The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Dragon's Way of Spear - The Dragon Pierces the Void

Thrust, chop, sweep, circle, and dance.

These were the five styles of wielding a spear.

But unlike the first four styles, the fifth style, the Spear Dance was very different.

It wasn't a single move like the other style, but rather a special style which combined the previous four styles and used them in a complicated and continuous circle.

Switching between the four styled depending on the need, the spear was neither allowed to slow down nor stop. Building up momentum and storing strength inside the whole time, the spear would only continue growing stronger the longer the spear dance continued and finally unleash one devastating strike.

On paper, this sure sounded awesome. But to Yang Shen who was yet to even comprehend the second style, chop completely, the dance style was too far for him to even think about right now.

But if he didn't think about it now, Yang Shen was sure that he'd have a harder time in trying to comprehend it in the future.

Having purchased a Beginners Guide to the Weapon of your Choice from the System for 75 Points, Yang Shen had learnt the basics of wielding a spear from it.

And it was only after this that Yang Shen was able to identify his errors and master the thrust.

Similarly, Yang Shen after consuming the book came to learn that the Spear Dance Bingqing had shown him was full of errors as well.

That was why the spear in her hands didn't accumulate power as it was in motions and switched between the remaining four styles.

It was too bad that just the theoretical knowledge Yang Shen received from the book regarding the basics of the spear wasn't enough for him to comprehend the rest of the styles.

Therefore, Yang Shen had decided to learn a battle skill and use the comprehension he obtained from it to increase his understanding of the various styles of spear.

Exploiting the system's bug which allowed him to purchase items that weren't available in the shop if he knew the item's name, Yang Shen spent as much as two hours searching for various keywords in hopes of finding a Battle Skill related to the spear and one which had continuation parts for it.

God Spear

Devil Spear

Supreme Spear

Spread God for visiting.

Ultimate Spear

Divine Spear

Searching by adding all kinds of keywords in front or after spear, Yang Shen managed to find a lot of Battle Skills which couldn't be bought from the system's shop.

As for how he knew they couldn't be purchased from the shop directly, it was evident due to the absence of their Grade beside their name.

Sigh Would he have to learn different Battle Skills to comprehend each of the styles separately and then finally derive his own skills from them and create a real Spear Dance which could accumulate energy and not simply move around like it did when Bingqing used it?

Thinking until here, Yang Shen decided to give the search function which was the same as finding a needle in a haystack one last try.


Searching for Battle Skills after entering this sole word, Yang Shen prepared himself to see countless techniques.

And see he did.

With the list going on and on, Yang Shen could only hope that since Bingqing said dragons use spears, he would find some Battle Skills related to spear.

The Dragon's Roar, Red Dragon Wings, Dragon Burst, Dragon Devouring Sword.

Scrolling through the list until his eyes spotted the word 'Spear' or anything related to it, like its five styles, Yang Shen after passing by the various single style related techniques finally found what he wanted just when he was ready to give up.

[The Dragon's Way of Spear - Part 1 (500 Points)]

Looking towards the Battle Skill which wasn't showing its grade, Yang Shen entered the same words in the search window to find out if the remaining parts of it were available.

Starting from Part 1, the Battle Skill had a total of 5 Parts available meaning that there was one part related to every one of the five styles of spear wielding.

However, despite finally finding the type of Battle Skill he wanted, Yang Shen's face showed no excitement and was instead covered in black lines.

The reason? How many points it would cost to purchase all the five parts.

[The Dragon's Way of Spear - Part 1 (500 Points)

The Dragon's Way of Spear - Part 2 (49,500 Points)

The Dragon's Way of Spear - Part 3 (150,000 Points)

The Dragon's Way of Spear - Part 4 (300,000 Points)

The Dragon's Way of Spear - Part 5 (500,000 Points)]

Other than the 1st part which seemed to have a reasonable price, all of the remaining parts cost so much that Yang Shen couldn't even imagine how long it would take him to purchase all of them.

In fact, even if you put the remaining parts aside, Yang Shen felt a headache coming up from thinking how long it would take him to purchase the 2nd Part alone.

'Aaaaa! Whatever! I doubt the system would charge such a huge amount for the items it was selling if it felt I couldn't purchase them.'

Reasoning with himself that it would be impossible for him to find another Battle Skill that would contain all five styles of spear wielding, Yang Shen decided to go out on a limb and purchase the first part of the Dragon's Way of Spear.

Once he made his decision, Yang Shen no longer hesitated and purchased the first part of the technique.

[Discovered the Battle Skill 'The Dragon's Way of Spear Part 1 - The Dragon Pierces the Void'. Spend 100 Points to comprehend it?]




Author's Note -

I'm only revealing this so many of you are asking me.

Yes, there is going to be a harem. But not every woman Yang Shen sleeps with will be part of the harem.

Also, I know that many of you are hating the info dumps, but without them, the story will turn into a simple sex story which has nothing to do with cultivation.

Therefore, I hope that you can bear with them for now.

Yang Shen's adventure real adventure of sleeping with all kinds of beautiful women will start very soon.

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