The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Doctor Yang Shen?

"Lunyi, I want you to look into the Sixth Queen's background. Find out as much as you can about her before and after marrying the King."


Looking towards Lunyi who was hesitating a little as if he just asked her to bring a dead person back to life, Yang Shen asked, "Is there some problem?"

"Sigh Yes."

Once again observing her surroundings, Lunyi whispered near Yang Shen's ear so that no one else would be able to hear what she was about to say.

"On the very day that the Sixth Queen was first brought inside the palace, an Imperial Decree was written by the King that if anyone tried to dig into Lady Tan Xue's past, they'd be charged with treason and executed right away regardless of who it is."


"Yes. In the beginning everyone came up with countless possibilities for His Majesty to do such a thing, but no one dared to speak their thoughts out loud due to what would happen to them if they did."

"Does that mean it's impossible for even you to find out about her? And here I was thinking that you were finally starting to prove yourself useful." for visiting.

"Well it isn't really impossible for me"

Despite feeling a lot less hesitant than before after hearing Yang Shen's words, Lunyi still seemed to be conflicted on what to do due to which she said, "If someone learns that I'm looking into lady Tan Xue's past, then"

"Then nothing is going to happen. With the king on his deathbed, do you think anyone has time to care about something like this? Also before you forget, your father is the one who is responsible for carrying out all the punishments in place of the king who cannot wake up. So even if someone catches you and wants to hold you responsible, He Liang is definitely not going to punish you."

Showing a look of enlightenment on her face, Lunyi said, "If I do this, will the Young Hero reward me by making me your lover?"

"Focus on the work and not the reward, Lunyi."

"Humph! Fine. But it'll take some time."

"No worries, just make sure that the information is accurate."

Looking towards Tan Xue who looked the same as always, Lunyi began thinking why Yang Shen was showing so much interest in her.

Even though Tan Xue was beautiful, Lunyi didn't think that the Sixth Queen could compare to her in appearance. Therefore, it can't be that Yang Shen is attracted to the queen when he constantly pushes her away.

In that case, was there something about Tan Xue that she and the others didn't know about but Yang Shen did?

Oblivious to the fact that Yang Shen was simply trying to see if his gut feeling was true or not and thinking that maybe he was speaking due to possessing concrete evidence, Lunyi in her process of investigating would soon discover something that could be considered as the biggest conspiracy inside the Great Song Kingdom.

"Sigh I hate the fact that my own fame ruined all of my plans."

"If you want to say something like this in the future, make sure you have an expression that goes along with your words, Master."

Touching his own face off of which he couldn't wipe the grin away, Yang Shen had to admit that even though he didn't manage to obtain any of the information he'd like to have, the huge amount of attention he received from all the women that attended the banquet sure made him feel good.

"And here I was thinking that you've changed, Master."

"Changed? Of course I've changed, snakey. If it was the previous me, I most likely would have had sex with at least five women by now."

Rolling her eyes, Lijuan could only marvel at how the 'change' her Master was talking about seemed to very conveniently benefit him regardless of when she questioned him about it.

"Young Hero Yang Shen! Please wait!"

Turning his head and looking towards the direction in which the sound came from, Yang Shen soon saw a voluptuous silhouette making its way towards him through the darkness of the night.

'The Seventh Queen?'

While surprised at who it was that was approaching him, Yang Shen went back to showing the same warm smile as before and waited for the beauty to come near him.

After all, unlike how anxious the look on her face was, Fang Wuying was walking very slowly and maintaining the dignity of her status.

Due to this, Yang Shen while waiting for her to come near him could take his own sweet time in carefully observing her appearance.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows, black eyes, graceful facial features, supple white skin, and finally so many ornaments decorating her long black tied up hair that she seemed to be walking proof that women sure loved jewellery.

Dressed in white robes with golden patterns on them, Fang Wuying looked like a fairy under the bright light of the full moon.

"Seventh Queen, is there something you need from me?"

"Yes! I really need your help, Young Hero!"

"Okay, okay. But first calm down a little, Seventh Queen."

Following Yang Shen instructions whose words had a sort of hypnotizing effect on her, Wuying took a few deep breaths and made the exposed part of her breasts move up and down.

"Now, tell me what it is that's troubling you, Seventh Queen."

"I'm I'm suffering from an illness that I want you to cure, Young Hero!"

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