The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Tying up the loose ends

To Yang Shen who was thinking that he was in trouble from the others learning that he tried to kill an Elder, the news related to the Great Song Kingdom sounded like a blessing which arrived specifically for him.

After all, the interested Core Disciples could leave the Sect and go to the Great Song Kingdom to experience the outside world by taking part in the battle for the throne.

And to Yang Shen who wanted to leave the Mystic Pill Sect for now, and if possible forever, the opportunity couldn't have arrived at a better time.

Especially since he didn't have an idea regarding where he should go next since he wasn't strong enough to take revenge on the Hao Clan yet.

Yup. Even after everything that happened, Yang Shen still planned on taking revenge on the Hao Clan.

Not just because he had an uncompleted mission related to it, but also because he felt that the incident related to the Hao Clan was like a demon plaguing him and could only be gotten rid of once he was finished with his revenge.

"But, what you are saying doesn't match with how anxious you looked when waiting for me."

"That's because I haven't told you the most important part yet, Master."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen didn't say anything as Ma Lan continued speaking.

"A notice was sent to the courtyard saying that you were selected as the representative of the Sect, and the leader of all the Core Disciples that are going to leave the Sect, Master!"

"This means that you have no choice but to leave the Sect and go to the Song Kingdom's Capital City!"

Originally a little confused by how Ma Lan seemed like she hated the news of him being selected as the representative, Yang Shen soon understood why the Inner Disciple was behaving like a mother who was sending her son to his death.

As Alchemists were individuals who spent their entire life focussed on learning different ways to refine pills, they very rarely learned any Battle Skills or even took part in combat by themselves.

Due to this, Ma Lan was worried that something would happen to him inside the Great Song Kingdom which was on the verge of a civil war taking place at any time.

Not revealing the fact that he was primarily a close combat warrior who travelled on the path of spear, Yang Shen said some words to allow Ma Lan to calm down before trying to find out more details about the trip to the Great Song Kingdom. More precisely, the exact time the Core Disciples would be leaving.

'Tomorrow huh.'

Instinctively looking towards Lin Meng's courtyard, Yang Shen would be lying if he said he didn't have thoughts of having one last talk with her before he left this place once and for all.

However, in the end he decided that it was best he didn't do any such things. Therefore, he spent the rest of the day tying up what he considered his loose ends inside the Sect.

And by loose ends, he mostly meant the five maids that he had been abusing for the past two months.

In comparison to everything he did to them, which was completely uncalled for, something as simple as a sorry was definitely not the slightest bit enough.

Knowing this, Yang Shen decided to go with a more materialistic approach. Since he didn't plan on coming back to the Mystic Pill Sect, he gathered the five of them around and handed them his jade slip which contained all of his contribution points.

"I want you five to split the contribution points inside the slip equally amongst you."

"All of them?"

"Yes. All of them."

Smiling and confirming the greedy Zhenya's question, Yang Shen got up to leave the five of them alone when Ma Lan suddenly spoke up.

"What do you mean by this, Master?!"

"Huh? I mean what I say, Ma Lan. I want all of you to split my contribution points amongst you."

"But But even though you have many of them, if we split them amongst us there'll be nothing left for you" for visiting.

Not answering, Yang Shen simply smiled and caused Ma Lan's bad feeling to turn worse.

"Master are you leaving?"


"And and when are you coming back?"

Not answering Ma Lan's question, Yang Shen once again smiled a little and caused her eyes to start brimming with tears.

Even though it couldn't be said that Yang Shen treated solely her gently and the others badly, unlike the others she always looked at the positive aspects. Due to this, she remembered how he not only gave each of them a lot of contribution points but also helped them out with everything concerning alchemy as long as they asked him.

So now that she heard he was leaving, she felt a feeling of an indescribable loss filling her.

Seeing this, Yang Shen smiled warmly and asked, "Do you want me to take you with me?"

Hearing those words, Ma Lan in that instant wanted to forget about everything else and jump into Yang Shen's embrace and leave this place forever with him.

But, unlike Yang Shen who only had himself to care for in the past, and now Lijuan as well, Ma Lan had an entire family waiting for her back at her home whom she had to take care of. Therefore, she couldn't accept the offer and simply stood in silence as he left after patting her head.

On the following day, Yang Shen and the remaining Core Disciples who decided to go to the Great Song Kingdom would leave the Mystic Pill Sect. And on the very same day, the Sect would lose two of its Elders.

The first one was Lin Meng who felt that she'd never see Yang Shen away if she stayed here and therefore used the token Lijuan gave her to go to a completely unknown place.

As for the second one, it was Zhi Rou. Unlike Lin Meng though, this one didn't leave the world willingly.

To Lijuan, even though her carelessness played a part in everything that happened, Zhi Rou was the main reason. Therefore, there was no way she was going to let that woman continue living.

While the Mystic Pill Sect was stunned and couldn't understand how two of its Elders disappeared all of a sudden, there were two specific women who were more concerned with Yang Shen.

Especially when the remaining Core Disciples came back but he didn't.

Fan Jia and Nulang.

Having been tainted, corrupted, and left all alone, Nulang and Fan Jia ended up finding pleasure and satisfaction in each other through their incestuous relationship after Yang Shen.

And like this, even long after Yang Shen left, all of the loose ends he left behind ended up being tied by themselves, just like he had expected them to due to which he left behind nothing which could connect him and the Mystic Pill Sect.

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