The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 87

Chapter 87: The Beginners Guide to Alchemy

Looking towards the unconscious Su Rou who didn't seem like would wake up any time soon, Yang Shen began dressing himself and got ready to leave the house.

But after seeing how the semen which he pumped inside Su Rou was flowing out of it every time she moved her body, Yang Shen purchased the Level 6 Why Fear When I'm Here Pill and placed it on the table beside her and along with it a piece of paper as well which guaranteed that she would consume the pill.

Searching for Mo Fan whom he found lying unconscious and reeking of booze in the middle of the street, Yang Shen who had no intention of staying in this village for any longer began inquiring about any close by towns or cities.

After all, having finished releasing all of his pent up emotions inside Su Rou, Yang Shen had no reason to stay here anymore.

Also, even if you ignore the fact that Yang Shen didn't have a great interest in Su Rou, there was no reason for him to stay back and continue having sex with her every day.

Given how little XP and Points he received from sleeping with her, whose cultivation was in the beginning stages of the Qi Gathering Realm, there was nothing in this village which made Yang Shen want to stay back.

Well, there was one girl whom he would have liked to sleep with. Su Rou's daughter who was a beauty similar to her and looked like a younger version of her mother was someone Yang Shen would have enjoyed sleeping with.

But She was a bit too young.

Having not even reached his own age, Su Rou's daughter was too young for Yang Shen to make a move on her.

Therefore, Yang Shen had decided to leave this village and go to a more exciting place which contained all sorts of beauties.


Moaning weakly as she woke up after what felt like the best sleep of her life, the numb pain her privates were suffering from caused her to quickly remember what she had done the last night.

Looking down towards her pussy which felt full from how much semen was still inside it, and then the messy bed which was covered in the bodily fluids that belonged to her and Yang Shen, Su Rou started panicking a little and began thinking that she had to clean up as soon as possible so that Mo Fan didn't find out what she did behind his back.

This was when she finally noticed a jade bottle and a piece of paper placed on the table near the bed. for visiting.

Stretching her hand and grabbing the both of them, Su Rou with a huge smile popped the lid open and swallowed the pill inside the bottle without any hesitation.

[The night we spent together was very memorable. Let's meet again if fate wills it.

P.S - The pill inside the bottle will increase your beauty.]

Swallowing the pill, Su Rou put the bottle and the note away before quickly getting started with getting rid of all signs that proved that she had an affair last night.

Along with the disappearance of Yang Shen, the effect of the title, the Bane of Husbands had disappeared as well. Due to this, Su Rou right now had zero trouble in going back to the life she had before meeting him and doing everything she needed to do to continue living a normal life.

As for the effect of the Dragon's Mark, while it was still present, due to the limited time she spent together with Yang Shen, Su Rou though still possessing feelings towards him wouldn't chase after him till the end of the world.

Thus, she would end up treating the night of hot and steamy sex as an unforgettable memory and move on with her life while every once in a while dreaming about having another affair with Yang Shen if she ever met him again.


"So that's why such a weak village could exist so close to the Soul Devouring Mountain."

Looking in the direction where one of the Four Great Sects was at, Yang Shen who learnt of it and its location from Mo Fan now knew why there weren't many Profound Beasts around here despite how rich in Qi the area was.

Given that it was a sect related to alchemy, it was only understandable that all the beasts around it would be gotten rid of.

Be it to make sure that nothing would happen to the members of the sect, or as ingredients for creating pills, the Profound Beasts which once existed in this area could only be considered as unlucky that the founder of the sect decided to establish it in this place.

Walking in the direction of the sect which according to Mo Fan would take him six days and six nights of walk to reach, Yang Shen brought the item he obtained from the Lucky Draw out of his inventory.

Acting as if he couldn't see the snake's narrowed eyes which were overflowing with curiosity, Yang Shen spent 50 Points to consume the book and obtain all of the knowledge inside it.

Staying true to its name, the book which Yang Shen obtained from the Lecherous Cultivation System contained every single detail that someone who wanted to embark on the journey of alchemy needed.

The types of herbs, pill formation procedure, flame control, how to harvest the herbs without damaging them, how to refine the various herbs, and on and on.

In short, the book contained so much knowledge that Yang Shen didn't mind the fact that he spent a total of 50 Points to learn everything written inside it.

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