The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Wuyings situation and fantasy

"Cure you? I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific, Seventh Queen."

Nodding her head from having expected this, Wuying asked him, "Can we go somewhere private first, Young Hero?"

"Sure. Where would you like to go, Seventh Queen?"

"Ummm.. If you are fine with it, can we go to your courtyard, Young Hero? I don't want anyone to find out about my illness."

Simply nodding his head after which he began leading her in the direction that his courtyard was at, Yang Shen while continuing to maintain a warm look on his face was pushing his brain to the limits to figure out what it was that this woman really wanted from him. for visiting.


While Alchemists and Doctors were two completely different professions, similar to Doctors, Alchemists were also capable of treating illnesses and saving lives.

It was just that the way they did so was different.

Unlike Doctors who used acupuncture, medicines, and sometimes even their own Qi, Alchemists only used their pills to treat a patient.

That is, after understanding what the problem was, they'd concoct the pill which could treat the problem and get rid of it.

Due to this, it wasn't uncommon to see an Alchemist and a Doctor working together to heal a patient.

But very few Alchemists would stray from their original path and choose to become someone who purely concocted pills to heal patients since quite a lot of them became Alchemists to earn a lot of money and Doctors earned very little in comparison to them.

Therefore, the moment Yang Shen heard Wuying call him a doctor and asked him to heal her, he felt that maybe something was wrong since with her status there should be no shortage in the number of royal doctors she could consult.

"Wait a second, Seventh Queen. I'll have the maids go to their quarters so that none of them sees you."

Bending her head forward, Wuying said, "I apologize for the trouble I'm putting you through, Young Hero."

Waving his head, Yang Shen with a bright smile said, "This is no trouble, Seventh Queen. Please wait a minute."

Going inside his courtyard and having the maids leave and go inside their quarters, Yang Shen went back outside and invited Wuying inside.

"Is this place fine, Seventh Queen?"

"Ummm I'd really prefer someplace more private like.like your bedroom"

Narrowing his eyes as he heard those words, Yang Shen felt that it was even more likely that all of this was some sort of a scheme or a trap.

But the look on Wuying's face seemed so genuine that Yang Shen didn't know what to think.

That's why he chose to depend on his most trusted companion, Lijuan.

'Hey snakey, is there someone around the courtyard? Or some sort of recording artifact on her body?'

"Nope and nope. But the woman has a little too much Yin Qi inside her body. It seems like she came in contact with some Yin rich herb and consumed it without proper consideration. If I'm not wrong, that must be the cause of the illness she is talking about and wants you to cure."

'So she really is suffering from an illness.'

"Well, you can't really call it an illness, Master. It's better to call her condition as a side effect of consuming the herb in the word way. The side effects should disappear soon enough by themselves, and consuming Yang rich herbs will speed up the process as well."

Once Lijuan finished speaking, Yang Shen who no longer had any questions regarding Wuying's intentions invited her into his room without any hesitation.

"Now then, since we are alone and couldn't be in a more private place, can the Seventh Queen elaborate the reason you sought me out?"


Sitting on one of the chairs around the small table inside the room, Wuying took a deep breath before beginning to explain why he sought him out.

"Since the past few months, everytime I sleep it feels as if needles made of ice are piercing me all over my body. But as soon as I wake up, the sensation disappears as if it never existed in the first place."

"However I'm sure that this isn't just my imagination Young Hero. Since the first time I felt that way, I've never once managed to sleep properly during the nights because I feel the same way every time."

"Please heal me, Young Hero!"

Nodding his head with a serious look as if he was thinking about what the illness could be, despite knowing everything about it, Yang Shen asked her, "Why come to me for this, Seventh Queen? Couldn't you have one of the palace's royal doctors take a look at you? In terms of healing someone, they are much more experienced than me."

"I.. I can't"

Shaking her head wryly, Wuying said, "The current situation is something where I can't reveal any sign of weakness. If I do, it'll be my own son who's affected by it and find it harder to obtain strong and capable allies."

"As for why I came to you It's because Young Hero is a kind person who wouldn't take advantage of my situation like the others out there."

'And also because I've found you very attractive since the moment I first laid my eyes on you, you handsome hunk.'

Not speaking the second sentence out loud, Wuying began hoping for Yang Shen to say something like he could cure her but she had to use her body to pay him for his effort.

Because that way she could both have a hot and steamy affair with a handsome young man and at the same time not feel too guilty about cheating on her dying husband.

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