The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Sleepless night

Looking towards Su Rou whose eyes were covered in a layer of pure lust and desire, Yang Shen moved his waist with more intensity than before and rammed his dick deeper inside the married woman with every one of his thrusts.

Grabbing onto the pair of voluptuous breasts and squeezing them every time his shaft plunged inside her, Yang Shen didn't forget to use the Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique at the same time so that she would feel even better and in turn make him feel better.

Feeling the walls of Su Rou's pussy tighten around his dick after he started teasing her breasts and nipples, Yang Shen all of a sudden pulled his rod outside the woman.

Raising her up and turning her over so that she was now on all fours, Yang Shen penetrated her pussy from the behind and reached so deep that he started knocking on the entrance of her womb.

"Ohhhh godddd! Soo deeeepppp!!!"

Moaning loudly, Su Rou's eyes very quickly lost the remaining focus in them since all she cared about right now was the huge thing which was mercilessly ravaging her insides.

"Aaaahhh young herrroooooo!!!!"

Moaning with so much pleasure that it seemed like she was howling, Su Rou's hands turned weak and lifeless causing her upper body to fall forward onto the bed.

Before it could fall though, Yang Shen easily grabbed her hands and pulled them causing her body from above the waist to show off a beautiful curve.

Bending his head forward and licking the exquisite nape right in front of his eyes, Yang Shen enjoyed the way Su Rou's body trembled and groaned from the stimulus.

Using one hand to hold both of the arms and keep Su Rou's body in the same posture, Yang Shen did something which he had wanted to do for a long time.

Raising his hand up high and swiftly bringing it down, Yang Shen's palm slammed against Su Rou's perky ass.


Sensing the warmth of Su Rou's ass on his palm even after it bounced off in less than a second after slapping it, Yang Shen didn't wait long before once again spanking the woman on the same spot.



Moaning despite not wanting to since she felt it was shameful to moan from having her ass slapped, Su Rou just couldn't refuse that everything Yang Shen did was making her feel good.

In fact, due to enjoying being spanked, the poor woman started thinking if maybe she was a masochist without knowing that the reason she was feeling pleasure instead of pain was due to Yang Shen using the Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique the entire time.

Spanking Su Rou's ass a few more times, Yang Shen moved his hand to the front of the woman.

Approaching the puffed up clitoris through the untamed brown forest, Yang Shen began rubbing it with his thumb. for visiting.


Moaning even more loudly, Su Rou could feel her pussy tightening its grip around Yang Shen's dick and her womb greedily awaiting for his semen to enter it.


Groaning a little from how much better he felt after the meaty fold tightened around his little brother, Yang Shen further increased his pace of pistoning.

Filling the room with the obscene sound of their flesh slapping against each other and along with it the sound of his rod drilling in and out of the cave which was overflowing with juices, Yang Shen who was playing with Su Rou's clitoris sensed through its throbbing that she was going to orgasm soon.

Due to this, other than ramming his dick even deeper, Yang Shen used his fingers exquisitely to tease the woman's clitoris so much that when she reached her limit and started orgasming, Su Rou's pussy began shooting clear liquid out of it like a waterfall.

But due to a huge rod taking up most of the space inside it and blocking up almost the entire entrance as well, the juices exited her pussy the same way steam shot out of a geyser near a volcano.

Seeing this Yang Shen understood that Su Rou was one of the rare women who squirted when orgasming.

This however didn't stop Yang Shen from continuing to piston his shaft against the flow of the pussy juices and extended the orgasm which was supposed to be a short one into a very long one which showed no signs of stopping until her body was completely drained of all fluids.

At the same time due to all of this Yang Shen reached his limit as well and therefore let his dick erupt and cover the woman's insides with his semen.

"Uggggg. Hottttt!!!!"

Continuing to move his dick while cumming inside Su Rou, Yang Shen didn't show any signs of stopping or slowing down after he finished shooting all of his semen inside the woman's pussy as well because his rod hadn't softened in the slightest even after it finished ejaculating.

In fact not just after the first time, but all the way until the last time he cummed inside the woman's pussy which was not too long after the sun started rising over the horizon, Yang Shen had thoroughly filled every inch of the woman's insides with his semen.

Even then, Yang Shen could still continue because after obtaining the high level Heaven Devouring Snake Bloodline his body had grown a little stronger and along with it his stamina and virility had increased as well.

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