The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 160 2

Chapter 160: Union of two souls Part 2

Invading Lijuan's untainted cave, Yang Shen's erect shaft faced zero trouble in breaking through the hymen that had been kept safe for countless years.


Whimpering softly, Lijuan hid all of the pain which even a Saint like her was not spared from since she was afraid of something happening to the emotionally vulnerable Yang Shen.

However, it seemed like she was thinking a little too much because the young man stopped moving after he breached Lijuan's maidenhood.

Looking towards the blood which leaked out from where the two of their bodies were connected at, Yang Shen was filled with an indescribable feeling. At the same time, he no longer saw Lijuan as just a companion but rather someone whom he was responsible for.

Cupping the face in his hands, Yang Shen kissed the barely visible frown on Lijuan's face with a gentle look in his eyes.

Feeling the moist residue on her forehead from being kissed, Lijuan's eyes were quickly filled with tears since she understood that she didn't need to hide her emotions.

Showing the pain she felt in her eyes, Lijuan felt very happy that she didn't need to hide it and could share it with Yang Shen.

And following the pain which soon subsided, a look of happiness showed up in the same eyes.

Parting her lips, Lijuan got ready to tell Yang Shen that he could start moving. But Yang Shen was one step faster as he took the chance to share a long and satisfying kiss with Lijuan and waited for a while longer before finally starting to move.

Pumping his member inside Lijuan's deep cave with an erotic gentleness he never showed before today, Yang Shen slowly sped up and filled her insides with his constant long and deep thrusts.

Bearing with the intense movements which brought her a pleasure that completely overshadowed the pain she was feeling until a while back, Lijuan felt her perky peaks bounce with every thrust she took inside her.

With her sensual walls tightening around the rod inside her by their own volition, Lijuan didn't need to do anything while she was constantly assaulted by the pleasure which kept on growing by the minute.

Moaning softly as Yang Shen reached the deepest parts of her, Lijuan wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him for another passionate kiss.

Showing an intoxicated look in her eyes at how something as simple as kissing was making her feel so good, Lijuan's entire body trembled all of a sudden as Yang Shen's hands grabbed onto her melons.

Squeezing the soft peaks who felt like they would melt if he squeezed too hard, Yang Shen played with them so much that it looked as if he wouldn't stop until he was graced by the milk only they could produce.

Unlike before, even while he was having sex, Yang Shen's eyes aren't filled with pure carnal lust or anything similar but rather boundless love and affection as he gazed upon Lijuan who never looked so defenceless and weak

Sucking hard on Lijuan's neck and covering it in countless marks, Yang Shen really didn't seem like he'd stop before he left a sign of himself on every part of her body.


Moaning loudly as she locked her legs around Yang Shen's back, Lijuan's eyes were filled with the same emotions as her partner.

Using her hands to touch his strong body all over, Lijuan despite feeling his thrusts continuously felt eager for the next one to arrive even sooner as a tingling pleasure spread through her body like current.

And this current kept on growing stronger with every passing second until her entire body started pulsating from reaching the peak of orgasm.

As soon as this happened, Lijuan felt her mind turning blank as an indescribable feeling flooded her entire body and at the same time caused her love tunnel to erupt with countless warm juices. for visiting.

Staining not just the member inside her, but also the bedsheet under them which had the proof of her virginity on it, Lijuan's face looked so beautiful that Yang Shen himself also started cumming.

Covering every inch of the woman's inside in his thick white seed, Yang Shen showed no signs of stopping or resting.

Sharing the same feeling, Lijuan after recovering from her orgasm which was extended due to the piping how liquid that was shot inside her didn't stay passive like before and instead began moving her own body to make the both of them feel better.

Rolling around the bed as they tussled and coiled with each other and not showing any signs of separating despite how many times the both of them climaxed, Yang Shen and Lijuan didn't look as if they were having sex but rather trying to merge their body and soul into one.

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