The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Mystic Pill Sect's Flower

Staring at the crowd of young people who were standing with nervous expressions etched on top of almost all of their faces, Yang Shen didn't need anyone's help to understand that they were the people who came here to try and enter the Mystic Pill Sect today.

Therefore, he no longer stood out like a sore thumb by staying in the middle of the path which led deep inside the mountain from the entrance and instead joined his fellow participants.

Not mingling with the crowd but rather simply observing them, Yang Shen felt his chances of entering the sect grow by a lot.

After all, not only was his cultivation the highest among everyone around him, the knowledge he possessed on alchemy was many times greater as well.

Listening to how most of them were seriously discussing how the various herbs should be prepared before they could be refined, Yang Shen could only pity the others who didn't possess a godly system like he did.

Being capable of not just identifying herbs, but even capable of telling how to cultivate them and what could be done to increase their quality, Yang Shen once again appreciated the system's function which allowed him to absorb all of the knowledge recorded inside a book.

Given that this was Yang Shen's first time taking part in the test conducted by the Mystic Pill Sect, which could be taken part in countless times as long as one doesn't exceed the age limit, Yang Shen could only patiently wait and observe to understand what would happen.



Looking towards the huge gates which were shut all of a sudden, Yang Shen began thinking how heavy they should be to cause the ground to tremble a little.

Such thoughts however didn't last too long.

Not too long after the gates were shut, Yang Shen spotted someone walking towards them from the inside of the mountain.

"Oh my god! It's her!"

"Her? Who is her?"

"You don't know the flower of the Mystic Pill Sect? Which rock did you crawl out of?"


Maybe the one who spoke took pity on the embarrassed fellow, he began explaining about the girl who was walking towards them, for visiting.

"Sister Li Na is not only one of the most talented disciples of the Mystic Pill Sect who became an Inner Disciple in less than two years after she joined, but also the most beautiful disciple! It is said that even Core Disciples chase after her despite how many times she rejected them!"

'Oh. Thanks for the free info."

Thanking the one who spoke until now inside his head, Yang Shen further increased his focus on the girl who was walking towards them.

Long brown hair, a fair skin which looked smoother than jade, gentle facial features which still possessed the cute signs of immaturity that she had barely escaped, eye catching red lips, and finally budding curves which were yet to fully grow.

The girl who seemed to have just exited her teenages and crossed the barrier of twenty years possessed a special charm which made all men attracted to her.

Licking his lips as the girl who was dressed in flower patterned white robes who had almost reached their group, Yang Shen made up his mind to ravish her sooner or later after he entered the sect.

"Don't trust what that fool is saying. She is obviously not an Inner Disciple of the sect."

"Huh? I've taken part in the Mystic Pill Sect's test more than two hundred times! There's no way I won't be able to recognize Senior Sister Li Na!"

"Humph! You might be able to fool the others, but not me. That one is definitely not an Inner Disciple of the sect."

Speaking with his head held high, Yang Shen despite spouting nonsense made everyone around him think that he was speaking the truth and the one who spoke before him was lying.

"The examiner for this test is one of those old geezers of the sect who always disguise themselves."

"What nonsense are you saying?"

"You still don't understand?"

Showing an expression of disdain towards the one who attended the test more than two hundred times, Yang Shen with a voice full of confidence said, "It's impossible for someone so beautiful to exist. That's why I'm telling you she's one of the old elders in a disguise."





Stepping away from Yang Shen as soon as he finished speaking was not just the young man who had taken part in the test many times, but the others as well. After all, they might have originally thought that maybe he was an expert or a very knowledgeable one, but once they listened to his words, they were sure that he was a country bumpkin who didn't know anything and only had a vivid imagination.

Ignoring the weird looks from everyone around him, Yang Shen glanced towards Li Na from the corner of his eye and spotted a happy smile etched onto her lips.

Seeing this, Yang Shen understood that his words had reached the Xiantian Realm cultivator's ears due to which he started smiling on the inside.

'And you humans dare call us snakes sly and crafty?'

Rolling her eyes towards Yang Shen, Lijuan while continuing to observe every single one of Yang Shen's actions closed her eyes and acted as if she couldn't care one bit less about what he did.

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