The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Arrival of the other Great Sects

It had been around two days since Yang Shen and the rest from the Mystic Pill Sect descended inside the Great Song Kingdom's Capital City, and there was a question which Lijuan was dying to ask her Master.

"Master, there's something I want to ask you."

"How interesting. Since when have you ever asked for my permission to ask a question? The sun hasn't risen from the West has it?"

Ignoring Yang Shen's sarcasm, Lijuan asked him "Why haven't you slept with that girl yet, Master?"


"That girl, Lunyi. Even though she's trying so hard to get in your bed, how come you're not showing even the slightest interest in her?"

Speaking until here, a shy look appeared on the snake's face as she said, "It can't be that you've realized how great I am and love me and only me due to which you've decided to stay faithful to me, right Master?"

"Huh? What nonsense."

Scoffing at Lijuan's words without the slightest hesitation, Yang Shen broke out in a fit of laughter causing the snake to blush even more, this time though it was from embarrassment and not shyness.

"Humph! What a cruel Master this poor little snake has"

Suppressing his laughter as soon as he heard those words, Yang Shen began patting the snake's head and showered her with countless compliments until she stopped pouting.

"The reason I'm not sleeping with Lunyi isn't because of the real reason you are thinking but not speaking. I've simply decided that I'm not going to have sex with every woman I lay my eyes on or just because they are trying to seduce me."

"I see. Does that mean I won't have to see a repeat of you indulging in sex with countless random women like I did inside the Sect, Master?"

"Who knows." for visiting.

Shrugging his shoulders, Yang Shen added, "There's always an exception to everything. And in this case, it will depend on how beautiful the woman or the women are."

Rolling her eyes, Lijuan could only think that once a pervert, always a pervert.


It had to be noted that other than a change in his views, Yang Shen no longer planned on even viewing the System Quests much less try to complete them which would have long back been updated along with the change in his location.


It was because Yang Shen wanted to decide his own fate and not have it decided for him by the system.

Therefore, before Yang Shen felt that his will was strong enough to not be swayed by anything, he didn't plan on completing any of the quests.

The main reason behind this decision of Yang Shen was because other than blaming himself for so easily being manipulated by Zhi Rou, he partly blamed the system for that as well.

After all, since the moment he saw that one of the quests had to do with sleeping with the three female Elders, he viewed Zhi Rou as nothing more than a prey he was going to devour sooner or later.

And it was due to this that he didn't have any sort of defence or vigilance when near her due to which she had an easier job in successfully manipulating him.

At the end of the day though the core problem lied with himself, due to which Yang Shen despite his shamelessness couldn't place the entire blame on the system.


"May I come inside, Young Hero?"

Raising his head and looking towards the door that Lunyi knocked on right now, Yang Shen while continuing to pat the black snake's head said, "Come in."

Opening the door and entering the room with a face full of pride, Lunyi looked like she was waiting for someone to praise her, causing Yang Shen to chuckle a little on the inside.

"What is it?"

"The Disciples from the Vermillion Flame Sect and the Heavenly Tiger Sext have arrived, Young Hero. Including those from the Million Sword Sect who have arrived yesterday, the Core Disciples from the Four Great Sects are now all inside the capital city."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen didn't shy away as he openly said, "Now all we need to wait for is the King to die."

"Is there something else?"

Looking towards Lunyi who while maintaining the same expression didn't show any signs of having finished what she came here to do, Yang Shen didn't have to wait for too long before the beauty spoke again.

"Yes. Here you go, Young Hero."

Handing Yang Shen a rolled-up scroll, Lunyi said, "As per your orders, I've gathered all the information regarding every disciple that has arrived here from the Four Great Sects excluding the Mystic Pill Sect."

"But I have only managed to obtain the cultivation levels of those from the Million Sword Sect. Since those from the Vermillion Flame Sect and the Heavenly Tiger Sect have arrived only today, I'll need some time to obtain their cultivation levels as well."

Nodding his head with a slightly impressed look due to how fast Lunyi was working, Yang Shen opened the scroll and began reading everything written on it without skipping out on even a single word.

After all, not only did the scroll contain the names of the Core Disciples from the other Great Sects, there were many details written on it regarding their personality, what they liked, what they didn't like and so on.

This was because like someone great from Yang Shen's previous world said, If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

And right now, everyone other than himself was either already an enemy or had the possibility to become one.

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