The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Level up! Level up! Level up!

Understanding Xia An's silent woes even though she didn't explicitly describe them, Yang Shen didn't force her even though his dick was screaming for round two.

After all, as much as he would love to satisfy himself, Yang Shen knew that there was no reason to rush things.

So what if today was his first time? It wasn't his last time!

Even though Yang Shen who finally tasted what sex felt like didn't want to stop and turn all of his fantasies into reality right away, he didn't plan on making Xia An suffer from his desires.

Hugging Xia An and rolling around so that he was on his back and she was on top of him, with her face resting on his chest, Yang Shen used his fingers to move the stray hair sticking to her forehead and tucked them behind her ear.

At the same time, he found the thin layer of sweat on her skin very enticing and attractive.

"You are so selfish, little brother. You filled me up with so much semen aren't you worried that I'll become pregnant?"

Rolling his eyes, Yang Shen didn't bother behaving pettily and tell her that she wanted him to cum inside her.

Instead, he tightened his grasp on her waist and said, "It's best if you get pregnant. I always wanted to find out what breast milk tastes like."

"Humph! You really are a pervert!"

Speaking in a chiding tone, Xia An nestled her head deeper inside Yang Shen's embrace allowing him to further enjoy how nice it felt with her plentiful breasts being pressed up against his chest.

Embracing Xia An on the massage table for a while, Yang Shen carried her weak body inside her house which was right behind the bathhouse. Sharing a long kiss with her, Yang Shen finally made his way back to his own house.

By now Yang Shen had noticed a symbol continuously flashing in the corner of his eyes.

Seems like while he was immersed in having sex with Xia An, he had received many notifications but the system behaved smartly and didn't disturb them.

Not eager to see all the notifications he received, Yang Shen waited until he had locked his door and sat on his creaky old bed before finally clicking on the flashing symbol.

[Quest Receive a blowjob has been completed!]

[Obtained 1000 XP and 8 points!]

[Detected the host has slept with a woman!]

[One time special reward of 2000 XP, 50 points, and one Lucky Draw has been given out to congratulate and motivate the host!]

[Obtained 5 Points from having sex with Xia An!] for visiting.

Reading the five lines of text, Yang Shen pulled up his status and saw that his XP had crossed the threshold of 10000.

Seeing this, Yang Shen who was already feeling as if he was on cloud nine felt even happier and looked towards the upgrade button behind his cultivation with a fiery gaze.

Stretching his hand and clicking on the button decisively even though his thoughts were all that he needed to select it, Yang Shen saw the XP requirement to increase his cultivation jump from 200 to 400.

At the same time his own cultivation which was in the Skin Samsara Realm change to the Muscle Forming Realm.

Huh? My cultivation increased but I don't feel any diff!

Even before Yang Shen's thoughts could be completed, he felt that the Qi around him turn violent and enter his body which was more than happy to absorb all of it.

But after it entered him, the Qi didn't stay there and instead left as soon as it entered him.

The impact of what happened after it entered his skin though didn't disappear along with it.

With minute black particles escaping his skin first, Yang Shen felt a warmth spread all over his body from the inside of him. As soon as the warmth reached his skin, Yang Shen's eyes turned wide as a layer of it began falling off.

Quickly getting rid of his clothes which were already stained with impurities, Yang Shen watched as his skin turned brighter than before after the top most layer of it had turned into pieces and covered the floor under him.

At the same time, his skin hadn't just turned more attractive to look at, but felt more elastic and strong as well.

Seeing all of this, Yang Shen's eyes turned even brighter since he could feel that his whole body had grown stronger than before.

Clicking the upgrade once again, Yang Shen didn't even wait until the sensation of breakthrough was completed before clicking on it again and again with a crazed look in his eyes.

After all, why won't he?

Even though the sensation of breakthrough couldn't compare with that of cumming inside a woman, it was special in its own way.

Stopping after the upgrade button had greyed out, Yang Shen stopped screaming 'Level up' on the inside as well.

Similarly, the moment Yang Shen realized that he could no longer increase his cultivation, the cumulative sensation of all the breakthroughs arrived at the same time.

Along with vast amounts of Qi entering his body as if it was a black hole and then quickly exiting it, Yang Shen ignored the black particles exiting his body and focussed on how he was growing stronger continuously.

His muscles were filled with more power, his bones felt as if they were made of iron, and he felt his blood as a whole increase in quality after his marrow had gone through cleansing from Qi.

All in all, Yang Shen was not only filled with a lot of power, but he felt very energetic as well.

Clenching his hands and flexing his muscles, Yang Shen felt that he was at least six, if not seven times stronger than he was before.

And this was purely the increase in his physical strength! Matters such as perception, reflexes, speed, and so on could only be found out about in the future as he began using his body to its full potential.

Punching the air, though Yang Shen failed to hear the sound of air snapping, but he felt satisfied from the audible whoosh sound his fist made when travelling through the air.

Grabbing some of his old clothes to wipe the black particles sticking to his skin, Yang Shen found that there was no way to wash himself clean before the bathhouses opened in the morning.

But that wasn't what he was concerned about right now. All of his focus was on the greyed out upgrade button beside his cultivation.

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