The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 83

Chapter 83: The Banquet

"Humph! Trying to sleep with another man's wife? Don't you have any shame?"

Looking towards the black snake whose words he could hear inside his head, Yang Shen whispered, "As a female you might not understand it, but the pleasure of stealing another man's woman is something which makes one feel greater than defeating them in battle."

"But you don't have any enmity with the chief."

"So what? I would be an idiot if I don't fuck a beautiful woman just cause she's married. Didn't you see those huge breasts? Just imagine how nice they would..."

Rolling her golden snake eyes, Lijuan said nothing else and closed her eyes.

'So he's not one of those holier than thou idiots, or the sinister kind who act like they are heroes.'

Smiling a little, Lijuan who had been with him for the past few weeks understood that Yang Shen was neither good nor evil. He simply did whatever he felt like.

Not knowing what Lijuan was thinking, Yang Shen followed Mo Fan and arrived at a location not too far from the village chief's house and arrived at the huge open space in the middle of the village.

Looking towards the number of tables covering the empty ground with countless varieties of food on top of them, Yang Shen while wondering how so much food was prepared in such a short time shifted his focus to the women who were all standing out like diamonds in a pile of mud.

After all, surrounded by the men who were dressed in plain clothes, the women whose clothes were beautiful or very revealing easily stood out.

Smirking proudly as he understood that the reason they dressed like this was most likely for him, Yang Shen didn't stand on ceremony and allowed his eyes to linger on each and every one of the women he found good looking.

However no matter how attractive they were, they couldn't compare with the mature Su Rou, or her daughter.

Still, they were beautiful enough for Yang Shen to fool around with and have some fun.

Understanding what Yang Shen was thinking about from the look in his eyes, Lijuan audibly snorted and started observing what he would do next.

Given that she had spent many years sealed inside a cave, Lijuan didn't refuse the chance to observe such lively and interesting situations.


Most of the food prepared and served in the banquet were made of Wild Beasts due to which they didn't possess the nutritional benefits that the meat of Profound Beasts gave when consumed.

But to Yang Shen who had survived on dry rations for a few months, properly cooked food was more than good enough for him to enjoy.

Having just rejected the village chief and the other men who wanted him to join in drinking until they fainted since that would ruin his plans of having some fun, Yang Shen like a hungry ghost kept on swallowing all those he found tasty.

"Are you sure you don't want to eat some?"

"This mortal food without any Qi inside it is not even good enough to fill the gaps between my teeth."

"Suit yourself."

Going back to eating the various dishes since his own appetite had increased by a lot after his bloodline had changed, Yang Shen for the next hour or so focussed purely on eating while observing the men who were drowning all sorts of alcohol as if today was their last day alive.

Was the banquet really thrown in honour of him, or did they do it so that they could drink how much ever they wanted?

Not caring much about the answer, since his priority wasn't being honoured but the beauties who were frequently throwing seductive glances towards him, Yang Shen waited until the men had drunk more and lost their grasp on sanity before making a move.


"Here! Drink some water, young hero!"

"Here! Drink some water, young hero!"

"Here! Drink some water, young hero!"

"Ah, thank you."

Taking the three glasses of water offered to him by the three girls who were passing by him, Yang Shen waited until they reluctantly left before placing them on the table.

"Faking cough to obtain water and then putting them away? What's your plan?"

"The plan wasn't to obtain water. It was to find out if things would work out between me and them."


"And what?"

"And what did you find out?"

Smirking proudly, Yang Shen raised his hand and waved it towards the three young women who were staring at him while walking away,

The next instant, all three of them waved back with huge smiles on their faces.

"They will spread their legs how far ever I want them to if I say the word."

"Shameless!" for visiting.

Patting the black snake's head, Yang Shen despite not being able to see could tell that she was blushing a little.

Continuing to look around even after having spotted many women showing interest in him, Yang Shen right now resembled a kid in a candy store who didn't know what it was that he should buy.

But very soon he found someone who made his eyes lock on right away.

Su Rou.

The village chief's wife had finally left the house and came to attend the banquet.

Approaching Yang Shen the moment she saw him, Su Rou smiled and asked, "What is the young hero doing in such a corner? You should be standing at the centre in the limelight."

"If I was at the centre of the banquet, would I be able to do this?"

Moving his hand swiftly and capturing the woman's waist easily, Yang Shen pulled Su Rou close to him and enjoyed how it felt when her huge breasts were squished against his chest.

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