The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Leave

"As handsome as Young Hero is, I would have decided to do the same even if you were the ugliest person in the world."

"Oh? Do continue."

Raising his eyebrow in surprise, Yang Shen stopped walking around aimlessly and focussed more on what Lunyi was saying.

"Young Hero must be thinking that it was my father who put me up for this." for visiting.

"Isn't that the truth?"

"Not at all."

Shaking her head and causing the frown on Yang Shen's forehead to deepen, Lunyi said, "I made the decision of coming here by myself."

"You did? But wh"

Smiling meaningfully as she looked towards Yang Shen's expression of enlightenment, Lunyi nodded her head and said, "It is exactly how you think."

"In this world, there is no such thing as equality between men and women. Even if we women are stronger than men, none of us are ever truly respected. After all, deep down most of the men see us as nothing more than playthings who exist purely for their amusement."

"And since I don't plan on dying anytime soon, even if the respect I'm given is fake or doesn't belong to me, I'll gladly take it as long as it means I can live a happy life."

"And what better way can I guarantee being given the respect I desire than by proclaiming to be a lover of the great Yang Shen?"

"Even if the one who obtains the throne in the end isn't someone whom you or my father supported, I doubt anyone would dare touch me since it would mean disrespecting the next greatest alchemist."

"In fact, it would be even better if I could have your child. But since I doubt you'd be willing to let such a thing happen, I'm more than happy settling for the status of your lover."

Feeling his heart turn cold as Lunyi revealed the actual truth behind the reason she was here, Yang Shen had to admit that he gravely underestimated the internal politics of those from the royal family and even those related to it.

No, it was actually the fact that Lunyi was a woman which made him underestimate her.

Silently making a note to never do such a thing again, Yang Shen while maintaining the same expression as before asked, "Why reveal all of this to me? Aren't you worried I'll kick you out right away and destroy all of your plans?"

Similar to Yang Shen, Lunyi herself looked completely unfazed as she hid her true feelings and walked closer to him.

Grabbing his hands and placing them on her perky butt, Lunyi wrapped her own arms around his neck.

Ignoring the glaring snake which looked like it would bite her if any part of her touched it, Lunyi said, "Young Hero looks like someone who hates being tricked, so I decided that it was better to reveal the truth before you found out about it by yourself sooner or later."

"As for kicking me out, I doubt Young Hero would throw a pawn like me who could be of use to you away so soon."

"And once you realize how valuable I am, I'm more than sure that you wouldn't mind letting me call myself your lover."

Looking completely expressionless as he hid his perverted desires which wanted to burst out due to how Lunyi was rubbing her crotch against his thigh, Yang Shen now began thinking that women were scarier than men.

After all, other than being able to do everything that men can, they could also use their bodies to try and manipulate their targets making them even more dangerous.

"That will depend on how useful you prove yourself to be. If you are just all talk, I won't hesitate in kicking you out the moment you stop being useful to me."

Smiling as if she knew he would say those words, He Lunyi was about to say something when Yang Shen suddenly said, "Go and welcome my guests."

Nodding her head and getting rid of the seductive look which she wanted to use to climb into the same bed as Yang Shen for the night, Lunyi quickly brought the huge group of people gathered outside his courtyard inside and then to the wide living room.

"If all of you have come here to just stand around, then do continue doing so even after I leave."

"Wait a minute, Yang Shen. If you leave now, Qiao Feng will most likely gather us once again tomorrow. It's better if you just hear him out."

"Okay then. Out with it."

Looking towards Qiao Feng who was standing there as if he was all that mattered, Yang Shen despite wanting to kick him out chose to wait and listen to what nonsense he had to say now.

"I don't care why the Elders chose you as the representative, Yang Shen. If you don't hand over the leadership to me, I'm going to leave the group."

Snorting loudly and raising his head up once he finished speaking, it looked like Qiao Feng was waiting for everyone to break out in loud applause.

Unfortunately, such a thing didn't happen.

Instead, all he received was a single worded reply from Yang Shen.



Chuckling loudly as at how the unimpressed look on Yang Shen's face made the situation even funnier, Lunyi couldn't believe that there was such a stupid Core Disciple.

So what if he left? How would that possibly affect Yang Shen, or even change the fact that he was the representative of the Mystic Pill Sect?

Were the rest of the Core Disciples going to leave along with him?

If that was the case, then things might turn troublesome for Yang Shen. While Lunyi was thinking about such things, Yang Shen said something which left her and the Core Disciples alike stunned.

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