The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Unfathomable Yang Shen


Thud! for visiting.

Falling to the ground after he slammed into the tree which he should've taken at least a few seconds to reach, Yang Shen could sense the Myriad Beast Spear turning back into its normal form and no longer remain in the Peng Form.

This was also when Yang Shen found that almost half of his white Qi had been exhausted in the span of few seconds he used the Peng Form for.

Sitting up and feeling his forehead which luckily didn't have any bump on it, Yang Shen saw the blue colour which was decorating the Myriad Beast Spear was no longer there.

While feeling that it was a pity the spear didn't remain in that form forever and show off that beautiful colour which made it look very cool, Yang Shen got up to continue with his testing of this weapon.

Since it was an artifact of an unknown Grade, it should be able to bear with his Primordial Nine Suns Qi right?

Hesitating for a while, Yang Shen finally decided to test and see if it would not melt even after he covered it with his red Qi.

After all, if the spear wasn't able to bear with the Primordial Nine Suns Qi, then wouldn't it mean that he should change his fighting style once again?

This was because given how strong the Primordial Nine Suns Qi was, it would be a pity if Yang Shen could not use it.


Having changed into the black coloured robes which were made out of ordinary materials, Lijuan had just exited the cave when she felt a huge pressure come from somewhere close by.

A pressure so terrifying that her bloodline began trembling from being nervous.

This however wasn't due to Lijuan's bloodline considering itself inferior, but because the owner of it wasn't as strong as the unknown pressure.

'That red Qi, his weapon, and the way he destroyed the array all of those could only be possessed by the great ones who are one step away from ascending the heavens.'

'But his strength, and his knowledge about the world are so low that he can't even compare with saints.'

'Did he maybe encounter some fortune in this wasteland?'

'Impossible. Just his cultivation technique is too high to appear in the world of saints as well, much less in a primitive wasteland like this.'

'And that spear which just gave off the aura of a Peng, and how easily he got rid of the array, there is no way he could have obtained them all from a single fortuitous encounter.'

'He definitely has a lot of secrets. I should be more careful around him.'

Muttering to herself non stop at how the one whom she made a blood contract with to serve for a total of 500 years was unfathomable, Lijuan continued observing Yang Shen swing the huge black spear which was covered in a flame that feared nothing.


"Vermillion Bird Form!"

Muttering a few more words he didn't know all of a sudden, Yang Shen saw a strip of bright red colour cover the spear's shaft, the blade at the back, and the trident spear tip.

Along with this, his Primordial Nine Suns Qi which had just started covering the entire spear quickly grew in size as if they were being fanned.

Growing in both power and quantity, the bright red Qi grew by so much that Yang Shen looked like he was holding a pillar of fire instead of a spear.

Hastily cutting off the flow of the red Qi and his white Qi because of how great the spear's consumption was, Yang Shen despite looking a little pale from exhausting so much Qi was glowing with excitement.

With a weapon like this, would Yang Shen have to worry about not being able to use his red Qi or find a better weapon to use as he grew strong?

Shaking his head as he remembered how the system described that there were countless forms, Yang Shen could only start thinking about how he'd be able to trigger them.

The Peng Form and the Vermillion Bird Form were both triggered by coming in contact with wind and fire. Does that mean I should try and touch the other elements with it?

But. wouldn't I be shocked to death if lightning struck the spear while I held onto it?

While thinking such things, Yang Shen was suddenly reminded that this was just one of the Three Beast Treasures.

If the first one he obtained was already so strong, how much stronger would the remaining two of them be?

In fact, what treasures were the remaining two of them?

A bow which would never miss its target? A dagger which could poison anyone? A tarzan style underwear which would let him control all beasts? Or maybe a pair of shoes which will let him run faster than light?

Lost in his thoughts for a while, Yang Shen finally came back to reality upon sensing someone intensely staring towards him.

"Hmmmm You look beautiful."

"This great one kn"

"Must be due to the clothes I gave you."

Not knowing how to respond, Lijuan stood rooted to the spot with a blank look in her eyes forcing Yang Shen to suppress his laughter.

Looking towards the beauty who definitely didn't expect him to speak such words, Yang Shen said, "Tell me more about saints, and this place you call wasteland."

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