The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Bedding the Village Chief's Wife

"Yo-Young hero I"


Silencing Su Rou who wanted to say something, Yang Shen moved his hand away from the front of her and moved it behind her.

Moving his hand down her back and approaching her thicc ass, Yang Shen once again pinched and squeezed it all over due to how nice it felt to play with the woman's perky butt.

Resisting the urge to spank Su Rou right then and there since the sound would attract bothersome individuals, Yang Shen chose to satisfy himself with just touching her for now.

Utilizing the Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique which was turning Su Rou's body more sensitive than it already was, Yang Shen all of a sudden moved his hands away from the woman and made her correct her posture.

Letting the skirt down and immediately covering all signs of him having played with Su Rou's body until now, Yang Shen saw one of the women reignite the torch which had been exhausted.

"I'm sorry young hero, I didn't know that you were here. If I did, I would've lit the to"

Feeling her mouth turn dry and unable to finish her words as she saw Su Rou lying weakly inside Yang Shen's embrace with a sexy red colour covering her face, the woman could no longer remember what it was that she wanted to say.

Therefore, she could only blankly nod her head when Yang Shen said he was going to escort Su Rou who wasn't 'feeling well' to her home.

'Ohh god! Ohh god! Ohh god! Ohh god! She saw me!'

Cursing herself for behaving in such a way with someone whom she knew nothing about and that too in a public place, Su Rou could only blame her inner pervert for reacting in such a way whenever Yang Shen was near her or laid her hands on.

At the same time though, knowing that someone knew her body had been played with by someone who wasn't her husband made Su Rou's desire to completely cheat on her husband and have an affair further grow.

With her head resting on top of Yang Shen's chest as he escorted her to her house under the weak moonlight, Su Rou didn't speak a single word the entire time.

Opening the door and pulling Su Rou whom he was holding by the waist inside the house, Yang Shen was happy that the woman's daughter was also at the banquet due to which it was just the two of them inside the biggest house of the village right now.

Pressing the woman against the closed door as soon as the two of them were inside the house, Yang Shen who could no longer hold back pressed his lips against Su Rou's lips.

Ignoring Lijuan who flew away from around his neck, Yang Shen used his tongue to easily pry open Su Rou's lips and make its way inside her mouth.

Using his hands to easily get rid of the skirt and blouse she was wearing, Yang Shen within a few seconds turned the beauty completely naked.

It was too bad that there were no Light Stones in this village due to which the house was right now completely dark and didn't allow Yang Shen's eyes to feast on how beautiful she was in her birthday suit.

But so what?

Substituting the sense of sight with the sense of touch, Yang Shen started touching Su Rou all over while his tongue at the same time left no spot inside her mouth untasted.

Getting rid of his own clothes in an instant, Yang Shen immediately pressed his erect dick against Su Rou's garden covered pussy.


Moaning a little due to how hot the rod pressed against her pussy was, Su Rou found herself so lost in pleasure that she began kissing Yang Shen back like an animal in heat. for visiting.

Wrapping her tongue around Yang Shen's and greedily sucking on it as if she was reluctant to let it leave her mouth,

"The bedroom. Haaa That way."

Barely managing to speak those words, Su Rou went back to kissing Yang Shen.

With her arms and legs wrapped around Yang Shen, Su Rou enjoyed the ride while Yang Shen began moving towards the bedroom which belonged to her and her husband.

Throwing the panting woman on the bed and getting on top of her, Yang Shen resumed kissing Su Rou while at the same time starting to explore the insides of her pussy with his fingers to find out how wet she was.

Once he learnt that Su Rou's cave was overflowing with wet juices, Yang Shen showed zero hesitation in thrusting his eagerly waiting rod through the entrance of the woman's pussy.


Erupting in a loud moan as she felt her body turn weak and hard to move from the huge amount of pleasure Yang Shen's dick gave her by spreading her tight insides far and wide to fit itself inside her, Su Rou's vision soon turned dizzy as well after the young man began pistoning.

'Humph! How much longer does he plan on tormenting the poor woman?'

Counting down seconds, Lijuan who was still in her snake form was blushing furiously while hoping for Yang Shen to finish as soon as possible.

After all, the pure carnal desires moans which flowed out of Su Rou's mouth were so obscene that the longer Lijuan listened to them, the more she wanted to have sex with him and experience the pleasure herself.

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