The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Teach me how to fight!

As important as it was to possess a solid foundation and a strong cultivation, being able to use it properly was just as important, if not even more important.

For example, consider what would happen if a young boy who never even shot a pistol was given the top of the line sniper rifle.

Would he be able to shoot whatever he wanted accurately by utilizing the gun to its full potential?

Obviously not.

In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if he ended up shooting himself, or fell down due to not even being able to handle the weight of the rifle.

Yang Shen's own situation was similar to that.

He might not have known it before due to his naive and baseless arrogance, but after the reality check he received, he no longer denied that he made a huge mistake.

Luckily, his mistake could still be rectified because he was yet to interact with Qi and learn to control it due to which everything would be fine as long as he learned to properly control his strong body.

But to do that, Yang Shen would not be able to rely on himself or the system due to how few points he had with him.

Instead, he'd need the help of someone strong, and willing to teach him.

And given his current situation, there was only one whom he considered would be willing to help him.

"You've been standing there for an hour already, just say what you want."

Not feeling embarrassed for being called out, but rather relieved since he didn't approach Bingqing until now from thinking that she was sleeping, Yang Shen spoke what was on his mind without any hesitation.

"I want you to teach me how to fight."

"Want me to? Shouldn't you be speaking more politely when making a request?"

Given how straightforward and honest Bingqing was, and how much she hated speaking in a roundabout manner and those who did that, Yang Shen didn't change his words and repeated them.

With a small addition.

"I want you to teach me how to fight, Sister Bingqing. Please."

Opening her eyes, Bingqing gazed down on Yang Shen who was holding onto his scratched greatsword.

"I don't have anything I can teach someone in the Qi Gathering Realm. It's better if you follow whatever training you've been doing until now."

Shaking his head, Yang Shen said, "I'm not talking about Battle Skills, or Secret Techniques. I want to learn how to use my strength properly."

Showing a weird look in her eyes, Bingqing found this boy whom she thought belonged to a weak yet rich family even more mysterious.

For someone who entered the Qi Gathering Realm in his 18th year of life, how could he not know how to use his strength?

Anyone who crossed the Body Tempering Stages could use every part of their body without the slightest difficulty. Much less a genius who reached it by their 18th year.

As if understanding the thoughts going inside Bingqing's head, Yang Shen added, "I'm not joking or lying. My situation is complicated."

Not saying anything, Bingqing stayed silent for a while before finally jumping down the tree branch she was resting on. for visiting.

"I don't want to disturb my lady's sleep. Follow me."

Taking Yang Shen away from where they were at right now, Bingqing didn't even bother drawing her swords as she said, "Attack me. Use all your strength, and don't hold back."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen didn't say anything stupid like 'I don't attack women', or 'Be careful'.

Holding the Giant Wolf's Fang horizontally and a bit behind him, Yang Shen ran forward and built up his momentum before swinging it with all his strength.

Targeting Bingqing's waist, Yang Shen made sure to not even blink his eye so that he would be able to capture every single one of her movements.

Stretching her soft hand and clamping down on the huge sword's blade with her long fingers, Bingqing flicked them and pushed Yang Shen back as the frown on her face kept on deepening.

The way Yang Shen approached her, the way he moved his body when swinging the sword, the way he stabilized himself after being pushed back, every single action of his was green.

Yes, green.

Immature and inexperienced was what Bingqing was thinking as she observed Yang Shen.

But that wasn't all. When he started trying to attack her a second time, Bingqing saw how much more awkward his movements were.

And the third time, and the fourth, and the fifth.

After every time she pushed him back and he tried to attack her, his movements would turn even further away from being considered as natural.

Was he used to swinging his sword only one time and winning?

But that would require him to be many times stronger than his enemy in both cultivation and combat experience.

Looking towards Yang Shen though, Bingqing didn't feel as if he was that kind.

Was he maybe one of those freaks who only bothered with cultivation?

That would explain why his cultivation was above average, but his skills in combat seemed worse than the lowest level foot soldiers.

And that weapon It really didn't suit him.

Sighing loudly, Bingqing finally understood what Yang Shen's intention was in asking her to teach him how to fight.

He truly didn't even know the basics of fighting and wanting her help in learning how to use his strength properly.

How unconventional...

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