythmically as the kiss turned even longer, Yang Shen very slowly pushed her back onto the bed and got on top of her.

As the proud peaks were squished from being pressed against his chest, Yang Shen could feel Lijuan's heart beating fast in excitement and nervousness at the same time as his own heart began mimicking the same speed.

Breaking the kiss and gazing into Lijuan's golden eyes as she no longer looked like a goddess who was gracing the world with her presence, but rather a simple woman who was in love with a man, Yang Shen couldn't resist the urge to kiss her once again.

Closing her eyes in the ecstasy that she didn't think she'd ever feel, Lijuan soon felt that Yang Shen had countless hands and mouths as she felt him caress and kiss her all over. At the same time, there were also those wolflike teeth which would sink into her fleshiest parts and leave a mark behind. for visiting.

Enjoying the weight of the body which was lying on top of her, Lijuan who was enjoying parts of her body being squished under his body wanted nothing more than both of their bodies being stuck together forever.

Feeling shivers of pleasure pass through her body as she thought of such a thing, Lijuan opened her eyes to see Yang Shen's face not too far from her own with a gentle look in his eyes as he seemed hesitant to tarnish the beauty under him.

Caressing Yang Shen's cheek and planting a short kiss on his lips, Lijuan said, "Don't make me wait any longer I've always been yours"

Hearing those words, Yang Shen not only lost the last bit of hesitation inside him but also regained bits of the confidence that were crushed and destroyed after everything that happened.

Gently sucking on Lijuan's lips, Yang Shen moved his waist and brought his erection close to her nether regions and started invading the love tunnel which welcomes it with wet walls.

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