The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Bane of The Husbands Power

"Ahh! Young hero!"

Gasping a little since she didn't expect Yang Shen to make a move on her publicly, Su Rou who had a status to maintain inside the village as the strongest man's wife began looking around in fear that someone might have seen what happened.

However she soon sighed in relief after discovering that the torch near them was no longer burning due to which in comparison to the rest of the open area, their location was drowned in a deep darkness which the barely present moonlight couldn't illuminate.

"What What are you doing young hero? Someone will see us!"

"Does that mean I can do anything as long as no one sees us?"

"I That's not what I.. Ahhhh"

Shutting her mouth tight, Su Rou couldn't understand what just got into her to moan like that all of a sudden.

Sensing a pair of strong hands squeezing her ass through the long skirt she wore, Su Rou refused to believe that she felt good enough to moan from a man groping her ass.

However what happened next only proved her wrong because after Yang Shen's fingers dug inside her plump butt, a pleasure unlike any other she felt until now coursed through her body.


Whimpering silently with her lips sealed tight, Su Rou could feel her hidden cave start watering and craving the presence of something strong and big inside it.

"Who would have thought that a woman like you would be so sensitive. Is being held by a man in public turning you on?"

Weakly shaking her head, Su Rou once again found Yang Shen more attractive than her own husband.

Though the woman had never loved her husband, she didn't show interest in any other man either due to how well Mo Fan treated her.

But there was just something special about Yang Shen which made her feel that having sex with him was what she needed to do.

Feeling a hot rod press against her belly through the clothes in between them, Su Rou who knew what it was blushed a little and tried to leave Yang Shen's embrace before it was too late.

Unfortunately, Su Rou could neither summon the strength to move away from him, nor would Yang Shen let the prey he set his eyes on escape.

"You've got a nice body. It's a huge waste that you married an old man."

Whispering into Su Rou's ears, Yang Shen's hands didn't remain idle and instead began tugging on the skirt she wore and pulled it up.

Exposing her body little by little from the bottom up, starting from her feet, Yang Shen exposed her body all the way until her waist.

Using one hand which was wrapped around her waist to hold the skirt up, Yang Shen used his other hand to brazenly touch her fair skin covered tight body all over.

"Approaching a man who isn't your husband without wearing underwear? You are a bigger slut than I thought you were." for visiting.

"No That I...."

Unable to say anything since she did indeed come here to flirt with Yang Shen, but never expected for her lower body to be exposed to the night breeze by him, Su Rou couldn't say anything before the one hugging him pinched her butt cheek.

"Yo-Young hero Let's not do this here"

"Your mouth is saying those words, but your body is craving for me to touch you more."

Whispering similar to a devil into Su Rou's ears, Yang Shen made complete use of the Bane of Husbands Title which made married women more susceptible to his charm.

"Do you want me to take you into the light and expose your true self to your fellow villagers?"

Hastily shaking her head, Su Rou was right now blushing so much that Yang Shen could almost spot the red colour covering her face under the weak moonlight.

Flicking the woman's earlobe with his tongue first and then nibbling on it a little, Yang Shen said, " If you don't want me to do that, spread your legs wide and use your hands to part your butt cheeks."


Doing as Yang Shen said with a face full of embarrassment and lust since being ordered around like this was a first for her who was treated like a fragile flower by Mo Fan, Su Rou started spreading her legs wide.

Trembling a little as she felt the cold breeze passing through the group between her legs and tickling the entrance of her pussy, Su Rou used her hands to spread her butt cheeks to the side while fully knowing that if someone ignited the torch which was close to them, everyone gathered for the banquet would see her in an obscene position showing off both of her holes down there.

"Tsk, tsk, what an obedient one you are."

Moving his hand in between Su Rou's stretched legs and caressing the patch of silky soft hair covering her pussy, Yang Shen used his finger to slide against the puffy lips which were covered in her naturally produced lubricants.


Moaning a little as she felt the tip of Yang Shen's finger making its way inside her cave which hadn't had any company in the past few years, Su Rou's breathing turned heavy from not just indulging in borderline infidelity but also from the thought of what would happen if someone saw her like this.

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