The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Change


Moaning softly as the warm rays of the sun woke her up, Lijuan turned around onto her back as she felt a slight pain assault her privates.

But, in comparison to how good she felt right now, the pain wasn't too much due to which she could ignore it.

Opening her eyes and glancing at the empty spot next to her, Lijuan who failed to find Yang Shen there felt that she had been too careless after falling asleep due to which she didn't even know that he had left her side.

"You're awake."

Turning her head in the direction the sound came from, Lijuan saw a clothed Yang Shen sitting on a chair not too far from the bed.

However. He no longer looked like the same Yang Shen she knew.

Sure his outer appearance was still the same, but the look in his eyes, the smile which was half playful and half calm, the stable aura surrounding him which seemed like it couldn't be shook even if the sky shattered, he...he was like an entirely different person

Was he still the same Yang Shen she knew all along?

"What is it?"


Shaking her head and hiding how she was looking towards him, Lijuan got off the bed and walked towards him.

Showing off her naked body in its entire glory as she approached Yang Shen, Lijuan sat on his lap and asked him, "How are you feeling, Master?"

"How am I feeling? That's a weird question."

Naturally hugging Lijuan's waist, Yang Shen while continuing to maintain eye contact with the beauty laughed her question off and showed no signs of answering it.

Noticing this, Lijuan's gaze turned intense as she wrapped her arms around Yang Shen's neck.

"How are you feeling, Master?"

Smiling wryly at how it seemed like Lijuan wouldn't stop asking the same question until he answered her, Yang Shen said, "I don't know"

"Not knowing is a good thing. It at least means you're having a fresh start."

"Is that so?"

Smiling gently as he ruffled Lijuan's hair, Yang Shen caused the Heaven Devouring Snake to start question who was the younger one among the two of them.

At the same time, she had to admit that it felt really good being treated like this.

Therefore, she leaned in and hugged Yang Shen tighter as the two of them showed no signs of moving for a long time.

It wasn't just because both Yang Shen and Lijuan wanted to stay like that for some time, but also because Yang Shen didn't know how he should face Lin Meng upon going back to the Sect.

Unfortunately, the world seemed to be against the two of them because very soon the sounds of a huge commotion appeared from the front of the building they were inside.

Standing up and walking close to the window, Yang Shen saw that there were countless fainted humans littered on the road and surrounding them was an anxious crowd who were trying everything possible to wake them up.

"Care to explain?"

Looking towards Lijuan who was standing beside him with a bed sheet wrapped around her body, Yang Shen had a knowing smile on his face which caused her to feel a little embarrassed.

"Humph! What's there to explain? They were in the way so I threw them out!"

Chuckling out loud as he heard Lijuan's reply, Yang Shen kissed the beauty on her cheek and said, "Now you sound like the Lijuan I know."

Narrowing her eyes and glaring at Yang Shen, Lijuan said, "I can be a kind and gentle woman as well if that's you want, Master."

Shaking his head, Yang Shen hugged her and said, "Don't. I like my snakey exactly the way she is."


Snorting proudly as she heard those words, Lijuan put her robes back on and took Yang Shen back to the Mystic Pill Sect with her. Not before waking up the humans she put to sleep through.

"How do you feel now, Master?"

"You don't have to speak in a roundabout manner, snakey."

Petting the black snake's head as his feet landed on the mountain, Yang Shen could tell what it was that she actually wanted to know.

Looking in the direction that Lin Meng's courtyard was at, Yang Shen said, "I've put her through too much to show my face to her again. It's best I leave her alone."

Carefully observing Yang Shen's action, his look, the tone of his voice and everything else as he said those words, Lijuan sighed in relief upon noticing that he was speaking the truth. for visiting.

After all, even though she was sure he changed, Lijuan was afraid that he hadn't really changed and was just acting like someone he wasn't due to which she kept on testing him every now and then.

When Yang Shen said those words, he really did mean them. Given everything he did, Yang Shen who knew what kind of a woman Lin Meng was felt that the current him didn't deserve a woman like her.

As for in the future, Yang Shen didn't plan on thinking so far ahead. He was going to leave things up to fate and not force things.

Walking towards his courtyard, Yang Shen began thinking about what he should do about the mission he accepted from the Sect when he saw an anxious Ma Lan pacing outside the entrance of his courtyard.

"You're finally back, Master!"

"You look like you've been waiting for me for a long time. Did something happen?"

"Yes! Something really big has happened, Master!"

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