The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 171

Chapter 171: A virgin mother?

The dinner was quite extravagant due to the countless types of dishes which covered the table. And therefore, Yang Shen who had a huge appetite didn't feel the slightest bit shy in eating almost everything that was prepared for him.

Following this, he even managed to enjoy a satisfying sleep with no one bothering him the entire time.

The way he was forced to wake up though was the only thing that had him feel a little troubled.

Well, being woken up with a completely naked woman sneaking inside his bed was definitely not a bad way to be woken up.

But due to how eager Lunyi was to obtain the status of his lover, Yang Shen felt that her behaviour would only keep on going out of his hands until it would become hard to bear with her stunts anymore.

At the same time though, he felt that the yearning she had towards achieving what she wanted made the little minx easier for him to use to his benefit.

Yes, little minx.

That was what Yang Shen felt was a more fitting name for Lunyi who seemed tireless in her attempts to have sex with him.

"His Majesty has a total of nine wives, Young Hero."

"Luckily, while most of them are from strong families, none of them are from any of the Great Families due to which each of them more or less wield almost little to none power right now."

"This means that as soon as his Majesty passes away, it will be the princes themselves who will decide who obtains the throne in the end."

"For now, none of the princes have secured any solid alliance with any one or any force worth mentioning But, the Seventh Queen's son possesses an advantage over the others because his uncle is one of the Three Supreme Generals of the Kingdom."

Nodding his head every once in a while towards Lunyi who was following behind him like she really was a servant, Yang Shen only listened to what it was that she said and only spoke when he needed a little more information about a topic.

"The First Queen is Xie Suyin. She has a total of three kids. Two daughters, and one son. Her oldest daughter married someone outside the kingdom and is therefore out of the picture. Her second daughter doesn't have a lot of talent in cultivation and isn't smart either. But she is very beautiful due to which almost everyone knows that she's going to be used to obtain allies through a political marriage. As for her son, who is her third and youngest kid, he in simple terms is a cultivation brute who only thinks about fighting and killing the entire time."

"The Second Queen, Luo Ai only has one daughter due to which she plans on leaving the Kingdom and going as far away as possible as soon as his Majesty passes away since staying here will only be dangerous for her and her child."

"The Third Queen, Zou Mei is the one who the King loved the most before the Sixth Queen entered his life. She's a narrow minded opportunistic woman who respects the strong and bullies the weak. Due to her character, she has countless enemies and no allies at all making it very likely that her son is going to be the first prince who is going to die in the fight for the throne."

"The Fourth Queen is Kong Xiaoli, the only other queen who had no male children. Unlike Luo Ai though, she has no plans of leaving the palace and instead plans to support her daughter who wants to become the first ever female ruler of the Great Song Kingdom. And given Lady Kong Xiaoli's strength, even if she fails to help her daughter become the ruler, everyone is sure that she'll be able to leave this place safely with her daughter."

"She is in the True Qi Realm."

Whispering the cultivation level of the Fourth Queen in a soft voice, Lunyi continued speaking about the remaining queens and their kids.

"The Fifth Queen Chen Yue has two sons both of whom are ambitious and want the throne for themselves. "

"The Sixth Queen Tan Xue is the only queen who comes from no notable background. Due to this, even though she's the one whom the King loved the most, he had to act like it was actually the Third Queen whom he loved the most since the Sixth Queen unlike the others had no power at all. She has only one son, and he's a mama's boy who'll even die for his mother."

"The Seventh Queen Fang Wuying is the sister of one of the Three Supreme Commanders of the Great Song Kingdom. Due to this, it is almost guaranteed that one of the three armies of the kingdom is going to rally behind her sole son in his fight for the throne."

"The Eight Queen Cao Yu has one son and one daughter. Both of whom are exceptionally talented in cultivation and plan on working together to help secure the throne."

"And finally, the Ninth Queen Du Ya. She is the only queen who has no kids at all. But she has a close relationship with the Second Queen due to which she plans on leaving this place secretly along with her."

Nodding his head as he remembered every single word that Lunyi had spoken related to the nine queens and their kids, Yang Shen who planned on going back to his courtyard pointed towards someone with his eyes and asked, "Who's she?" for visiting.


Looking in the direction that Yang Shen discretely pointed her, Lunyi said, "That's the Sixth Queen, Young Hero."

"The Sixth Queen?"

"Yes. Why? Is there some problem, Young Hero?"

Not one to miss the weird look on Yang Shen's face, Lunyi got ready to hear some juicy news related to Tan Xue who was a mystery due to how not much information was known about her.

Unfortunately, Yang Shen didn't say anything else and continued walking while maintaining the same incredulous look on his face.

'Are you sure that she's a virgin, snakey?'

"There's no doubt about it, Master. She's definitely a virgin."

Given how much he trusted Lijuan, Yang Shen didn't question her a second time and instead made a note to pay extra attention to this woman who turned the already complex situation even more complex.

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