The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Massage

Looking towards Yu Fei and his hands with a sceptical look since the mission rewards wouldn't contain a massage technique if he had godly hands, Yang Shen was sure that something wasn't right here.

Yang Shen would proudly admit that he was the kind of man who'd tell everyone he slept with 100 women despite being a virgin, but he wasn't the kind of idiot who would think he was the best in the world and all women would fall for him after a single glance.

Therefore, before believing that he had magic hands, Yang Shen definitely needed a lot more proof.

Nodding his head hastily towards Yu Fei who asked him why he stopped in a slight annoyance, Yang Shen placed his hands on her back.

Blushing a little as Yu Fei once again let out a heavenly moan which fueled his evil flame, Yang Shen began using some power to press down on her body.

Standing in a weird position because his erect dick would poke Yu Fei if he stood straight, Yang Shen's breathing was heavy as he started applying pressure around Yu Fei's shoulder blades with his thumbs. for visiting.


Frowning in the midst of all of this, Yang Shen only found everything fishier because Yu Fei's moans weren't syncing with the moments he applied pressure at all.

Thus, even though it was a bit risky to do such a thing, Yang Shen decided to satisfy his curiosity once and for all.

Pulling his hands back, Yang Shen quickly sniffed the pleasant scent attached to his palms before placing them back on Yu Fei's body.

This time on her buttocks though.

Gulping hard as the woman's entire body shook a little when his hands touched her meaty cheeks, Yang Shen couldn't follow his own plan and ended up using all his strength to squeeze Yu Fei's juicy ass.

So soft and bouncy!

Moving his hands in amazement, Yang Shen was completely captivated by how Yu Fei's ass would cave in like a marshmallow when he applied pressure and then bounce back to its original shape as soon as he stopped.

Similarly, with the failure of a moan coming out of the woman's mouth, Yang Shen also understood that she was simply teasing him and that he didn't possess any godly hands.

But, it's fine. He never really expected to have them anyway.

Still, knowing that he was teased and almost fell for it made Yang Shen feel a little bad and want to take revenge on Yu Fei.

Hehehehehe. Since you dared tease me, don't blame me for what I do next.

Feeling her heart racing the moment she felt a pair of soft yet strong hands squeezing her ass, Yu Fei began questioning herself if she had gone too far by releasing such erotic moans.

Not even daring to turn and look towards Yang Shen in fear of seeing a beast-like expression on his, Yu Fei's face suddenly turned red as she felt her hidden cave start turning wet.

Shrinking in embarrassment because she had just been turned on a little from imagining the handsome boy pouncing on her and forcibly ravaging her, Yu Fei's mind was in a chaos when the pair of hands once again touched her body.

How disappointing.

Those were the thoughts that filled Yu Fei's head when Yang Shen's hands touched him.

After all, he didn't touch her near her ass like he did before and instead touched her near her neck.

Feeling her muscles being massaged diligently, Yu Fei felt that even though Yang Shen lacked the proper skills and technique, the massage wasn't too bad.

But but sigh. What else could she expect from a virgin

Completely lacking the same thrill and excitement she felt when showing off her naked body to Yang Shen for the first time, and when she felt the hands of a man who wasn't her husband touching ass, Yu Fei couldn't really enjoy herself much.

If only!!!

Unable to finish her words, Yu Fei's entire body tensed up because Yang Shen's hands finally moved from the safe zone towards her private zone.

Sliding his hands down Yu Fei's back, Yang Shen felt that he had massaged her enough to complete the mission. Therefore, now was the time to get back at her for teasing him.

Gulping once before starting, Yang Shen's hands immediately arrived at Yu Fei's lower back and were brushing up against her perky ass.

Pulling his hands away from Yu Fei's body for the first time in a long while, Yang Shen rubbed them together while enjoying the flowery scent coming off of them.

Placing them back on Yu Fei's body, one on each cheek, Yang Shen began massaging the woman's ass.

Squeezing both of them and enjoying the perkiness they possessed for a while, Yang Shen's breathing had long since turned heavy the very same way his little brother had grown a little bigger.

Moving closer to Yu Fei, Yang Shen who was engrossed in playing with her plump ass and turning it into all kinds of shapes failed to notice that the mountain in between his legs was poking the woman.

Blushing furiously since she could tell by the sensation of touch what the rod-like thing poking the side of her thigh was, Yu Fei felt that things had completely gotten out of her hand.

Surprisingly though, this didn't cause her to feel scared and instead filled her with excitement and anticipation regarding what was going to happen next.

Was he really going to pounce on her and ravage her like a beast?

Would he fuck her first and then blackmail her into becoming his sex slave?

Would he impregnate her while her husband was sleeping right beside her?

Would he

Breathing heavier by the second as all kinds of obscene thoughts corrupted her mind, Yu Fei's eyes suddenly turned wide because Yang Shen's fingers brazenly moved her ass cheeks to the side and revealed what they were hiding behind them.

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