The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Reunion

Noticing whom Yang Shen was looking at, He Liang asked him, "Does the Young Hero know the Third Queen?"

'So she's the Third Queen.'

"We might have met once in the past, Chancellor Liang."

Nodding his head with a meaningful look in his eyes, He Liang who knew that Yang Shen was the representative of the Mystic Pill Sect began showing special interest in the Third Queen.

After all, even though he didn't have any concrete details or proof, it was highly likely that Yang Shen was going to support the Third Queen since they seemed to be related. And Yang Shen's support was the same as the Mystic Pill Sect's support. for visiting.

It was only a special interest though. Before everything was set in stone, He Liang planned on maintaining his neutral status and not get involved in anything which might end up bringing more harm than benefit to him.

"Can you excuse me, Chancellor Liang? There's someone familiar here who I'd like to meet and catch up with."

"Please, go ahead."

Smiling and nodding his head towards He Liang, Yang Shen began walking towards the Third Queen whose expression was quite animated.

After all, even though she heard that there was a new never like before genius inside the Mystic Pill Sect, and his name was Yang Shen, she never once thought that it was the same Yang Shen whom she met not too long back.

No, it wasn't that she never thought about it being possible. It was rather her own feelings of denial which refused her to accept even the possibility of it.

But now that she saw a blue robed Yang Shen walking towards her, the woman knew that it was impossible to continue living in denial.

None of that mattered anymore though.

Just like He Liang, she knew what the current Yang Shen represented, and how important his support would be to any of the princes. Therefore, she planned on doing whatever she needed to do to obtain Yang Shen's and the Mystic Pill Sect's support.

Even if it meant throwing her pride away and begging him.

When the king was walking on his feet, the Third Queen was the one he loved the most. Due to this, there was no shortage in the number of other queens, or even the Great Clans she suppressed and bullied just for enjoyment.

Therefore, now that it was guaranteed the King was going to die sooner rather than later, the Third Queen's only chance at maintaining her status, and even possibly living, depended on whether or not her son could become the next King.

And given how heavy the weight of the name, the Mystic Pill Sect was, having them as one of her allies was something that the Third Queen would do anything to obtain.

Gently clearing her throat, the Third Queen put on her best smile and at the same time began showing off her curves and got ready to greet Yang Shen who was walking straight at her.

However, what happened next was something that neither the Third Queen nor the Chancellor expected to happen. Passing by the Third Queen as if she was nothing but air, Yang Shen approached Bingqing who looked like she couldn't believe what she was seeing and said, "You can touch me if you want to confirm whether I'm really here or not, Qing'er."

Continuing to look at Yang Shen without saying a single word, Bingqing with her eyes overflowing with happiness jumped forward and hugged him tightly as if she was scared everything was a dream and he'd disappear right in front of her if she didn't hang onto him tightly.

"I missed you so much!"

"Me too."

'So it isn't the queen he is familiar with. It's her guard that he knows.'

While feeling happy that he didn't do anything rash based on an assumption, He Liang at the same time felt a headache coming up.

After all, now that there was no one who was guaranteed to obtain Yang Shen's, and the Mystic Pill Sect's support, there was going to be a bloodbath among those of the Royal Family to obtain their support.

Just imagining everything that the princes who wanted to obtain the throne would do, He Liang who knew he had to clean up after them until the King officially died started thinking why those from the Mystic Pill Sect came here so soon.

With the already tense situation that the Royal Clan, the city, and the entire Kingdom for that matter was in, the arrival of Yang Shen and the others was bound to destroy the calm before the storm and further intensify the approaching disaster.

'Should I just hole up somewhere and wait for the King to die before coming out?'

Groaning hard from imagining what would happen if one of the princes did something stupid and tried to harm one of the Mystic Pill Sect's disciples, He Liang felt that he should warn them all about the consequences of their possible actions before any of them did something irreconcilable between them and the Mystic Pill Sect.

No, not the Mystic Pill Sect only. Sooner or later, the disciples from the other Great Sects were also going to come here.

And when they do, they'll all choose a side to support, and that's when the real fight for the throne would begin.

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