The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 168

Chapter 168: He Lunyi

"Ah, I've finally found you!"

"Chancellor Liang. Is there something you need?"

"I was so absorbed in our conversation, that I completely forgot to show you where your temporary residence is."

"I see."

Looking towards the sun which was close to setting, Yang Shen said, "If you have nothing to do, how about showing me the place now, Chancellor Liang?"

"Definitely. Since you've travelled so far, it might be good for you to rest early as well."

Leading Yang Shen farther away from the palace and the courtyards close to it, which were only meant for those from the royal family to live at, He Liang while ceaselessly talking about all kinds of things led Yang Shen to the place where his temporary residence was at.

As soon as the news had arrived regarding which all Great Sects were sending their disciples to explore their horizons, He Liang immediately made preparations regarding the courtyards they were going to live in.

Allotting nothing short of the best courtyards which had been built to house the guests of the King, it could be said that He Liang left no stone unturned in making sure that everyone who came from the Great Sects felt good.

"I've taken the luxury to handpick some of the best maids to 'serve' you in any way you might need them to, Young Hero."

Understanding what it was that He Liang meant by stressing the word 'serve', Yang Shen didn't forget to thank him for going through the unnecessary trouble before entering his courtyard.

"Welcome Young Hero Yang Shen!!"

A little taken back by the surprisingly loud and formal greeting he received from the twenty or so maids who seemed like they had been waiting for him for god knows how long, Yang Shen couldn't help it as his eyes trailed over all of the women who were dressed in the same robes.

With each and every one of them looking to be in their early 20s, all of the women had voluptuous bodies which couldn't be hidden under the loose palace maid type robes they wore.

Out of all of them though, there was one woman who caught Yang Shen's attention more than the others.

Unlike the others who were standing close to the wall on both the sides and left a path in between them, one specific woman stood right in front of Yang Shen.

Given that it was only her robes which were pink and green, while the others were all yellow and blue, Yang Shen guessed that maybe her status was different from the rest.

And true to his thoughts, the woman who stood alone spoke to him and confirmed his thoughts.

"We've been waiting for you, Young Hero. I'm Chancellor Liang's daughter, He Lunyi. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Hiding the incredulous look as soon as it showed up on his face, Yang Shen began wondering if his current status was so great that a Grand Chancellor of the Great Song Kingdom wouldn't mind selling his daughter to curry a favor.

As if seeing through Yang Shen's thoughts, Lunyi smiled and said, "You by yourself are already someone who everyone wants to curry a favor with, Young Hero. But now that you are representing the Mystic Pill Sect as well, your value has gone through the roof." for visiting.

"Is that so?"

Looking around as he walked closer to the girl, Yang Shen all of a sudden wrapped his arm around her soft waist and flashed a greedy devil like expression on his face.

"Since your own father has sold you off, don't expect me to treat you gently."

Maintaining the same smile without the slightest sadness, Lunyi said, "I was ready for this day to come since the moment I learned what it is that my father does, Young Hero. You don't have to worry about not treating me properly."

Gazing into the beauty's eyes, Yang Shen's expression returned to normal as he let her waist go and went deeper inside the courtyard while marvelling at how decisive the man known as He Liang was.

Since becoming an ally was a very sensitive topic, the reason He Liang sent his own daughter here was most likely because he wanted to find out who it was that Yang Shen would support before the news was made public.

This way, the one He Liang chooses to support would value him more since they'd think he chose to support them by himself and not because Yang Shen and the Mystic Pill Sect were supporting him as well.

Feeling a slight headache coming on as he realized how much effort his brain would need to put in as long as he was here, Yang Shen at the same time felt a little excited as well since only in these situations could he do something like outwitting the others and enjoy the pleasure of coming out on top and pulling the rug from below someone without them knowing about when he did it.

"Young Hero seems awfully preoccupied with himself to care about me."

Looking towards Lunyi who was following him like an obedient servant despite her status, Yang Shen thought that He Liang sure had a great daughter.

After all, it was questionable regarding how many daughters would do what Lunyi was doing, and that too so well.

Especially given how beautiful she was.

Luscious black hair, a pair of sea green eyes, cherry pink lips, and modest curves decorating her body, all in all, the one known as Lunyi was like a breath of warm air in the midst of an ice covered field.

"Since what you want is to find out who I'm going to support, you only needed to observe me from a distance to find the answer. I doubt someone like you couldn't think of doing that. So tell me, why did you choose to reveal yourself? It can't be that after you saw me, you fell in love with me. Could it?"

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