The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 177 2

Chapter 177: Full Body Examination Part 2

Since he was acting as if he was a doctor, Yang Shen didn't plan on skipping straight to sex and instead planned on raking in all the fun of being a doctor who had a sexy female patient lying on the examination table.

Using two of his fingers, Yang Shen touched Wuying's flat stomach and pressed against it as if he really was examining her body.


Quivering from the gentle probing touch which was unlike anything else she felt until now, Wuying's breathing turned a little harder.

Touching all over Wuying's belly, Yang Shen moved onto her arms and after that her legs.

But unlike her arms, Yang Shen didn't just touch her legs for formality and instead focussed quite a lot of his attention on them.

Moving from the bottom up, Yang Shen's movements drastically slowed down once he crossed her knees and approached her thicc thighs.

"When you experience the ice needles pricking you, is there any place in particular that you feel more pain at, Seventh Queen?"

"Haaa. Yes Ar...Around my waist."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen used both of his hands to gently squeeze the sexy thighs and asked her, "How do you feel now? Do you feel any pain?"



Squeezing a little harder as his hands moved higher up as well, Yang Shen who continuously received no for an answer soon found his hands wrapped around the woman's inner thighs and less than a few inches away from the panty clad crotch.

In fact, by now Yang Shen's fingers had stroked the gem covered fabric so many times that Wuying no longer even dared to look at him and got ready for him to remove her panty and invade her pussy.

Unfortunately, such a thing didn't happen.

Stopping himself before his hands directly touched Wuying's pussy, Yang Shen moved a lot higher up and arrived near the beauty's head.

"Please open your mouth, Seventh Queen."

"Huh Okay."

Following Yang Shen's instructions while filled with disappointment that he didn't pay attention to her soaking pussy, Wuying had just opened her mouth when she felt a pair of fingers enter it.

Looking towards Yang Shen whose face was covered in a serious expression, Wuying felt that maybe this was just another way that doctors examined their patients.

Pressing his fingers against the beauty's tongue, Yang Shen soon started exploring the insides of her mouth by entwining his fingers with her tongue, gently tugging on it, and so on.


Trying her best to hide her moans, which was very hard to do so due to her mouth being open, Wuying couldn't believe how this 'examination' was only making her feel more turned on by the second.

In fact, by now she was filled with fear of what would happen if Yang Shen looked at her panties because she could feel that they were soaked in the juices which escaped her pussy despite how hard she was trying to keep the gates shut.

Nodding his head every once in a while as if he discovered something new, Yang Shen stopped playing with Wuying's mouth after a while and said, "Please remove your bra, Seventh Queen."


While letting out a surprised yelp at what Yang Shen wanted her to do, given how he spoke those words with a straight face she didn't remain hesitant for too long and began doing so as he told her. for visiting.

Sitting up and removing the strapless bra, Wuying with a red face exposed the pair of voluptuous breasts which continued to defy gravity even without any support.

Gazing at the pair of proud peaks and the beautiful pink nipples which were decorating them, Yang Shen did his best to continue looking the same as before as he cupped them in his hands and then used them to push Wuying back into a lying position.

Feeling her pussy turn even more wet as a man that wasn't her husband touched her breasts, Wuying who saw the serious look on Yang Shen's face felt even more embarrassed from thinking that she was the pervert who was getting turned on from a simple examination.

Not letting go of the soft breasts even after he pushed Wuying back flat on the bed, Yang Shen started squeezing and poking them as if he really was examining them like a doctor and not a pervert.

Using two of his fingers to pinch both the nipples at the same time and enjoy the conflicted look on Wuying's face who seemed to be ashamed from feeling pleasure at such a time, Yang Shen asked her, "How do you feel, Seventh Queen? Any pain?"


Weakly shaking her head, Wuying couldn't help it as her lips parted and began taking in deep breaths to confine the pleasure she was feeling inside her and not let it come out in the form of moans.

Grinning on the inside as he continued playing with Wuying's nipples, Yang Shen first tugged on them before rubbing them in between his fingers and causing the woman's body to tremble the entire time.

"Please remove your panty as well, Seventh Queen."

"My panty as well? Is Can I"

Interrupting Wuying, Yang Shen said, "I'm only doing this in hopes of finding out the illness you are suffering from, Seventh Queen. If you aren't comfortable with it, I can stop at any time."

Gritting her teeth as she heard Yang Shen mention her illness, Wuying who really didn't want to continue bearing the strange pricking pains anymore got off of the bed and began removing the last piece of fabric on her body.

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