The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Apology

"In fact, not just Qiao Feng. None of you here is required to follow my words. Anyone here that feels discontent with me or my decisions and feel that they'll be better off on their own are more than free to leave and act on their own."

These words weren't something that Yang Shen was saying carelessly. In fact, the words themselves weren't something that belonged to him at all.

Before he came here, Elder Yun had specifically told Yang Shen that even though he was the representative of the Sect, he couldn't make any of his fellow Core Disciples do anything they didn't want to and that everyone was free to do whatever they wanted to do.

Adding on how people like Qiao Feng would only cause trouble for him if he forced them to stay back and do his bidding, Yang Shen had no qualms with him and others like him leaving.

"You Just cause you tell me to leave doesn't mean that I'm going to leave!"

Walking out of the room after he said those words, Qiao Feng caused everyone to marvel at how shameless his actions were.

He was the one who invited everyone here and was now acting as if he was just a bystander who was dragged here. Could he be any more shameless?

At the same time though, most of them could understand why he was behaving that way.

After all, by now all of them knew that there was no one protecting them from the shadows, Therefore, even though all of them were proud of their own statuses and doubted anyone would dare harm them, sticking together was much better than acting by themselves.

Due to this, soon after Qiao Feng left, the others also made their own excuses and began leaving one by one.

"Li Na, stay back for a while. There's something I need to talk to you about."

Asking Li Na to stay back while all of the others left, Yang Shen didn't have to say anything as Lunyi who could read the situation left by herself.

Looking towards Li Na who stood there in silence, Yang Shen didn't waste time by beating around the bush and went straight to the point.

"I want to apologize for what I did."

"You don't have to."

Shaking his head, Yang Shen with the same smile said, "Yes I do."

"Even though I might not have harmed you, you didn't deserve being treated the way I treated you."

"In the beginning, I was just acting like someone I wasn't for fun. But"

Raising her hands and stopping Yang Shen before he continued, Li Na began thinking if maybe this was his fourth personality due to how sincere his words were.

Well, regardless of what it is, she was happy that he was apologizing and that was all that mattered.

"Say no more. You've apologized, and I have accepted it."

"I see."

Nodding his head with a satisfied look as if a huge burden had just been lessened, Yang Shen continued looking towards Li Na who didn't seem like she was done speaking.

"Yup. There wasn't much between us anyway so it won't be hard to get over you."

Raising his eyebrow with a teasing look on his face, Yang Shen asked, "Really? Then what about that kiss?"

"What kiss?"

Obviously not planning to let Li Na act oblivious to the past, Yang Shen said, "The one after which you said, and I quote, 'There there, you don't need to be embarrassed or shy. Big sister's going to take responsibility for you.'"

Looking towards Yang Shen who was saying such words with a straight face, Li Na felt her blood rushing to her face in embarrassment. for visiting.

Glaring towards the one whose lips were curled in a teasing smile that seemed to be taunting her, Li Na slammed her foot and bellowed, "Shameless!"

Once she said that, she immediately turned around and stormed out of the room causing Lunyi, and the maids inside the courtyard to start imagining what it was that happened inside the room.

Chuckling a little as he looked towards Li Na's back, Yang Shen didn't have to wait too long before Lunyi came back inside the room with a knowing smile on her face as if she could guess what it was that happened between him and Li Na.

"If you've got something to say, then say it."

"Not at all, Young Hero. I'm simply in awe at how lucky I am to be your lover."

Not bothering to say anything, Yang Shen simply looked towards Lunyi who looked like she'd strip and spread her legs for him as long as he said a single word.

"Don't Don't look at me like that Young Hero I'm feeling shy."

Rolling his eyes towards the beauty who looked very enticing as she acted like she was feeling shy, Yang Shen felt that he should be more careful around her unless he succumbed to her temptation in a moment of weakness.

"Tell me all about the queens and their kids."

"I've heard that the journey from the Mystic Pill Sect to here is a very long one, therefore I suggest the Young Hero to rest early. I'll explain all about the queens and their kids tomorrow."

Hastily continuing as she saw that Yang Shen was about to frown, Lunyi quickly explained herself so that he wouldn't think that she was undermining his authority or trying to decide what it was that he should do.

"There are a total of nine queens and each of them has at least one kid, therefore I feel that it would be easier to explain about them when we have a lot of time."

Nodding his head after a long while of silently staring towards the nervous Lunyi, Yang Shen said, "Fine."

Sighing in relief, Lunyi upon seeing that Yang Shen wasn't offended by her words and was getting ready to leave quickly added, "I have ordered the maids to prepare countless delicacies for you to eat, Young Hero. While you do that, how about I go and warm your bed?"

"There's no need for that. Go and sleep in your room."

Pursing her lips as she was refused, Lunyi very cutely shook them from side to side causing Yang Shen's heart to flutter at how she looked both erotic and adorable at the same time.

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