The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Full Body Examination

As someone that was born in a strong family, Wuying very well knew the risks she ran from revealing her current situation to others. Especially to outsiders whom she had no way of controlling.

But despite all of this, the woman still did what she did for two reasons.

One, the strange illness of her was turning worse by the day due to which it was impossible for her to continue living without having it treated. And two, if someone was going to end up taking advantage of her, she'd rather it be the handsome Yang Shen who made her heart flutter and not anyone else. for visiting.

Looking towards Wuying whose expression was revealing all of her thoughts, Lijuan didn't know if she should scold her or pity her.

'What chivalrous and kind man? Just one look at him was enough to just one look.ahhh forget about it.'

Having never really expected for Yang Shen to really stop sleeping with women, Lijuan was just happy with the fact that he wasn't sleeping with every woman he laid his eyes on.


If it was the old Yang Shen, he definitely would have said some cliche dialogue like she had to pay him for his efforts with her body. But the new one didn't plan on doing such a thing.

Instead, with the same warm expression he said, "I'll try to do my best to heal you, Seventh Queen. But I cannot make any promises before finding out more about your illness."

Nodding her head, while feeling disappointed that Yang Shen wasn't the kind of devil who hid behind a chivalrous facade like she hoped for him to be, Wuying at the same time found him even more attractive since such gentlemen weren't easy to find in this day and age.

After all, with the information he now possessed on her, the Seventh Queen knew that he could blackmail her into doing anything he wanted. But since he wasn't doing any such thing, this just proved that he was an honourable man just like he looked.

"Before I can try and heal you, I'll first need to figure out what your illness actually is, Seventh Queen."

"Based on what you've said, I have an idea regarding what it might be that you are being troubled with, Seventh Queen. But I will need to examine your body before I can confirm that the illness you are suffering from is what I think it is. Are you fine with that?"

As soon as she heard the words 'examine her body', Wuying right away understood what it was that Yang Shen wanted to do.

And if it was someone else instead of him, she'd have him captured immediately for daring to say such words.

However, given how he behaved until now, Wuying just couldn't bring herself to doubt his intentions.

Therefore, after a few moments of hesitation she nodded her head and very slowly started to undress.

Beginning with the ornaments she wore, which by themselves took almost half an hour due to the fact that most of them were decorating her hair and therefore needed to be carefully pulled out, Wuying soon got rid of her robes as well and stood in front of Yang Shen in just her underwear.

Looking towards Wuying who was standing in front of him in just her bra and panties, Yang Shen despite having seen his own share of various types of female underwear since his arrival in this world couldn't believe that such a type of intimate garments could exist.

With almost every inch of the fabric hiding the woman's breasts and crotch covered in countless precious gems, Wuying proved that her love for shiny things was at a completely different level in comparison to that of other women.

Blushing a little as she noticed Yang Shen paying attention to her underwear which she had specially made for herself, Wuying began fidgeting a little as she unconsciously raised her hands and used them to block his view of her bra and panties.

Smiling a little at how even a queen looked like an embarrassed young lady, Yang Shen quickly hid his real feelings and continued to act like he was the most noble doctor who wasn't concerned with the pleasures of flesh.

"Please lie on the bed, Seventh Queen."

Nodding her head weakly, Wuying swiftly got on the bed in hopes of feeling a little less embarrassed.

It was too bad once Yang Shen walked near her and began observing her body from the top to bottom, Wuying upon realized that right now she couldn't move around like she wanted to felt even more embarrassed than before.

And along with the embarrassment, Wuying actually felt a little turned on as well due to the countless perverted fantasies her mind was coming up with.

"I'll get started with examining your body, Seventh Queen."


Nodding her head, Wuying didn't know if she should look in some other direction or close her eyes due to how much more embarrassed she became from Yang Shen speaking what he was going to do out loud.

No matter how good Yang Shen became at hiding his true feelings and controlling his emotions, looking towards the exotic beauty that was lying on his bed caused his dick to start turning erect.

Therefore, he no longer wasted time and stretched his hands to start 'examining' Wuying's body.

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