The Lecherous Cultivation System Chapter 91

Chapter 91: First test

"Since everyone here is to take part in my Mystic Pill Sect's test, I won't speak any unnecessary words. Before taking part in the test, all of you will need to prove that you are indeed below twenty years."

As she finished saying those words, Li Na summoned something outside her spatial ring.

"All of you are to step forward and place your hands on top of this crystal ball one after the other. If blue colour appears when you touch the ball, go and stand on that side. If it is red colour which appears, it's best you get out of the sect on your own volition."

Understanding what the crystal ball which was stuck to the three-legged wooden table's top did and looking towards the ugly expressions which appeared on the faces of many of the contestants, Yang Shen stepped forward and decided to go through the test first and then enjoy what would happen later.

Approaching the table and stretching his hand to touch the crystal ball, Yang Shen acted like he didn't dare look towards Li Na since she was an 'elder' according to the words he spoke.

Smiling gleefully as she saw Yang Shen secretly glancing towards her while he went and stood in the direction that she said those who passed the test could, Li Na went back to observing the rest of the contestants who began stepping up one after the other.


"Being less than twenty years only gives you the qualification to take part in the test. Don't let it get to your head and think that you are better than those who were sent away."

Looking towards the participants who had decreased by almost a third, Yang Shen along with the others continued following Li Na. for visiting.

Walking deeper inside the mountain, Li Na suddenly took a path which strayed from the main road and brought everyone following her to a clearing in the middle of the well maintained forest.

"As most of you know, the test to enter the Mystic Pill Sect comprises of four parts."

"See those huge black slabs? All you need to do is connect the dots on them using your Qi. Due to how few of those black slabs we have, the test will be conducted in lots of twenty participants each. There's a time limit of five minutes for each participant. If you can't connect all the dots on the black slab with your Qi, you can follow those who left before you."

Listening to Li Na, Yang Shen unlike before didn't step forward and chose to observe the situation because he didn't know what those black slabs were, and how they worked.

"Those black slabs are made of a special material which is imprinted on when they come in contact with Qi. However given how dense the material is, not only will you need to spend a lot of Qi, you'll need to possess a great control of it as well if you want the imprint to be clear and proper."

"I see."

Whispering softly so that only the snake wrapped around his neck could listen, Yang Shen soon saw some people step out of the crowd on their own volition to take part in the test, while a few others were randomly pointed at and called by Li Na to take part in it.

Not too long after there was one individual in front of each of the twenty slabs, Li Na said, "All of you can start now. When five minutes are completed, I'll tell you all to stop."

Even before the girl could finish speaking, all of the contestants had started interacting with the black slab in their own way.

Some of them pressed one hand against, some placed both of their hands above it, and some of them used their fingers as if they were pens and tried to join the dots on the slab which travelled from one direction of it to the other.

Turns out that unlike Yang Shen expected when the dots were joined, no special pattern or symbol would appear on the black slab.

When the dots were all joined, it would look like a crooked line had been drawn on it from one to the other.

"Time's up. All of you step back."

Hearing those words, there was no shortage in the number of contestants who were shocked at how quickly the five minutes had been completed. However not a single one of them dared to continue and immediately moved away from the black slab.

This was the Mystic Pill Sect they were inside of. Not even the descendants from the Great Clans, or the Great Kingdoms dared to throw the weight of their background around in this place.

Also, given that there was no limit on how many times one could take part in the test, there was literally no reason to make a scene even if they failed the test this time. They could just try again tomorrow or some other day in the future.

Once everyone stepped back, Li Na began inspecting the black slabs one after the other with a face full of disappointment.

Even though she knew that most of the times not even a single participant would pass the test when she was given this job, Li Na had hoped that she would be able to discover some talented seeds and obtain contribution points from the sect.

Sighing and shaking her head after observing all of the black slabs, Li Na informed the twenty individuals to leave and try again in the future if they feel confident.

At the same time, since she had erased all the imprints left on the black slabs after she saw them, Li Na announced the next twenty participants to step up.

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