The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Mystic Pill Sect

Spending almost every minute he was awake by perfecting his control over the Primordial Nine Suns Flame, Yang Shen other learning how to control the heat as per his wishes realized that by diluting the red Qi in a sea of white Qi, his expenditure of the Primordial Nine Suns Qi which took a long time to recover by itself was reduced by a lot.

Due to this, the one worry Yang Shen had on turning weak after using too much red Qi to refine pills had disappeared.

It was however due to spending almost every minute playing with fire that Yang Shen didn't have much time to cultivate causing his XP to increase very slowly.

As for killing Profound Beasts, such a thing couldn't be done either because there weren't even wild beasts in the location that Yang Shen was at, much less Profound Beasts.

Seems like those from the Mystic Pill Sect had thoroughly killed every single living creature in the area around their sect.

Speaking of which, the Mystic Pill Sect was the only one of the Four Great Sects which didn't recruit new disciples during certain days of the year and always welcomed young ones to go and try their luck.

All that one needed to possess to take part in the test was to be less than twenty years, and train in a fire related cultivation technique.

The test on the other hand was something which made more than 90% of the participants fail.

Starting from testing their control over Qi, the power of their flames, their knowledge related to alchemy, and identifying the herbs, the sect elders seemed to be looking for veteran alchemists among a bunch of amateurs.

However no one felt that they were being unfair because the Mystic Pill Sect was one of the Four Great Sects. If the test to become a disciple of the Mystic Pill Sect was easy, wouldn't everyone manage to enter it?

It was due to this hard to pass test which resulted in not even a single participant passing the test most of the times that the Mystic Pill Sect had no choice but to conduct a test every day and not just a few days every year like the rest of the Four Great Sects did.

In fact, even after keeping their gates open the entire year, the number of disciples the Mystic Sect Pill accepted couldn't even compare with what the rest of the Great Sects did in a few days.

Still, the test remained unchanged.

This was because unlike the other sects, the Mystic Pill Sect didn't care about how many disciples it had.

After all, it wasn't a combat related sect which depended on the number of its members to fight against other sects.

If someone dared to attack the Mystic Pill Sect, be it one of the Great Sects, or the Great Kingdoms, the rest of the Great forces would come to its aid so that they'd be owed a favour.

Therefore, even though the strongest ones inside the Mystic Pill Sect weren't weaker than their counterparts belonging to the other Great Sects, they never once needed to lift their hands and take part in a battle. for visiting.

Due to this, the Mystic Pill Sect looked for quality over quantity among its disciples.

"So this is what a Great Sect looks like."

Looking towards the huge mountain in the distance which other than having huge walls around its foot was covered in countless buildings all over, Yang Shen despite being ready to watch a grand scene was caught off guard.

The shock however didn't last too long.

Continuing on his path towards the mountain which grew bigger the closer he got to it, Yang Shen who only had Lijuan to accompany him during the past few weeks began seeing signs of other people walking towards the mountain as well.

"Will it be fine for you to enter the sect with me? What if some expert notices you?"

Rolling her eyes towards Yang Shen, Lijuan didn't hold back in her disdain towards whatever he read to think such a thing would happen.

"You've read too many novels, Master. What expert could there possibly be in this wasteland capable of noticing me?"

Nodding his head, Yang Shen could only accept Lijuan's words because he had no idea how strong she was, and if there were any other saints living on the Great Cloud Continent.

At the same time, looking towards the number of people who kept on increasing in number the closer he got to the huge mountain, Yang Shen began thinking if maybe he underestimated the test conducted by the Mystic Pill Sect.

After all, he already counted around two hundred humans walking towards the mountain.

Even if not all of them were here to take part in the test conducted by the Mystic Pill Sect every day, at least a hundred of them were here for the test.

But remembering what Mo Fan said about not even one participant passing the test most of the days, Yang Shen felt that the test was going to be harder than he imagined it to be.

While he started thinking about this, Yang Shen found himself arriving near the huge walls which were bigger than those that guarded the capital city of the Great Xia Kingdom.

Walking in the direction of the huge entrance which had a grand plaque made of pure gold displayed above the opened gates, Yang Shen faced zero trouble in stepping on the mountain.

And once he passed through the gates, Yang Shen saw a huge crowd gathered not too far away.

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