The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Seven lucky draws!

[Yang Shen

Age: 18

Race: Human

Bloodline: None

Cultivation: Level 1 Qi Gathering Realm (XP: 7,250/1,200)

Cultivation Technique: Primordial Nine Suns Technique (Incomplete) (Proficiency: 100%)

Battle Skills: None

Special Techniques: The Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique (Proficiency: 73%)

Points: 186]

Turns out that Yang Shen had greatly overestimated the amount of XP needed to upgrade, or level up his cultivation.

Against all of his expectations, Yang Shen didn't need two times the XP for every consecutive breakthrough.

200, 400, 600, 800, and 1000. Altogether, 3000 XP. That was all that Yang Shen had spent to increase his cultivation all the way from nothing to the Qi Gathering Realm!

In comparison to the 6200 XP he guessed he would need, 3000 was less than half of it. But in that case, why did Yang Shen look more sad than happy?

Putting aside how shocked and marvelled he was at the consecutive breakthroughs and increase in strength, there was something on his mind which was filling him with worry.

The reason was the upgrade button which was greyed out despite the XP he possessed being more than enough to fill the XP bar many times over!

Why was he not able to increase his cultivation then?

Pondering in silence for a while, Yang Shen shivered a little from the cold breeze tickling his exposed dick.

Putting on some clothes now, Yang Shen's eyes spotted a specific word beside his cultivation technique.

Primordial Nine Suns Technique (Incomplete)

If he wasn't wrong, the system showed that there were a total of four different manuals all the way till Part 4.

In that case, could it be that the Part 1 only covered until the peak of Dantian Opening Realm?

Nodding his head, Yang Shen cross-checked with his understanding of the technique and realized his thoughts were correct.

At the same time, he looked towards his points and felt a headache coming up.

With how it cost 10,000 points to purchase the second part of the technique, how many years would he have to spend accumulating enough points to purchase it?

Smiling wryly and putting the topic aside for now which would do nothing but make him feel despair, Yang Shen focussed on the notifications he received after every breakthrough.

After all, since he now knew that the system wasn't broken or anything and would still let him increase his cultivation after he obtained a cultivation manual for the Qi Stages of Cultivation, Yang Shen felt that now was the time to focus on other things instead of wasting his time making random conjectures.

[Host has broken through the Skin Samsara Realm! Rewarding 1 Lucky Draw!]

[Host has broken through the Muscle Forming Realm! Rewarding 1 Lucky Draw!]

[Host has broken through the Marrow Cleansing Realm! Rewarding 1 Lucky Draw!]

[Host has broken through the Bone Forging Realm! Rewarding 1 Lucky Draw!]

[Host has broken through the Dantian Opening Realm! Rewarding 1 Lucky Draw!]

[Host has broken through the Qi Gathering Realm! Rewarding 1 Lucky Draw!]

Having noticed one notification arrive every time he clicked on the upgrade button, Yang Shen opened his inventory to see a bright and colourful wheel inside one of the countless empty boxes. And along with it, there was a (7x) written in one corner of the box, indicating that there were six of them.

Seven? Ah yes!

Remembering that he received one more from the system as a gift for sleeping with a woman for the first time, Yang Shen no longer wasted any time and selected it.

As soon as Yang Shen confirmed that he wanted to use the Lucky Draw, he immediately found a huge illusionary circle appearing in front of him.

Sharing the circle were a total of fifty colours, and each of them had different words written on them. for visiting.

Starting with the pale and boring white to the glorious and shiny gold, Yang Shen learnt that the rewards seemed to be increased in level along with the brightness of the colour.

With Alchemy Pill Failure Dust was written on the white part, and the Dragon's Mark was written on the golden part, the rewards in between them were ranging from something as simple as a common spear, to a rare and special pill which could turn him invisible!

Looking towards the floating start button which would make the arrow start spinning and randomly stop on one of the fifty options available to it, Yang Shen didn't bother wasting much time and willed his mind to start the lucky draw.

After all, he was sure that everything in the end depended on his luck and therefore no amount of thinking would do him any good.

Following the rotating arrow, Yang Shen saw that one of the rewards he could obtain was actually the Primordial Nine Suns Technique Part 2!

And this 10,000 Points worth of item wasn't even the best reward!

In fact, it was nowhere even close to being considered as the best reward with how many sections there were in between it and the jackpot prize.

As for how Yang Shen knew that the gold colour represented the jackpot, it was because the system was more than gracious enough to give him an explanation of how the lucky draw worked and which colour represented the jackpot in a floating screen of text beside the lucky draw wheel.

If not for that, how could Yang Shen possibly know that something known as the Dragon's Mark was the best reward of them all?

Watching the arrow start slowing down after completing at least three whole revolutions, Yang Shen's eyes turned sharper than before as if he would find out where the arrow would stop even before it did.

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