The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Golden Core

While Yang Shen started levelling up his cultivation, his consciousness entered his Dantian to observe every single thing happening inside it.

Starting with countless Qi wisps entering his body in the beginning, Yang Shen soon noticed that his Qi was finally undergoing a change in its structure.

No longer limiting itself to the gaseous state, the Qi wisps fused together and started solidifying as they turned into one white coloured ball. for visiting.

Golden Core!

While the realm was known as Golden Core, it didn't really mean that the cultivators would obtain a golden coloured core inside them. The Golden Core they formed would entirely depend on what Qi they cultivate in.

Due to this, Yang Shen formed a white coloured Golden Core.

Moving higher though, the red Qi wasn't affected at all and continued to remain in the gaseous state.

Seeing this, Yang Shen wasn't perplexed at all and simply continued with upgrading his cultivation.

After all, he long since knew that the Primordial Nine Suns Qi would not change in form along with his white Qi.

Following the formation of the Golden Core which seemed as small as a pebble, Yang Shen spent another 3000 XP to level up his cultivation for the second time.

With the same amount of Qi entering Yang Shen's body once again, his Golden Core started rotating and quickly absorbed all of it to grow a little bigger.

3000 XP 3000 XP 3000 XP

Spending a total of 27,000 XP without pausing even once, Yang Shen now possessed a huge egg shaped Golden Core in front of which the previous pebble-sized one would look very pitiful.

Opening his eyes and breathing out a mouthful of stale air, Yang Shen quickly opened his status while reading the notifications which arrived along with his breakthrough.

[Yang Shen (Bane of Husbands)

Age: 18

Race: Human

Bloodline: Heaven Devouring Snake

Cultivation: Golden Core Level 1 (1/9) (XP: 4,240/3,200)

Cultivation Technique: Primordial Nine Suns Technique (Incomplete - Part 1, and Part 2) (Proficiency: 88%)

Battle Skills: Dragon's Way of Spear (The Dragon Pierces the Void (Level 1) (Proficiency: 68%)), The Overlord's Seven Twists (Level 1)(Proficiency: 11%)

Special Techniques: The Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique (Level 2) (Proficiency: 81%)

Points: 460]

[Congratulations to the Host for entering the Golden Core Realm! Rewarding the host with 1 Lucky Draw!]

Ignoring Lijuan who had an incredulous expression which revealed her internal turmoil. Yang Shen opened the inventory and summoned the Lucky Draw.

Not wasting any time, Yang Shen clicked the start button and waited for the arrow to stop moving.

And just like before, Yang Shen didn't look at any of the rewards since seeing good things and not obtaining them would only make him feel depressed.

[Obtained The Beginner's Guide to Alchemy]


Remembering the pill he once obtained from the system as a reward and swallowed to obtain XP, Yang Shen suddenly thought of something which caused his eyes to widen.

Since consuming Alchemy Pill would grant him XP, what was the need to stay in remote locations like this mountain and hunt beasts all the time?

Couldn't he just refine a cauldron of pills and swallow them like candy to obtain XP?!

At the same time, being able to refine pills would not only allow Yang Shen to become rich but also very influential due to which there would be no shortage of beautiful women throwing themselves at him.


Grinning a little as he imagined the scene of entering a city and countless women surrounding him with the intention to offer their bodies to him in exchange for refining pills, Yang Shen almost summoned the book outside the inventory and consumed it.

But looking towards Lijuan who was keenly observing him from the side, Yang Shen chose to wait for a while and instead focus on his increase in strength.

Standing up and stretching his body, Yang Shen realized that his physical body and internal organs had grown a little stronger.

Other than this, Yang Shen felt almost no different from when he was in the Qi Gathering Realm.

After all, entering the Golden Core Realm only meant that one possessed more Qi than before due to the wisps having turned into a solid core.

Therefore, just like the other Golden Core cultivators, Yang Shen was only as strong as his strongest Battle Skills.

However this was more than enough for him. After all, both his Battle Skills and the various forms of the Myriad Beasts Spear required a huge amount of Qi to be used.

Due to this, what Yang Shen wanted right now wasn't a higher grade of Qi, but rather more quantity of it.

Looking towards the Primordial Nine Suns Qi which had also grown in quantity, Yang Shen didn't bother with the fact that they didn't change in form and was rather filled with happiness since there was now more than enough red Qi for him to use and find out all about it.

Given that the red Qi took as much as ten times longer to recover in comparison to his attribute less white Qi, Yang Shen until now didn't dare play with it however he wanted to. But given how much red Qi he had now, Yang Shen knew that there would be no problem for him to experiment with it as needed and learn everything about it.

At the same time Yang Shen began wondering how strong he would have to become for the wisps of red Qi to turn into liquid and form nine big suns inside his Dantian like they were meant to.

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