The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Physical test

While removing her panty, Wuying once again began thinking that maybe this was it. This was when Yang Shen would reveal his true colours and ravage her like a beast.

But even after she stepped out of her panties and exposed what was hidden behind it, Yang Shen continued looking the same way as if he was looking at a doll and not a naked woman causing Wuying to start doubting herself.

Did she have a twisted personality due to which her head was continuously inside the gutter, or was her body not sexy enough to excite someone like Yang Shen?

Thinking such things, Wuying was about to get back on the bed with a depressed look when Yang Shen stopped her.

"For the next few tests, you'll need to do the things I tell you to do, Seventh Queen. Therefore, it's better if you remain standing."

Saying so, Yang Shen sat on the bed while facing her as she replied, "Okay."

"It's only some simple physical tests to see if the illness is affecting any of your physical capabilities."

Speaking as if to assure Wuying that the tests won't be hard, Yang Shen continued by saying, "Please stand erect, legs together and arms at your sides."

"From now on, everytime I snap my fingers I want you to jump as high as possible without using any Qi and stretch your legs wide while at the same time moving your arms above your head."

"When I snap my fingers again, you can come back to the current position. Please continue alternating your postures until I tell you stop, Seventh Queen."

Nodding her head, though Wuying felt that something was off since she never heard of any doctor examining their patient like this, she didn't say anything since she didn't feel as if the test was too hard or going too far.

It was a simple jumping related test which she would easily ace.

Thinking such things, Wuying stood as straight as possible and proudly showed off her breasts and waited for Yang Shen to snap his fingers.

Not making the beauty wait too long, Yang Shen snapped his fingers and watched Wuying start moving the very exact second.

Jumping high and causing her breasts to jiggle non stop even after her feet landed on the floor once again, Yang Shen almost forgot that he needed to snap his fingers again as he continued gazing at the erotic scene in front of him.

Snap! Jiggle!

Snap! Jiggle!

Snap! Jiggle!

Snap! Jiggle!

Snap! Jiggle!

Snapping his fingers constantly and decreasing the time between the snaps, Yang Shen soon enough got to witness a completely naked woman doing her best to perform jumping jacks in front of him.

This was also when Wuying finally realized how wrong her thoughts were.

Looking towards her breasts which shook as if there was no tomorrow everytime she followed Yang Shen's instruction, the queen was so embarrassed that she wanted to crawl inside a hole and never come out of it again.

Still, she didn't stop moving her body since along with the embarrassment, a peculiar pleasure and satisfaction was coursing through her body.

With her pussy trembling and releasing more juices by the second from the humiliating pleasure she was enjoying, the woman would only later realize that her thighs were covered in the love juices which seeped out of her nether region.

"You can stop now, Seventh Queen."

Making Wuying stop despite wanting to have her do the same forever, Yang Shen was filled with excitement from thinking how she would look when performing his next 'test'.

"This is the last test before we continue with your examination, Seventh Queen."

Continuing to speak before Wuying could say anything, Yang Shen started giving her the instructions for the final test. for visiting.

"I want you to stand with your legs spread wide and your arms behind your back. Just like before, everytime I snap my fingers please squat as low as possible and remain in the same way until I snap my fingers again."

Not waiting to let Wuying think things through, Yang Shen snapped his fingers and forced the beauty to quickly do as he said.

Unlike before, the woman's breasts didn't jiggle so much. But, the scene in front of Yang Shen's eyes was even more erotic than before.

In fact, it was so erotic that Yang Shen wasn't satisfied with just observing from a distance.

Standing up, Yang Shen approached the squatting beauty and lowered himself until his face was right in front of the embarrassed queen's face at which point he snapped his fingers and allowed her to go back to the standing position.

When she did though, Wuying felt even more embarrassed because right now Yang Shen's face was very close to her pussy which didn't even have any sort of protection since she was the kind who'd always get rid of her pubic hair.

"Spread your legs wider, Seventh Queen."

Using his hands to push the woman's legs further away and in turn causing her pussy lips to part a little and reveal a little of the pink insides, Yang Shen brazenly breathed straight onto it and made Wuying start trembling madly.

After all, she never thought that something as simple as someone's breathing could turn her on, but everytime Yang Shen's hot breath tickled her pussy, it felt as if sparks were going inside her. And those sparks of lust were not going to be put out before she orgasmed at least a few dozen times.

Therefore, Wuying soon stopped caring about the examination and even her illness as well and instead just wanted Yang Shen to be finished as soon as possible so that she could go back to her courtyard and masturbrate her brains out.

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