The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Great Song Kingdom

Yang Shen despite hearing that the Mystic Pill Sect was not going to help its disciples in any way once they departed, felt that they were definitely going to have someone guard them through the shadows so that nothing unexpected would happen. for visiting.

However it turns out that the Sect truly had no intention to help any of the Core Disciples in any way.

After all, once Elder Yun had everyone get down of his aerial Profound Beast pet inside the Great Song Kingdom's Capital City, he turned around and left right away on the same beast without even sparing them a single word.

"Are.. are they really not going to protect us from the shadows?"

"Of course they are! This is all just an act to make us believe that we have to depend on ourselves for everything."

"Really? Sigh I was scared that"

Glancing towards the Core Disciples who were discussing if Elder Yun really left, or would come back after a while and protect them through the shadows, Yang Shen chose to not reveal that the old man had really left.

Instead, he began looking around towards the huge crowd which was gathering around them and the city itself they landed inside.

As a Capital City of the Great Song Kingdom, flying inside its boundaries was completely restricted and could even be said as forbidden.

However, there were always exceptions to everything. And in this case, it was being in the True Qi Realm, or having a high status among one of the Great Forces.

And given that all of them who had just gotten down of the huge bird were Core Disciples of the Mystic Pill Sect, not a single soldier dared to say a single word and instead got in line and made a path for them through the crowd.

Humans have always been beings of curiosity due to which as soon as news spread that the Core Disciples from the Mystic Pill Sect had arrived spread through the Capital City, almost every one of them rushed to find them and see them.

"That.. That is the flower of the Mystic Pill Sect! It seems like she really became a Core Disciple!"

"She looks so beautiful that she truly deserves being called the Mystic Pill Sect's flower."

"I can't believe that I'm able to look at so many Core Disciples of the Mystic Pill Sect at the same time."

"I know. All of them are destined to become great Alchemists in the future! If my daughter can catch the attention of one of them, she"

"Your daughter? With her looks, not even I would marry her. Much less a Core Disciple of the Mystic Pill Sect."

"What did you say?!"

"Don't be angry. See that one who is walking in front of them all? He's known as Yang Shen. Even though he's only eighteen years old, he is already in the Xiantian Realm and considered as the greatest alchemy genius that the Mystic Pill Sect has ever seen! Do you think someone like him would settle for anything other than the best?"

"Amazing! If he."

Doing his best to hide the pleased look which was threatening to show up on his face, Yang Shen couldn't believe how famous he was despite having never stepped out of the Mystic Pill Sect since joining it before today.

If he was so famous here, his fame should have spread to the Great Xia Kingdom as well, shouldn't it?

Beginning to wonder how those of the Hao Clan would be feeling after learning about him, Yang Shen had to work even harder to maintain the warm and calm look on his face which was making it impossible for all the women to move their eyes away from him.

After all, given his status and appearance, Yang Shen was like living proof that a prince charming existed and therefore if any of them caught his attention, wouldn't their life turn into something that only existed in their fantasies until now?

"Master's so popular."

'You think so too?'

"Too? Seems like your shamelessness hasn't changed in the least, Master."

Talking to Lijuan the entire time he observed the city, which more or less looked just as lively and prosperous as the Great Xia Kingdom's Capital City, Yang Shen and the others soon arrived near the palace.

Similar to the queen's palace inside the Great Xia's Capital City, the Song Kingdom's palace also consisted of one huge multi storey pavilion made whose exterior was made of countless precious metals straight through the entrance, and various other pavilions and individual courtyards surrounding it from all sides.

"Welcome honoured guests from the Mystic Pill Sect! This one is He Liang, the Grand Chancellor of his Highness, the Majesty."

"I'm Yang Shen, a Core Disciple of"

"Hahahahaha, who on this continent doesn't know about Young Hero Yang Shen?"

Interrupting Yang Shen purely out of his admiration and inflated eagerness to curry his favour and not out of any negative intentions, He Liang completely ignored the others and began conversing with Yang Shen nonstop as if they were old friends.

Seeing this, most of the disciples who expected for such a thing to happen didn't think much about it because not too long after his promotion details of the 'new Sant Pill' he developed were made public and brought light to what a true genius was.

However, there was a certain individual among them who couldn't let Yang Shen steal all the glory and become even more popular.

He was Qiao Feng, Qiao Zan's very own nephew who was considered as the top genius of the Sect before the arrival of Yang Shen.

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