The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Use your mouth

"A massage? That's it?"

Grabbing onto Yang Shen's shoulder even before she finished speaking as if he would regret and change his words, Xia An began using her novice skills to massage his shoulder blades.

"No no, not there. I want a special massage."

"A special massage? What are you"

Interrupting Xia An, Yang Shen said, "Get inside the water first, then I'll tell you what I want."

Surprised at first and then smiling a little, Xia An felt that the Yang Shen in front of her was not even remotely similar with the nervous and obvious virgin whom she interacted with a few weeks back.

Were the two of them even the same persons?

"Alright. Wait a second."

Tying her auburn hair into a knot so that it wouldn't get wet, Xia An got rid of the loose robes she wore and got inside the water.


Three weeks was neither a short nor a long time.

But, was it enough time for a person to completely change?

Maybe it might be enough for the others, but it wasn't enough for Yang Shen.

Having spent almost 18 years living a different life in a different world, there was no way three weeks were enough for him to completely change.

However, that didn't mean that he would stop trying to.

After all, on that day when he shamefully sneaked away from Widow Wang's house, Yang Shen had vowed to himself that never would he ever again not do something just because he didn't have the courage to do so.

And therefore, since he was in a slightly turned on mood right now and wanted to enjoy himself with a woman, Yang Shen was doing his best to hide his fear and nervousness as he continued with the veteran philanderer act. for visiting.

"I'm here. Tell me what you wa!"


Placing a finger on Xia An's beautiful pink lips and silencing her, Yang Shen looked her straight into her vibrant violet eyes and said, "A woman as pretty as you needs to be patient, Sister Xia."

Wrapping his other hand around the woman's slender waist which had zero fat on it, Yang Shen pulled Xia An closer to him with less than a few centimetres of distance separating their bodies.

Executing the Erogenous Beauty Stimulation Massage with the hand that was cupping Xia An's cheek, Yang Shen used the special massage which would turn on any woman.

Be it an experienced woman who could control herself very well, or a nun whose pussy was always dry, regardless of who they were, as long as Yang Shen was given enough time to touch them freely, their pussies would be flowing with so much love nectar that he could water a huge garden with them.


Letting out a small whimper, Xia An couldn't control her own body as her tongue left her mouth and began licking the thumb which was playing with her lips.

"I never knew that you were such a sensitive woman, Sister Xia."

Bringing the woman even closer to him and pressing her bra covered breasts against his chest, Yang Shen whispered into her ear, "Give me your hand."

Trembling a little due to how sensitive her entire body felt right now, Xia An who couldn't even think straight allowed Yang Shen to move her hand.


Yelping out loud as she suddenly felt something big and thick through the palm of the hand Yang Shen was moving, Xia An despite being a virgin knew exactly what it was that she was touching.

"Can you feel how hard it has become, Sister Xia? It's been like this ever since I saw you."

Moving her hand on her own volition after Yang Shen let it go, Xia An slowly wrapped her fingers around the humongous rod and asked, "Does it hurt?"


Almost jumping up to her feet because she received an answer from the male genital she was holding, Xia An's face was covered in a furious blush since she could still feel the cock in her hand pulsing and twitching every once in a while.

"Yes. It hurts a lot, Sister Xia. So please massage it for me."

Nodding her head weakly, Xia An with a heavy breathing tightened her grasp Yang Shen's erect little brother while desperately resisting the urge to speak the thoughts rushing through her head right now,

So big and hot!

Squeezing it a little and then moving her hand up and down on it, Xia An didn't even dare lift her head up due to how embarrassed she was from doing such a thing before her marriage.

Yang Shen on the other hand had his eyes closed and head tilted back as he enjoyed the woman's soft hand wrapped around his dick.

How nice...

Not forgetting to continue massaging Xia An's while he was enjoying himself, Yang Shen opened his eyes to take pleasure in the view as well.

Looking towards his finger which had invaded Xia An's mouth and was entwining with her energetic fragrant tongue, Yang Shen made the woman who looked up by reflex blush even more furiously.

At the same time, a slutty expression was covering Xia An's face which made it evident that she would do almost anything right now.

"Sister Xia, your hand isn't enough to do the job."

Massaging the inside of Xia An's mouth which made her entire body turn even more sensitive, Yang Shen suddenly nibbled on her sexy earlobe as he whispered, "Use your mouth, Sister Xia."

As he said so, Yang Shen was ready to face some refusal and continue with massaging her for a while to finally make her submit to his desires, but unexpectedly she simply nodded her head and even showed some excitement in her eyes.

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