The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Special tool for deeper exploration

"I see"

Nodding his head seriously as if he was up to something other than satisfying his perverted fantasy, Yang Shen stood up and said, "You can lie down on the bed, Seventh Queen."


Speaking softly, Wuying despite trying hard couldn't control her breathing at all. After all, she was right now so turned on that all she wanted was to orgasm like there was no tomorrow.

If not for her dignity as a queen holding her back, it was very likely that she would have thrust her fingers inside her pussy and began fingering herself as if her life depended on it.

Lying on the bed with a red face, Wuying by now no longer knew what the thing known as embarrassment was.

With everything that she had done since the moment she entered this room, as soon as Yang Shen told her to spread her legs, she did so without any question or hesitation.

Lost in her own world of fantasies, Wuying was forcibly brought back to reality when she felt something entering her pussy.

Looking down towards Yang Shen who was positioned near her crotch in between her legs which were spread wide, Wuying remembered him having said something about 'examining her insides' when she was lost in her obscene imagination.

By now, no matter how much trust Wuying had in Yang Shen due to how he behaved, she would be an idiot to not know what it was that he was doing.

And since she wasn't one, she could stop him whenever she wanted to.

However, given how turned on she was, Wuying not only didn't stop him but all of a sudden grabbed his wrist and pulled it towards her in the process of which the three fingers inside her moved even deeper inside her.

"Ughhh. Yessss."

Letting out a satisfied moan as her pussy which was craving for some attention finally obtained what it was that she wanted, Wuying was so enjoying herself that she said, "Please Please examine my insides even deeper."

"If that is what the Seventh Queen wishes, this one has no choice but to comply."

Speaking as if he was committing the world's biggest sacrifice and making the spectating black snake to roll her eyes and look away, Yang Shen added, "However, my fingers aren't long enough to do the job. I'll need to use a special tool to explore deeper. Is the Seventh Queen fine with it?"

"Yes! YES! Use it quickly!"

Having not yet lost all of her rationality, Wuying knew what the special tool Yang Shen was talking about and therefore couldn't be any more eager for it to enter her. for visiting.

Smirking a little, Yang Shen who finished having his share of fun by acting as a doctor stopped with the act.

Getting rid of his robes in a flash, Yang Shen similar to Wuying was completely naked and his erect rod immediately began poking at the woman's soft thighs.

Using his hand to properly position the head of his dick in front of the cave's entrance, Yang Shen grabbed onto Wuying's breasts and used them to pull himself forward.


Ramming his dick deep inside Wuying in a single go, Yang Shen was once again reminded the pleasure and satisfaction that could only be obtained from having sex with beautiful women.

Squeezing the pair of plump breasts tightly and leaving faint marks of his fingers on them, Yang Shen pulled his waist back before once again plunging his dick inside her.

Repeating the same action and entering a rhythmic pistoning state, with every thrust of his Yang Shen's shaft reached deeper inside Wuying.

"Mmmm godddd. It feels so goooooddddd..."

Moaning loudly due to how nice the insides of her warm cave felt under the constant assault of the behemoth that was shaping her pussy into its own shape, Wuying stretched her arms and hugged Yang Shen.

Touching his strong back all over, Wuying felt that it was too bad she only had two hands since she couldn't touch those sexy abs of Yang Shen at the same time.

Moving his hands away from the soft breasts and grabbing the queen's waist instead, Yang Shen thrust his waist many times harder than before and rammed the head of his dick against the entrance of Wuying's womb.

"Ughhhh.. Godddddd!!!"

Screaming loudly as her eyes threatened to roll back, Wuying didn't know what got into her as she wrapped her legs around his back and tightened them.

After all, it was due to that action of her that Yang Shen's body was brought even closer to her own and the dick inside her obtained the push it needed to make its way inside her forbidden region.


Feeling as if she orgasmed a hundred times in that instant that the huge rod entered her womb, Wuying felt her entire world turn blank as the biggest orgasm of her life assaulted her entire body.

Twitching nonstop under Yang Shen's body, Wuying looked like she was going to faint at any second from how obscene and on the edge her face looked while she was orgasming.

Still, even at such a time, Wuying who hadn't had sex in at least fifteen years didn't lose her consciousness and instead said, "Harder Fuck me harder! And... Haaaaaa.. And don't stop even if I faint Young Hero!!!!"

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