The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Picking the representative

While Yang Shen was rediscovering himself, for the last time ever, a huge commotion covered the entire mountain and every single member of the Mystic Pill Sect.

This had nothing to do with the fact that an Elder had almost been killed though. Instead, it had to do with the dealings of one of the three Great Kingdoms.

More specifically, it was the Great Song Kingdom which had not just the Mystic Pill Sect, but almost every force on the Great Cloud Continent riled up and conducting discussions regarding what they should do.

Thus, an emergency meeting was taking place right now among every notable force, just like it was inside the Mystic Pill Sect.

With every one of the Deacon and above status forced to show up, due to the number of participants the meeting was taking place inside one of the rooms which were usually used to teach alchemy to the disciples.

Well, everyone excluding the three Grand Elders though.

After all, even though it was time for a new ruler to step up and take control of a Great Kingdom, their status and strength was too high to be bothered with most things that weren't related to the Sect.

"I'm sure all of you by now know the reason I have summoned all of you here."

Nodding their heads in silence and affirming the Sect Master's words, everyone waited for the Alchemy Madman to continue speaking.

"The situation within the Great Song Kingdom is right now very critical, therefore I'm not going to arbitrarily make any decision regarding what the Sect will do."

"Like always, the Sect itself is going to remain neutral and not involve itself by supporting anyone for the throne. However, it's up to all of you to decide what our Disciples are going to do. After all, you are the ones who take care of them most of the time."

Once Chen Hai finished speaking, the Deacons broke out in soft discussions among themselves while the Elders continued to remain silent.


Coughing lightly, one of the Deacons stepped forward and spoke of the decision they came up together.

"I and the other Deacons think it will be good for the young ones to take part in the fight for the throne since it will let them obtain experience from the outside world."

Nodding his head, Chen Hai now looked towards the Elders since it was their turn to chime in.

"Given how serious the situation is inside the Great Song Kingdom, I suggest not letting all of our disciples go there, Sect Master."

Speaking after Elder Yun, Zhang Wei added, "Maybe it's best we only send the Core Disciples to the Great Song Kingdom, Sect Master."

"I agree. Even though not many will dare attack disciples of our Sect, we cannot be sure that nothing unexpected will happen and put the lives of our disciples in danger. That's why, it's best we only send our Core Disciples since they are strong enough to protect themselves in case something unexpected happens."

Listening to all the Elders who gave their opinions or silently agreed with the decision to send only the Core Disciples, Chen Hai said, "While sending only the Core Disciples is a decision I agree with, we can't just send them out on their own and let them all do whatever they want like a bunch of headless chicken. Therefore, I propose selecting one disciple who will not only represent our Sect, but take both authority and responsibility of all the Core Disciples who will show interest in going to the Great Song Kingdom."

Silently agreeing with this decision, which was something that all of the Elders knew was going to be proposed sooner or later like it was every time such a thing happened in history, the Elders waited for the Sect Master to finish speaking about how the chosen representative should not only be strong and talented, but also capable of taking control of the other Core Disciples and bring shame to Sect after which he started asking each of them to nominate one Core Disciple Each.

"Li Na."

"Gao Ying."

"Yang Shen."

"Bai Ye."

"He Luli."

"Yang Shen."

"Yang Shen."

"Qiao Feng."

Though a lot of peculiar looks showed up on the faces of the Deacons and Elders alike at how Yang Shen's name was proposed by the three female Elders, no one spoke their thoughts out loud and just silently speculated the reason behind this.

But, not everyone was fine with Yang Shen being selected as the representative.

The Deacons might now know this, but the selected representative had a great chance of becoming the Sect Master in the future and play a major part in deciding who the next Sect Master would be after Chen Hai.

Due to this, Qiao Zan who was grooming a disciple, who was his relative to help him become the next Sect Master didn't plan on letting Yang Shen become the representative. for visiting.

"Sect Master, if I may. Yang Shen has just entered the Xiantian Realm and is nowhere as strong as the other Core Disciples. It might be too hasty for us to select him just because of how talente."

"Indeed, Yang Shen had just entered the Xiantian Realm and cannot compare with those who have done so before him. However, it would be good for you to remember that he is only eighteen years old, and was in the Golden Core Realm two months ago."

Looking towards the Sect Master who was the one that interrupted him, Qiao Zan could only clench his fists in frustration because that look in Chen Hai's eyes made it obvious that the Sect Master knew all about his plans and was not going to let him do as he pleased.

Thus, in the end it was decided that Yang Shen was going to become the representative of the Sect and lead the other Core Disciples to the Great Song Kingdom and take part in the battle for the throne.

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