The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Learning to control the Primordial Nine Suns Qi

Along with the basic understanding regarding how alchemy was performed and the most basic herbs used in it, Yang Shen learnt that an alchemist needed to possess an excellent control of their flames and Qi.

In terms of Qi, Yang Shen was confident that he wouldn't lose to anyone in his own age group, or even those older than him because of how delicate and perfect his control over it had become after mastering the Erogenous Beauty Stimulating Massage Technique.

It was just the flames which had Yang Shen a little worried.

Alchemists were of two types.

The first kind used their artificial flames to refine the herbs and then create the pill, while the second kind used their own flames.

The first kind of alchemists were destined for mediocracy since artificial flames were limited by many factors and couldn't be used to refine herbs after a certain level.

As for the second kind, the level they reached depended on how strong their flames were.

Unfortunately for Yang Shen, the flames produced using the Primordial Nine Suns Qi were so hot that even metals were turning into goo. Therefore, it was imaginable what would happen if they came in contact with the delicate materials of alchemy.

Looking inside his dantian where there were nine bunches of red Qi strands, Yang Shen was worried that let alone the herbs, even the alchemy furnace would be destroyed if he tried to refine pills.

As for a solution to this problem, Yang Shen currently did not have one. But, he couldn't turn back either.

Swallowing pills was one of the ways for him to stock up on XP and not stay in the wilderness for his entire life. Therefore, while walking towards the sect, Yang Shen started using the Primordial Nine Suns Qi in hopes that along with his control over it, he would find out how to control the heat produced by the bright red flames.

"Why do you want to learn Alchemy, Master?"

"Refining pills is not only a very costly profession to train in, but it will definitely impact the speed of your cultivation and your overall combat capabilities if you start focussing on it."

Looking towards Lijuan who was in her human form right now, Yang Shen replied while continuing to summon and control the Primordial Nine Suns Flame.

"I have a special physique which allows me to increase my cultivation by consuming Alchemy pills and turning them into Qi."


Showing a look of enlightenment on her face, Lijuan wasn't too shocked by how amazing the physique was because there were many such weird physiques all over the world. Instead, she began seriously thinking if maybe that was why the Qi which entered Yang Shen's body would disappear.

"But wanting to refine pills with such a terrifying flame is impossible, Master."

Nodding his head, Yang Shen could only smile wryly since the longer he used the flames the more certain he was that the Primordial Nine Suns Flame couldn't be turned weaker or less hot.

This was when Lijuan said something which caused a bulb to light up inside Yang Shen's head.

"If only you could dilute it in a large amount of normal Qi, that fl."

Not listening to the rest of what Lijuan was saying, Yang Shen saw the huge amount of white Qi lying inside his dantian and was tempted to try if it would work.

Until now, Yang Shen used the red Qi by itself and didn't try anything like fusing or diluting it with the white Qi since he was worried that he wouldn't be able to obtain the desired result. for visiting.

But since things had come this far and he had no other way of lowering the flame's heat, Yang Shen decided to try and see if the plan which sounded perfect when thought of would work when in the real world.

Closing his eyes and placing all of his focus on the two types of Qi inside his dantian, Yang Shen pulled out a single strand of red Qi and a single strand of white Qi out of it and started to try and fuse them.

Unfortunately, the moment the white Qi strand came in contact with the red Qi, it disappeared in an instant after being burned in less than a second.

Therefore, the next time Yang Shen used a total of hundred strands.

The result though was once again the same.

However this result didn't disappoint Yang Shen who noticed that other than taking a longer time for the white Qi to be burned and disappearing, the strand of red Qi had actually turned a little weaker!

Noticing this, Yang Shen no longer experimented with small quantities and decisively controlled a huge portion of white Qi which made the red Qi strand look like a needle beside a huge haystack.

Fusing the two of them right away, Yang Shen saw that unlike before the white Qi didn't burn and disappear.

Instead, the original white QI had turned into red Qi!

A little dull coloured one though.

'So not even this much is enough.'

Stunned at how not even this much white Qi was enough to lower the intensity of the red Qi by a considerable amount, Yang Shen continued testing to find out how much white Qi he'd need to mix with a single strand of red Qi to control the heat of the Primordial Nine Suns Flame and make it usable for refining Alchemy Pills.

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