The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Compass of Fortune

Without a weapon, Yang Shen knew that there was no way he could defeat ordinary Low Grade Profound Beasts either. Unless he used the Primordial Nine Suns Qi that is. But since he didn't plan on doing so any time soon before seeing how quickly the spent strand would recover, Yang Shen could either purchase another spear and continue staying on the Soul Devouring Mountain, or leave.

Scratching his head as he remembered how he failed to kill even a single Profound Beast since he started hunting them due to now being able to kill them fast enough before they ran off, Yang Shen felt that he wouldn't obtain much gains from continuing to stay here.

Therefore, Yang Shen felt that he should leave the mountain for now and come back in the future after growing stronger and maybe possessing a good movement based Battle Skill.

That way he could slaughter as many beasts as he wanted on the mountain and accrue more than enough XP to sustain him for a long time.

At the thought of this Yang Shen suddenly remembered that he was yet to use the Lucky Draw he received from the system for obtaining his first title.

Clicking on the colourful circle and choosing to use it right away, Yang Shen saw the familiar huge circle with fifty colours show up in front of him.

Clicking on the start button without any hesitation, Yang Shen's face didn't show much emotion on it because he knew that the Lucky Draw was completely unpredictable and never gave him what he wanted.

This was also why he didn't look towards the best rewards on the circle and stared at the centre of it while waiting for the needle to stop.

[Obtained the Compass of Fortune!]

Looking towards the part of the circle the needle landed on, Yang Shen finally showed some emotion on his face.

Given that it had landed inside the region which was between the above average rewards like Level 6 Artifacts and Supreme Treasures like the Dragon's Mark, Yang Shen naturally felt happy and opened his inventory to find out what it was.

Withdrawing what looked like a compass made out of gold from his inventory, Yang Shen didn't need to wait long for the Lecherous System to do its job and reveal the information regarding to it.

[Compass of Fortune (Level 10 Artifact)

A special single use artifact which upon being used will reveal the direction in which you can obtain a huge fortune.

Remarks: Be careful when searching for your fortune. The compass only directs you in the direction where you can obtain a fortune from. There's no guarantee you won't die the very instant you discover it.]

Holding onto the compass which seemed to be foreboding his death more than fortune, Yang Shen in a moment of curiosity to discover how it worked allowed some of his Qi to enter it.

The moment he did that, Yang Shen understood that the compass had been activated because the round circle made of gold began shining brightly and the pitch black needle floating inside the glass dome started turning nonstop before finally pointing in one direction.

Moving the compass around, Yang Shen upon seeing the needle point the same direction regardless of how he held it felt even more sure that he had used a one time use Level 10 Artifact just like that.

Not knowing how to feel as the realization set in, Yang Shen could only smile wryly at how he caused this due to being too eager.

At the same time he understood that he now had no choice but to explore the direction in which the compass's needle was pointing at. for visiting.

After all, this was a one time use Level 10 Artifact that was being talked about.

If he didn't follow the direction the compass was pointing him in, Yang Shen knew that he was going to regret it forever.

Looking towards the direction which the needle was pointing at, Yang Shen only hesitated for a split second before embarking towards the Soul Devouring Mountain's peak.

If it was before the Compass of Fortune pointed him in that direction, Yang Shen might not have dared to go that way, but since it did so, he found many possible scenarios taking place when he reached the peak.

With the most far fetched one being the Lecherous Cultivation System giving him a mission to find out the secret behind this Forbidden Land, and the one he hoped the most for to happen, finding a baby tiger or phoenix which would grow into a beautiful female companion.

Though Yang Shen didn't really possess any hope for either of the two of the scenarios he had inside his head happening, he did not stop climbing up the mountain.

After all, having spent the past few days ascending the Soul Devouring Mountain from its outskirts, Yang Shen saw that the farther up the mountain he went, the lesser Mid Grade Profound Beasts he encountered.

As for the High Grade Profound Beasts which he was scared of, he couldn't even catch the shadow of at least one of them.

Due to this, Yang Shen while refusing to believe that there was something or someone very strong living near the mountain's peak followed the compass's needle to find his fortune without even knowing if whatever fortune the compass was pointing at was on the Soul Devouring Mountain or not.

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